STEEM Trading Cards MEGA-POST: First Edition Launch!

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Here's what everyone was waiting for, the launch of the First Edition STEEM Trading Cards Game Deck.

The 60 STEEM Cards are done and decked, and here's the post to show you all of them as well as the neat cover I made for the project... here it is:

Of course, the deck's theme is something that marks the current moment of the blockchain.

Granted the Flag Wars are a bit nasty but nobody can deny they are dominating the current state of events, and thus I felt the cover was fitting.

No matter what your side in the war is, or how in favor or against it you are, I think everybody can enjoy the humor in this image.

The 60 First Edition Cards: 1st Edition Deck!

So, what are the 1st Edition STEEM Trading Cards?

Without further ado, here are the lucky STEEMIANS who were featured.

If you are present here and you want to thank me, simply leave me a comment doing so, it's the best thing you can do :)

@minnowbooster - @smartcash

@everlove - @greenman

@coruscate - @streetstyle

@papa-pepper - @dragosroua

@transisto - @elear

@scandinavianlife - @hendrix22

@davemccoy - @phelimint

@pennsif - @steeminator3000

@spiritualmax (done by @flauwy) - @flauwy

@boxcarblue - @canadian-coconut

@dexter-k - @ejemai

@abh12345 - @wwf

@fulltimegeek - @ats-david

@lyndsaybowes - @quinneaker

@broncnutz - @damarth

@anarchyhasnogods - @surpassinggoogle

@yabapmatt - @purepinay

@firepower - @acidyo

@qurator - @cornholio

@anomadsoul - @kevinwong

@cryptoctopus - @cervantes

@blocktrades - @dan

@therealwolf - @mammasitta

@rok-sivante - @aggroed

@grumpycat - @teamsteem

@paulag - @velimir

@berniesanders - @haejin

@ranchorelaxo - @themarkymark

@taskmaster4450 - @patrice

@stellabelle - @cryptoempire

And here they are, the 60 1st Edition STEEM Trading Cards.

It was a blast to make them, and we have quite the collection right here.

Now let's proceed on to the Promo Material.

Promotional Material: Deck Box, Rule Book, Roll Up Stand

I've done some mockups for the game.

Yesterday I gave you a sneak peek of what I was doing, and today I've added some other stuff.

Here's what I made:

The Deck Box:

Of course that these 60 cards had to come in a box, and this one was the one I made for that purpose.

The side is reserved for sponsors :P

The top is reserved for the bar code and whatsnot...

Joking, in case you don't know I am not going to sell this, and instead all of the card images in this post are high resolution and everybody can save them on their own PC if they are inclined to do so.

Still I like to do these kinds of models.

The app to play the game...

...or something like that, maybe just a wallpaper.

It looks mighty fine though doesn't it?

Heck, I liked it. Hehehe.

The Lorebook.

In case you don't know of the "Lore" behind all of these mythical Steemians. Here's the complete story of all 60 of them, included in this nifty book.

It says 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, so what's not to like?

An alternative Deck box, made in a "Duel" style.

One faction on one side, another on the other, or at least that was the intention.

Most of the "characters" behind the cards I made are neutral in the war, but this concept is baddass because it makes the cards seem more battle ready :D

Finally, here are the cards laying down on the table.

As professional as they come if you ask me - Joke, I'm a noob and I know nothing about design, but I made my best.

Of course I'M happy with them, they look great as far as I'm concerned, but that would be obvious since I spent a lot of time these months around this project.

This project will be missed.

Finally, you'll be seeing me signing autographs close to this stuff:

A roll-up... of course... the promotion wouldn't be completed without it :D

Ho ho, they look even more "Majestic" right here.

I Love You All!

Finally, let me just say I love you all.

95% of ALL ENTRIES were from nominations. I only chose a small fraction of the Steemians to be featured in this first edition - the vast majority were from people accompanying this project and wanting their friends or even themselves to be immortalized in card form.

I spent ALL of my STEEMIT life (3 months) working on this project on a weekly basis, and seeing it finished means a lot to me.

This STEEM Trading Card Game was also the posting series that brought me the most visibility, and my number 1 position on the Trending section for its first edition, which I'll never forget.

Now that I finished it, I feel like I completed a milestone and I'm ready for a brand new challenge.

Thank you for letting me feel welcome in this community. I'm 3 months old now, but it feels more time has passed since I joined.

Who knows if one day I'll make a second edition... for now, I'll take a break from "Cardsmithing"


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The app to play the game...

That gives me an idea. Not sure I'll ever have time to implement it anywhere but in my brain though.

Hey! GTF outta my brain!

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Hey man, thanks for letting me know how it works :D

And thank you very much for the tip!

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(the minimal tip is 0.1 SBD)

Super cool, you can tell you put a lot of work into it. I'm glad I made the cut on your first edition!

Hey bronc! Nice to see you again, and thank you very much for the tip! 1st Organic smartcash tip I had :D

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Hoping for a German version! :D

Someone would have to translate it :D

We have a quite active community. Lets see. I thought more about making a German version with the steemians here. Are do you have the copyright on the cards, so only America?

You can make a german one, no prob, just credit me on your posts :)

Wow I wish i had seen this sooner, its the best thing I've seen on steemit so far. Thanks to randomly checking out dtube i found a commercial video by @coruscate, so unbelievably glad I decided to check out dtube. As a huge magic the gathering geek (and just a geek in general) I'm really looking forward to see this progress. Keep up the great work :D

Hehehehe! Thanks for the kind words.
I love Magic as well... best card game ever.

