[Introducing Steemy] - Fully Native iOS/Android apps for STEEM

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Introducing Steemy - Native Mobile apps for STEEM!

We've been hardcore fans of the STEEM social network since its launch. As full-time mobile developers, we've been passionately building a genuinely compelling experience on iOS and Android for the STEEM network! Today, we're excited to announce Steemy and show off some screenshots. While you can't download the app in the app store just yet, our public beta is around the corner and we'd love to hear from you. Thanks and STEEM ON!

(We've included a short youtube clip of the app in action as further proof of the app's existence..see end of post)


  • On-device transaction signing - your private keys never leave the device
  • Master Password or Import Key login options
  • Remote push notifications for replies, up votes, follows and more
  • WYSIWYG, markdown and html editors with offline saving
  • Easily import photos from your mobile device and include them in your posts
  • Advanced blockchain searching capabilities to find relative content in new ways
  • Night mode and other theming options
  • Our backend uses our own full STEEM nodes - we don’t rely on congested public endpoints
  • Open source signing components
  • more super-secret, mobile-specific features to be announced shortly ;)

iOS Screenshots






Android Screenshots






EDIT: There is now a video showing the app running and a linkedin profile, making this a much better presentation of the project. I have removed my flag and encourage others to review the new information and update their voting accordingly. Below retained for historical context.


Flagged for this reason, and I would encourage those who upvoted to reconsider:

There is no proof that this app actually exists

We expect people posting introductions to verify their identities for $1000 yet here we have an alleged app posted by what is essentially an anonymous new account with a current estimated reward (prior to my flag) of over $10000 which for all we know could consist of nothing but a bunch of mocked-up screen shots. There is no app to download, no in-progress source code in github (not suggesting that a closed source app is unacceptable; just suggesting this as an option for incomplete work). Nothing.

Once there is an actual app that people can download and try out, a vetted publisher approved by app stores, a community member with a reputation associated with the project, etc., then I would be very happy to upvote and recognize the work and the initiative. At this point I can not and would very seriously question the judgement of doing so. As long as there remains a significant payout and no verification provided, I strongly urge responsible community members to flag instead.~~

(I'll be removing/reducing my upvote from this comment prior to payout; it is for visibility, not reward.)

Hi, @smooth this is @str11ngfello, the iOS developer on Steemy.

Here's my linked in profile ->

@cyonic here as a followup edit, my linkedin profile here:

Give me a few moments and I'll add a blurb to my linked in profile that references Steemy. Look for it towards the top.

Here is a quick vid I made of Steemy at the request of many users.

Here's to hoping we can prove ourselves a bit. STEEM ON!

Thanks for the additional verification. This is certainly a much better presentation than the original and I have removed my flag and edited my comment accordingly.

I am answering to your comment below because there is no reply button for some reason.
I am not sure I understood exactly how the fund going into the pool and the fund going out can self balance? Rewards are paid in Steem dollar and steem power but the pool is liquid steem right? what is the mechanism to convert them before payouts? I have read the paper but those questions are not answered. Thx

@snowflake, at the time of payout, the proportionate share of the reward fund for the post is removed from the reward fund. Then split up between content (author) reward and curation reward. The curation portion is converted to Steem Power and paid to the voters, and the content portion is converted to 1/2 Steem power and 1/2 SBD and paid to the author. The SBD conversion takes place using the witness price feed that indicates (as a 7 trailing median) the exchange rate. The Steem are destroyed (but accounted for as virtual supply) and the corresponding amount of SBD are created in their place. Hope this helps.

Sorry but I will still wait actual app before I upvote!

People need to understand that a hypothetical app is unproven in it's worth to the platform and that healthy skepticism should be encouraged as there is an incentive to make Steemit a money grab. It's nothing personal to the creators of this app at all.

If the app is legit, then it will survive the scrutiny of those of us that want to be judicious in our giving out our SHARED rewards. People please understand that this is a shared pool that we use. If you give 10k to this post, that reward is coming from how much every other person is going to make that day.

So, in effect, by this taking of a portion of your reward for your post today you have already paid for the app, even if you don't actually ever use it. Please think about this carefully.

