How Low Will BitCoin Go? - Predict The Price To Win SBD!

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BitCoin Price Prediction Contest - Guess the Lowest Point!

Everyone knows about the BitCoin Hard Fork and what BCC is at this point. If you don't... Close this post and research this immediately! This is going to be happening early August. With that said, there is a A LOT of speculation on what will happen to the value of BitCoin during that time. Everyone is predicting it to go down significantly since BCC is getting its value directly from BTC thus resulting BTC to drop.

I've heard a few projections around $2200 USD and $2000 USD but I thought we could make a fun game out of the event and try to win some SBD! This will help us get through this nerve wrecking time as well!

The contest is simple:

What will be the LOWEST point for 1 BitCoin in USD during the first 24 hours of the Hard Fork?

E.g. 1 - $1850 USD
E.g. 2 - $1700 USD

Whoever guesses the closest value WITHOUT going over will win the SBD from this post!

Contest Rules

  • Must submit guess before August 1 EST (before midnight)... You have 9 hours!
  • I will do a post with all the usernames who have submitted their guess in time
  • Contest will run for 24 hours (ends 24 hours after Hard Fork occurs)
  • I'm accepting guesses in USD ONLY
  • I will be checking CoinMarketCap for the lowest point after the contest is finished
  • If you upvote this post you qualify to win 50% of the SBD
  • If you upvote AND resteem this post you qualify to win 100% of the SBD (you want to win more SBD right?!)

Good luck crypto traders! Let's see which one of you is the most knowledgeable in our Steemit community!




Alright everyone the guessing period has officially ended for this contest as of last night! The following contestants are eligible to win:

@lig007 @steemlit @crypto-oracle @sportsncoffee @camelx @forever.nocturnl @tuanvu @dcboy @lydon.sipe @coindube @michaeladamparis @smlsugarlumps @jaredwins @binyamsg

The winner will be posted on August 3rd exactly 24 hours after the Hard Fork occurs. Good luck everyone and thanks for participating!

@binyamsg is the winner of this contest as the lowest point BTC reached during the first 24 hours of the hard fork was $2685 USD!

Congratulations on winning the contest!

In my opinion it will go very low for a very short time. I believe the same will happen as with ethereum a few weeks a go. The first decrease will start a cascade of stop-loss sell orders putting pressure on the price to go down and down and down, even to 200usd for just e sec. That's why i put various buyorders on all mayor exchanges for a price of 240 usd per bitcoin. After that short crash it wil go up to 1800 nd start growing at a steady rate.

$2222 USD

$2750USD. Resteemed and upvoted! I love posts like these because it's the closest thing to Augur until it goes live :)))))

Unfortunately you missed the deadline buddy!

Keep an eye out for future contests though!


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Steem ON!

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