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RE: First Round Delegation Renewal Application

in #steemit2 years ago

Great points here. We will come back with a clarification to this soon, as they definitely add to the discussion. These illegitimate and legitimate uses of delegations came directly from the Steemit inc initial communication on delegations and with input from people like u we can get the input needed to develop the definitions and be sufficiently specific to avoid doubts as to what is meant


I would just add that these points aren't the only legitimate uses, so I suspect the second point was a very specific one that is unambiguously 'good'. In other words, it doesn't say not powering up revenue is bad. It just says that if it is powered up it can count as being good/useful. Especially in the context of getting to a point that it does not rely on Steemit's own delegation.

Good point. I think it would be wise to at some point encourage the high tier delegation receivers to have a public document explaining its curation policy and voting guidelines. At least I am preparing this for SteemPress. Then both the committee and the community can read what plans the receiver has for using their delegation, how they intend to do it, and then hold them to account accordingly and/or provide feedback on how the voting guidelines could be more effective or the policy more positive.