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The alpha version for betting on steem is now live. With final version you can bet on various sports including football, cricket, boxing and lot more, which will be on top of steem blockchain.

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Since this is only the early version, expect bugs and crappy design. There are many things to improve and we are hoping for your reviews and suggestions.

How to bet?

When the

  • Go to steembet.
  • Write your username and click login, you need to have steem keychain extension installed in your browser, when you type your username and click login, steem keychain extension will open and you must authorise it.


  • You can select which sports you want to bet on in left navbar.


  • When a game is choosen, you can select which team you want to bet on.


  • You can now enter your bet amount and bet.

  • When you bet, your bet status will be shown in mybets menu.

  • Mobile betting is only available in Yandex browser. If you haven't yet, you can download it and add keychain extension on Yandex.

We are waiting for your feedback and recommendation. Special mentions to @xpilar @cryptopiotr @steemcurator01.

Visit Steembet

If you like what we are doing please support our witness!

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Great interface, easy to use. It works great
I want to market it and make a post in World of Xpilar

thank you for your comment and for your opinion, which is important to me.

Check out here and resteem please.
Cc- @sapwood, @neerajkr03, @randulakoralage, @tarpan, @rashid001, @crypto.piotr, @focusnow, @girolamomarotta
Thank you.

I am waiting until the saturday, to make my first bet in the UFC night. I will give you my feed back. Wish me luck.

Thanks for information. STEEM ON

For football, is it like "mixparlay"?

i dont get your question ;)

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Hi, I am full time manual/automation tester and would love to test this app and find other useful points. please let me know if I can be of any help.