We want to encourage and reward users that are doing something positive for the community, but it comes out of your and everyone else cut of the daily pie.

Whoa there cowboy. Don't tell people how they should vote under the false pretense that were all sharing the same piece of pie. Anyone can spend their allocation within their voting power limitations.

People please understand that this is a shared pool that we use.

I'm curious, do you know what happens if there is money left in the pool at the end of the day ? where does the money go? and what happens when pool is empty before end of the day? Is there a site to track pool % status?

@snowflake. Every post that pays out gets a share of the current pool at that time. It is a continuous process, not literally daily, but we can express the rate of funds going into the pool as an exact daily rate, and on average funds leave the pool at the same rate.

With the amount of negative outcome projects can have it is only right @smooth said something. An the community needs to know what they are voting on because right now its just images which are very easy to make.

So as a suggestion to the community id be very cautious of this till real proof is submitted.
It is very easy to make a video using android studio to prove your claims an show how the app will work. I would also think it a good idea to submit the source to the owners for review to make sure you not trying to snatch passwords an logins.

Video made -

Good job! Do not listen to these males crying!

From me +100 for the idea.

Stupid people. The next time you write the TITLE of the post is not OFFICIALLYREGISTERED application. Just an idea!

Or they start again, look the link for download: D

No android app ?

A Linked In profile page doesn't prove that the app exists. What effort does that represent to upload a 5mn video of the app in action on Youtube so that we can see it's real?

I'm sorry to hear that this reaction is killing the excitement, but you and future posters have to understand that Steem is as much a fundraising venue as a social media place, and that accordingly a minimum standard of authentication is required when making significant announcements likely to lead to large payouts like this is the case here.

As you wish...

Thanks! Changed my downvotes to upvotes.

You shouldn't be discouraged even though I sometimes feel same way, But you are doing great work @steemapp, that's what matters... I am sure you will post updates soon and be rewarded even more, keep up the good work, mate!

@steemapp, please make an account on Steemit.chat and join the #steemitabuse-classics channel, here you can resolve the "flags" problem, or in other words get back to the sum of 10k. Thank you!

Thank for the advice minion. A little too much noise in the chatroom to find a signal, but I think it's because there are so many opinions flying so quickly. It was hard to determine what was constructive and what wasn't. Thanks though!

Yeah it was kinda off "unfair" you had no space to answer all the questions. I surely wasn't expecting that much drama. My aim was to invite you there so that we get some clearance about the flags and try to bring in some justice to the judgment of flagging your post. To keep the "game" fair for both you and the system. I don't know if we succeeded in that but we'll see. Anyways good luck with the app, I hope to see a nice release post in the future.

So turned out to be this was a fucking sham....

This was wrong. Given all the crap that's made the front page before, Steemy the Astronaut alone warrants 10K+.

What Smooth did was actually a very very good thing. There needs to be a few influential users willing to bring concerns to all of our attention so that we can ALL discuss things before someone absconds with OUR shared rewards. Giving extra money to one user is taking it from all other users. I understand that this isn't obvious when you read the various posts explaining how rewards are distributed and created, but it's still the case. Giving 10k for Steemy the astronaut takes away from the amount @jumpman and all other users make.

When you see your post going down in value, it's not only due to the fluctuations in the currency it's due to some other user getting paid more due to his increased percentage of the daily reward pie.

There are a ton of posts that "could" be trending on any particular day due to the whims of the whales. This app and it's post, which looks perfectly fine to me, could very well have made only 1k or 5k or 5 dollars, just as any number of other posts have. It doesn't automatically deserve 10k, just because at one point the rewards said $10,000.

There are indeed a number of less than stellar quickly created and downright bad posts that get a lot of reward, but that is no excuse to pay something more than it's worth now because of errors of the past.

Steemy the Astronaut alone warrants 10K+.

You have a point.

Yes! That would be a payday of 5 or 10 thousand dollars per hour. I might be alone, but I dislike the logo. Reminds me of reddit and doesn't strike me as promoting "high quality blogging" i dont think it is necessary. But clearly others do

Where can I buy this trouser? I definitely want one.

I love the astronaut mascot, I think steemit.com new design should have it too. Actually it could even be in the background as a watermark.

