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Yesterday we announced launch of steembet alpha version. Betting is risky because result is unpredictable and you can loose your investment, if you are not following a good strategy, but not anymore in steembet!

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How it works?

If you are betting in steembet and lost your money, just write a post and we will give a fat upvote with our new accout will more that 100k SP. Use hastag #steembetio to get upvote on your post.

To get upvote, you should write basic information about steembet, explaining how things works and how to bet. You can copy information from this post. We are also expecting your feedback and suggestions.

How to bet?

  • Go to steembet.
  • Write your username and click login, you need to have steem keychain extension installed in your browser, when you type your username and click login, steem keychain extension will open and you must authorise it.


  • You can select which sports you want to bet on in left navbar.


  • When a game is choosen, you can select which team you want to bet on.


  • You can now enter your bet amount and bet.

  • When you bet, your bet status will be shown in mybets menu.

  • Mobile betting is only available in Yandex browser. If you haven't yet, you can download it and add keychain extension on Yandex.

We are waiting for your feedback and recommendation. Special mentions to @xpilar @cryptopiotr @steemcurator01.

Enjoy betting!

Visit Steembet


If you like what we are doing please support our witness!

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Possible some clarification about this. Is it useful to people or only they will lose their money
Because I think the bet is gambling, there is the possibility of winning and losing

winners dont need a refund as i believe ,, we are supporting those peoples who has lost at this time

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I always bet on Two advantages for me are the most important : 1) very convenient mobile application, fast without glitches. 2 ) These are the two types of bet bonuses that I received when registering. This site has a promo code that will give you 130% on your first deposit and the second is a velcom bonus, get up to euro for free on bets. I wish everyone a good day who reads this comment.