Great work. I love it. Maybe a BluntSmasha card some day i think? heh

If I had a coin for everyone who said that for himself :P

You nailed it @spiritualmax!! I had so much fun reading through everyone’s cards and I’m honored to have made the cut!!

Thanks for the kind words :D

Perhaps. I should also run my DB Steem script on these characters and see where they would all stack up as Dragon Ball characters? Just for shits and gigs. If there is a demand and I have list, I'll get 'er done.

Also, if you like game-ified Steemit things, also check @flagawhale for some IRL MMORPG action.

I had a quick look but going to need to take a closer one. Looks to have a lot of depth.

One of my ambitions is to create a blockchain based Pokemon-esque RPG. I was thinking that Ethereum would be my go-to for that due to the smart contract support. It's interesting seeing an RPG like that stood up on Steem.

I'm going to have to take some notes. Maybe my idea would be doable on this chain. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well, you can always delegate and play this one, plus count on my help if you ever launch that project of yours. Seems interesting.

Lets play it on deck... Summon SmartCash and tip me SMART.

I want a tip as well ;D

You mr. @spiritualmax, just won the steemit game.

We can shut down the site now.

Best. Cover. Art. Ever.

Thanks man! Really kind words! I appreciate it :D

This is awesome @spiritualmax I just saw it... I'm honored to be included and I love it :)

Cheers! Glad you like it Dave

Its super cool Max! I love it!

I'm waiting for next expansion.

Who knows when it'll come...

Is there preorder bonus? ;)

I'm not selling it heheh :)

Congratulations!!! I can only imagine the time and energy that went into the creation of all of this!! Love it! And I'm so happy to see that @davemccoy made it in there as well :)

Yeah, @davemccoy is the only guy with less than 5K SP to be featured, guess he's a tiny whale :P

haha that's awesome!! I'm very happy for him...and you guys to have found him; he's pretty awesome :)

Phenomenal, fun project, @spiritualmax. The cards look amazing. Three months very well spent. Sure you won't make them available for sale? I agree it would make a great annual collector's item. HUGE Congratz. Love them.

Thanks Angela! Glad to see you here doing your comment rounds :D

Thank you for the kind words.

Good job Maxy! Very creative and fun .. I love the boxes, they are so hilarious and done with amazing ingenuity.

Eagle UpComm.jpg

Cool stamp you got there Eagle. The new pic looks like you're exorcising someone though :P

Thanks Maxy and what experience do you have wig. Exorcism? :p

Do you know what I’m holding? :pp

It is a Native American Rattle from the tribe I am from, the Hopi. Now this makes me think I should do a small write-up next to my photo! SMH. LOL. :pp

That's a great project. That's something creative and I love it. Where can I get the app to play this game ?

Well, there's no app yet, but I think @moneyinfant is doing something about that.

No, not an app. And going very slowly here so it could be some time before I'm finished. Poor skills, too much work, needy kids :D

Dont rush it, work on this thing cant be rushed :P

I'm not rushing it, I just wish I could come up for air and breathe!

AMAZING! hahahaha I love this idea so much.

Great job with this, seriously

Thanks man! Glad you like it!

the play on smartcash might be coming on ita way 😂😂 to tip tip tip lol

Truly amazing my friend!! Your labour of love has brought a lot of joy and happiness to all of us <3 <3 <3

I'm glad it did... looks awesome :D

Covert is almost the best of the entire project
very impressed. to bad almost all my power is in cryptoempire
:) hope the big boys is seeing it

Hehehe, Thanks!
Glad to see you around bro!

Super-chuffed and honoured to be included amongst such esteemed steemians. Thank you.

No problem, my pleasure pennsif!

I’ll try and make the 5th edition lol

You could have nominated yourself earlier :D

This was a massive project for you Max and placed you on the Steemit landscape forever.

You should do this annually as there will be new whales, influencers and top Steemians in a year's time {I'm hoping for mine hahaha)

It would be great to play this game and have it as Steem based so as MI stated below he needs to stop being nekked and start doing this! @moneyinfant

Why can't I be nekked AND start doing this?

@eaglespirit someone needs a spanking hahha

Yeah Baby needs a spank spank ahhaha

Oh please spank me.

My moneyass is happy. And you're troubled.

I just gave you what you asked for. Muahahahha
To boot you loved it 😛

Yeah, another edition in a year's time and make it on planktons like me, lolz :P

But yeah, congrats on completing this. This has been a fun ride :)

Haha can't wait for your Bowel Cutter card !

Yes man... We need someone with real superpower

I already approved the initiative :P

What's a great project it's been fun watching it and so honored once again to have made the cut!

As a MtG nerd this all makes me laugh. Love that you even added flavor text. This must have taken a stupid amount of work to do.

Yeah, but it was over the course of 3 months... a little bit each week :D

Well I guess I didn't make the cut. Maybe next time.

Why oh why didn't you nominate yourself man? :D

I did. You might have missed it.

Maybe after the slots were filled for that week? Well, I'm sorry man, either I missed it or it was after the deadline for that week.

cant believe I missed this post at time of writing, not that my vote is worth much , but it would have been a well deserved upvote

No worries :)

welcome... i always try to visited your post love u

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Wow this is real cool, neat o. Thank you for your hard work.

Post you good,post you good ,, do not forget to stop in my posting @abrarleo

Wow, amazing!

Haha, this is a really funny idea! 😂👍