@smooth is right here. OP as much as I appreciate the initiative, there is indeed no way to make sure this is legit. Please upload the app to Android market, upload a video demo of the app, publish a part of the source code on Github, or have someone with a high reputation make an endorsement so that we can verify this is real. Will change my downvotes to upvotes upon seeing proper verification.

all these videos are private my friend

You haven't made the video public. Please update permissions.
Edit: video is now public. Thanks for verifying @steemapp. You have my upvote!

Will you make this app open source so it can be checked for security? I do not see a reason why not show the code now to a trusted witness at least. Eventually it has to be open source or no one will trust to use their keys. The app looks good from the video I have to admit.

me too!

@smooth is always on top of his (their) game. Hopefully this is real, because if it is not this will be the only post this user ever makes money on. Not only that, but he will have taken away from a developing ios app that @sirwinchester proposed (to the sum of $9,000+) Steemit App For iOS

That being said I also think the interface for @sirwinchester design is far sleeker and given the choice between the two I would pick his.



While this app will be good if it comes to see the light of day, I think there is room for multiple apps in this space. Twitter has lots of different app and different people enjoy different types of interfaces. So hopefully Tony will continue developing his app and Steemy will as well. But until I see proof, the steemy app will not get my vote.

(I'll be removing/reducing my upvote from this comment prior to payout; it is for visibility, not reward.)

I appreciate you not abusing your power and filling your pockets just because you can. One of the best whales right here!

My work for designing the iOS app had been completely overlooked (although it was on "hot" for several hours in all categories) because of the hype around the steemy app - I guess Dan and Ned would never see that proposal but oh well.

Thank you @bendjmiller222 for mentioning it

If you continue to develop it I think it will be a much better app overall. I like the idea of multiple steemit apps anyway

Many asked for a video for proof so I did just that. Just made this and uploaded it to youtube.

the video is private :(

you are right @smooth, while this is very encouraging to get upvote for the work. I am happy to see another contributor or supporter for the mobile devices. Steem Mobile - eSteem was started out as first open source mobile app, now we have 3 mobile device oriented projects. Looking forward to see this app to evolve...

I agree the post is a little deciving I went to the App Store to look for this app to find nothing of the nature. This post should've only been realesed once an official app becomes available.

People started to go crazy! :)))  @steemapp super work and dising! i like!

The man done a great job, tell for the idea and design thank you! 

Many write any garbage on the topic and get Steem 15000 $$$. 

So this post wrong. 

You are in so much greedy ??? Or you suffer jealousy? 

Or are we going to all - to link to the post that you can download to print and take photos to post in HDR to look at the TV. I'm sorry but I do not understand you.

 If it was your post, You would be have put yourself down a flag?

If it were my post claiming to have developed an app I would make a prerelease version available for testers, a video, an endorsement from a community member with reputation who is collaborating on the project or who had reviewed the progress, etc. At least, if I wanted to maximize my upvotes I would.

Hey @smooth, we really appreciate your latest edit after I made the video of Steemy. You have definitely convinced me that you will do what you say... fairly. I just wanted to extend our thanks and we'll take this as a lesson learned when it comes to making posts more authentic. Literally this is our FIRST post that matters. Our heads are down creating, dreaming and doing what WE are good at...mobile. I didn't sleep much last night after I got off Steemit Chat... trying to wrap my head around many of my conversations with people I'll never meet, but this morning I'm awake and more motivated than ever to keep pushing at our current pace...

I can ask you a question - who are you? Are you the leader of Projects Steemit?

Why do you have the right to decide what should be the post of a person that he did?

He copied it?

I do not quite understand your point of view.

I want to understand why a person can not spread his ideas. You should always confirm my authority.

You are doing the wrong thing - using the authority, calls people to vote.

Here is the proof of your wrong decision, my posthttps://steemit.com/steem/@breathe3000/steemit-boost-your-markdown-cheatsheet-with-comments-kak-pisat-kommentarii-s-pomoshyu-markdown

Was today downvote @terrycraft why? NOT he gives a justification for his decision?

Can you see he has not earned more than $ 1.

