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I've made it my goal on Steemit to dig into the data and share it with my followers. I will continue to share data insights through my posts, but in the meantime I've also decided to put together a tool to allow Steemians to check out the data themselves. I'd like to introduce!

Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 4.16.44 PM.png

There are already some great tools out there for checking out Steemit data, but I wanted to provide a very simple, straightforward way to get data visualizations. This is the very first iteration of the site, so there are many improvements to come, including a longer timespan and a prettier interface.

Choose author or category, type in the search bar, press enter. That's it!

Let me know your initial feedback and any interesting data nuggets you find! As always, thanks for reading. Upvote, Resteem, And Follow!


Very cool! I will use this often when I start posting more!

This tool is sweet!

@steem.engine this is fantastic! It's pretty neat to see more data visualizations coming out using the public blockchain data. Only two minor suggestions from me:

  1. Rows look clickable on hover, so unless I'm missing something it may be nice to add some functionality to look closer into those.
  2. It would be awesome if I could sort it by the columns
  3. It may be beneficial to see which day/times generally have the most active users (or upvotes)

Just thinking out loud here, excellent work!

Good suggestions! Those are all things I'll think about adding on next iteration

This tool is sweet! 🙊🙊👏👏👏

This is a nice proposition. Are you planning to opensource it so we can make contributions ?

Wow! What program did you use to generate the graph and results?

I used d3 for the charts

Bookmarked, upvoted and resteemed.

A very handy tool @steem.engine!👌


i'm checkin out those steemcharts like

Cool, Thanks for the website share!

i hope this will be useful, ill check it out right now!

Cool! Thanks steem.engine!

Awesome man! Loving the data. I'll be busy for a while... hahahaha

Good Luck.

Very cool indeed.... except for the amount of bookmarks building up that relate to steem. It's hilariously insane the amount of tools out there and growing by the day. is another recent one that's interesting (and sort of fun).

NIce tool, Thank you for following me, and I have followed you back! :)

Awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thanks again! Awesome work!!

Cool - I tried mine and nothing showed up. I am a minnow and haven't posted alot but I would think some data would appear?... Good start!! Cheers.

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nice work! thanks for sharing!

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