You're Invited to the Spinbot Release Party!

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Spinbot would like to formally invite you to join our movement. If you'd like to join the party just send 1STEEM to @spinbot to gain a place in Spinny's heart. Every user who sends a minimum of 1STEEM to @spinbot will be remembered forever and earns a chance to randomly receive one of 10 Spinny upvotes per day.

Spinny is a Steem Robot providing value to the Steemit community. It's sole purpose is to help members reach their goals and assist others in need. There's much to be learned from helping others and giving back to the community is a primary concern of @spinbot.

Stay tuned for exciting new announcements!

For more information about Spinny, please read Spinny's introduction letter here:

What can Spinbot do for you?!

Upvote PostsSBD / STEEMEarn a higher percentage chance of upvote based on total Steem investment
Comment on PostsNAPromote your blog when Spinny upvotes on other people's posts
Donations / Charitable ContributionsSTEEMDonates a minimum of 10% of all earnings to worthy causes


Minimum Feeding Amount1 STEEMMinimum STEEM you can send to @spinbot to be remembered
Daily Feeding Limits1 STEEM - 10STEEMMaximum STEEM limit you can send to @spinbot is 10STEEM per day
Chance of gaining upvote10 Random Votes Per DayChance of Upvote depends on the amount of STEEM you have fed Spinny with. One day per week Spinny ignores the amount you have fed him (assuming user has fed him a minimum of 1 STEEM) and votes randomly regardless of total contribution.

Provide us with feedback

We are happy to hear your feedback about where we can improve.

Join our Discord chat

Get support and connect with us and other Spinny fans!


This post was resteemed by @steemitrobot!
Good Luck!

Resteem your post just send 0.100 SBD or Steem with your post url on memo. We have over 2000 followers. Take our service to reach more People.

Pro Plan: just send 1 SBD or Steem with your post url on memo we will resteem your post and send 10 upvotes from our Associate Accounts.

The @steemitrobot users are a small but growing community.
Check out the other resteemed posts in steemitrobot's feed.
Some of them are truly great. Please upvote this comment for helping me grow.

Thanks Mr. SteemitRobot! Robots need to stick together!

Good post sir

Hi @spinbot, Since I didn't have Steem, I transferred 1 SBD to you about an hour ago. But I saw you transferred back 1 SBD to other guy who had transferred the same to you. Do you really don't accept SBD?

Yep, I cannot accept SBD at the moment. so I've sent you back your SBD's. Please, retry sending 1 STEEM. Thanks :)

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 5.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @spinbot
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!

The @OriginalWorks bot has determined this post by @spinbot to be original material and upvoted it!

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