Question to you? How can you prove to us that you have a right to your post? What is really your thoughts? Do you have official documents, official video? Can you guarantee that your posts are exclusive? What they do not have the thoughts and words of great writers Bulgakov,Tolstoy, Lermontov, King, etc. Whatever you come up with or have already written someone said. If you do not believe the author or were offended by his words, just do what you want, but do not call upon the rest of doing downvote using their authority. 

Do not think my comment as an hurt to you or insult. These are just my thoughts and my words on this topic. I'll be glad to talk with you at any time on different topics. Have a nice day. Peace to all!

Anyone can post what they want, anyone can vote as they choose. That is how it works.

oh !!! what is going on here with the little Astronaut ??

I think this kind of suspicion is healthy for Steemit. If it was otherwise this could turn into a wild west of scams.

Why does steemit doesn't make app.. It will be easy for us to use..

@dan mentioned they are already super busy and swamped with duties they already have. It's still early days for Steemit.com @deepal !

Steemit also doesn't necessarily endeavor to stay in the picture long term. Steem is a blockchain, it's decentralized, it doesn't belong to any jurisdiction. Steemit on the other hand is a US registered business, and they will be getting all the legal heat associated with the financial, regulatory, intellectual property and political matters around Steem, and these are going to be significant when Steem snowballs into a huge unstoppable social phenomenon. Just how long they can hold before being forced to shutdown or toe the government playbook is anyone's guess. It would be a better thing for the ecosystem if tens of different frontends exist in different form from desktop and mobile apps to websites to browser extensions to plugins in CMSs to Tor hidden services. That way the heat and legal bullying will be much better distributed.

Indeed a good point and I think Dan mentioned this as well. Thanks for point it out in more depth.

This is a Decentralized platform.

2 years ago... can we get some beta testing? i'm running android 7.1.2 on a galaxy s5 let's see this app in action... my biggest issue with steemit right now is there is not a messenger it's like a telephone only good if multiple people have it... where are we going with this after what shows as a 2 year old post?


Lol, as it turned out this nothing more than trash. You can still see the account history transferring out steem in the past few months

Where is download link?

It's not downloadable yet. A public beta is coming very soon. Please follow us for more information.

I can't wait for good app on phone. hope release soon.

And, I might add, along with following them, consider whether both this announcement of an upcoming announcement or the public beta announcement which is coming "very soon" is more deserving of upvotes.

People who have flagged, look at the replies under the first comment!

This app exists, even though people can't download it yet.
And even if there were no app, the idea is good enough to warrant an upvote

It is looking quite nice based on the screenshots you have posted. Since this is not an official application however there is the matter of trusting it, especially if there is no official approval of the app from steemit...

On a side note, how are you dealing up with the images as they do seem to be a problem on mobile when you don't have such a good Internet connection or it is just slow and you are using the steemit.com website?

You bring up interesting points - all of which we've put thought into. On one hand steemit.com is a "browser" of the blockchain... a very good one I might add. The blockchain behind steemit is what's really interesting to us. Getting official approval of the app from Ned, Dan and others? Not sure that's possible.. and I'm actually not sure they even want to be a part of officially "endorsing" 3rd party apps. I've reached out during development at various times to keep them posted on what we've been building and they haven't ignored us. While we'd love to get a shout out from Ned or Dan (*crosses fingers), that's definitely not our focus. Our focus is to bring our mobile expertise to STEEM in order to push it in mainstream's face! We need STEEM to be a compelling experience on mobile regardless of endorsement. Mobile is a major barrier in our opinion. Thanks for the great comment @cryptos!

@steemapp: regarding security, as raised by @cryptos, are you asking for the master password that controls the account or only the posting key? Mobile phones aren't the safest platform around and there are plenty of apps that contain malware. For security reasons, it would be better if Steemy was working exclusively with the posting key / password and active key / password of users so that no matter what, it wouldn't be able to hijack Steem accounts even if it tried to. That's the best way to stay clear from most of the liability that comes with running a crypto-currency app for mobile phone. Of course, there is the problem of how understanding users are about the difference between master password / key and more specific access keys, but there is a way to make that pretty transparent for users. See below.

@dantheman: it would be good to have in the protocol something like "access requests" that would allow anyone to ask for a specific public key to be added as authenticating key of another users account. These requests would just sit there waiting to be approved or denied by a client that has control of the target user account. Typically all that the target account client will have to do is read the requests, display a pop-up "do you want this key to have <posting/trading> access to your account (yes/no)" and perform a update_accout_auth_key call to add the key to authorized keys for the specific type of permission. For security / foolproof-ness, this third party request mechanism shouldn't apply to "owner" permission. The point of doing that is that app developers can have their app request for permissions very much in the same way as third party Google apps or Google Drive apps are requesting the authorization to access one's Google account. Doing so, the user never needs to input his master password / key in the (somewhat untrusted) third party app: all she needs to do is tell the app what is her Steem account, then go to Steemit.com, authenticate with her master key, and approve the app's request. That way there is no way for any third party apps to hijack accounts. So long as users are careful about what specific authorization they give to the app, in the very worst case the app may post / vote on their behalf (and get spotted very quick) or steal some liquid Steem / SBD but most of the funds in the form of vests would be safe and can be easily protected by terminating the app's access / removing its keys.

Hey @recursive, sorry for the late response, things have been crazy over here for us and we've been nose to the grindstone so we can get this into people's hands asap.

We will give the user the option to use whichever password they are most comfortable with, whether that is their master password, or one of their other keys. The exact user flow for the final product is something we are still working on, but our intention is to create a user flow that recommends the user login with their posting key only.

@steemapp: I'm referring to the debate there was in steemit.chat . Understand that allowing people to use their master password is raising a huge red flag. You don't need the master password for posting. Why ask for it or even allow people to give it and at the same time jeopardize the security of their entire account (you know smartphones are unsafe, don't you?). I'll personally (and this won't be only me) will be putting disclaimers in each and every of your posts reminding people of the security risk of using their master password on their smartphone, of the fact there is no way to really know what you app does, and of the fact they could lose entirely their account. But if you don't ask for the master password and instead encourage people to manage intelligently the security of their account, I won't have any reason to make all that noise.

Beside, if you ask for the master password, many people will be challenging you for opensource release. I know opensource in meaningless in the case of smartphone apps which are anyway built and released on app stores that don't allow users to check signatures and checksums. But I know people will still ask you. You can easily avoid that, again, by opposing to them that you only ask for the posting key that can be replaced in a finger snap should people feel that the application is misusing their key.

For everyone's peace of mind, and to avoid you trouble, questions and accusations, please DO NOT "offer" the possibility for people to use their master password. There is now a "permission" tab in Steemit. If need be make a quick tutorial animation to show people how to get their posting key and put it in your app.

This is the one and only issue that makes your app cross my alert threshold. And again that's not only me annoying you, you'll get heat from every direction if what you do risks compromising Steem users account security.

Great work on the app! We have our hands full with the protocol and steemit.com so are very happy to see you take this space and profit as much as you can from it.

We cannot endorse your app for security and liability reasons, but are nevertheless happy to see it.

Thanks @dantheman! We are blushing here at the office. I completely understand on the endorsement thing which is why we've never asked. Plus, we sleep better knowing you guys are manning the protocol layer and foundation that makes our work possible. I'm proud to be a part of this so early on.

Awesome to see you comment to this.. thank you so much for the confidence :D

I am eagerly awaiting an app for both iOS and android. What I have seen so far is nowhere near as good as your proposal.

I've noticed on my phone (still rocking the 4s I know time for an upgrade) that when there are a lot of comments the scrolling feature gets somewhat "jumpy" for a lack of a better term. That may be due to the processor of my ancient phone, but would be interested to have others weigh in.

Push notifications are a must as you noted already, and whether steemit chat it the best for mobile or if you wanted to come up with something more similar to fb chat that would be a pretty nice edition.

Maybe instead of clicking on the little reply button when you go to make a comment something like this would be helpful.


So if you clicked anywhere inside one of those rectangles (the rectangles are just for reference) it would open a reply text box.

Also to the best of my knowledge the little // inside the square at the bottom right of the text boxes for comments and posting blog posts does not allow you to drag and make it larger so you do not have to scroll up and down to edit comments.

I love all the work you put into this @steemapp maybe we could has out some ideas for a decentralized radio app. Streemit Radio - Decentralized Music


Thanks @olivianakano I appreciate you looking at it.

Just to be sure they haven't ignored us you meant have and not haven't, right?

It is one thing to offer a passive "browser" of the Steem blockchain that only reads data, but if you want to add an active access that would allow users to add data then security becomes a concern.

People use steemit.com as the official access point to the Steem blockchain for reading and writing data to it and many other tools that just read data from the blockchain without concerns.

What matters most is that the open-source gets audited and only posting WIF passphrase gets used in the app.

As long as the Active or Owner keys aren't entered, I can't imagine any major risk.

Being able to build on top of the Steem blockchain without permission is a huge value proposition for the ecosystem.

Nope, I mean they haven't ignored us. Ned responded with enthusiasm weeks ago to an email I sent. He even asked how they could help. Point taken on "browser". I certainly didn't mean to suggest it is simply a browser. I just wanted to note that steemit.com is the first client to interact with the blockchain (in the ways you mention), but we think there will be many as time goes on.

Steemit has the potential to be Revolutionary and I am going full in, Investing my valuable time and knowledge in curating content for this community, to make the community as a whole, even MORE valuable.
I have already written multiple articles including one on "Why steemit is so important and revolutionary."
Though I have always been a cutting edge guy, the MASSES have no clue about steemit and even if they did, would not use it because the user interface is far to uncomfortable for them. In order for this truly awesome platform to make its way into "mainstream" then there will need to be a huge upgrade in user interface and that obviously includes a mobile app. Over 60% of internet access is via mobile phones now and that will likely only increase as smartphones become more and more powerful and integrated into every day life.
So Steemit MUST have a mobile app. The question is will they develop one them selfs or will others?
Obviously there are a LOT of factors involved, including security. Though I am not a coder or a tech guy, so I won't even try and get into any debate about that aspect.
What I can say is that I love the Steemit community. I TRUST the people who are behind it and that we NEED a mobile app. So if this is not the one then let it be soon. If it is then THANK you for helping this community to the NEXT level!

You are absolutely right! As i've mentioned in my post, Steem is the next generation App Store, and steemit.com is just a official prototype. Everyone can benefit from Steem and build their own Apps.

I am writing this reply to remind people that upvoting replies encourages good discussion. Don't upvote my reply, as it is not part of this discussion, but please remember to upvote replies you think are intelligent and contribute to the discussion.

good work

Kudos, amazing app. Looking forward to testing it.

Awesome work, I am excited and very much looking forward to having an app propel steemit into mass adoption.

Looks cool! Is this open-source?

Thanks! The private key components will be open source, absolutely.

The problem I see with this is that:

  1. It cannot be verified that the private key is not accessed in the closed-source components of the application
  2. It cannot be verified that the open source component was actually used in the build published on the app/play store

Would be great to make this fully open source.

Agreed. Especially considering @steemapp is already looking to make $8k on a PROMISE of an app which is fully reliant on open source and freely available blockchain software. And they stand to keep earning a lot by posting updates about the app long into the future if they do a good job. So, @steemapp, what is your reservation in terms of making this actually open source?

Hi @nonlinearone. I wouldn't say we have "reservations" about open source at all. We are gauging the reaction here (it's only been 5 hours) to see how people feel about Steemy. I'm shocked to see all the positive supporting comments! We weren't quite sure what to expect... but we are very much in heads down, crack a second red bull open mode and are open to ideas from the community and others. Definitely a discussion to be had here, just not sure the best way to handle it yet to be honest. Thanks for the feedback! We look forward to updating the community.

so? they can't profit from time and energy spent? People SHOULD be payed when they put work and effort into something. You could have done it. Instead you are here moaning about someone working hard and making a dolla. Every hour spent not earning money by working put into this project the deserve rewarding for. Food and shelter is not free.

@riensen, I agree skepticism on security is always the best approach. I do think that so long as it is clear the password(key) typed(inputted) into the program is immediately used to produce a hash and is not left on device cache or memory in any way; than the rest of the programming accessing this hash will clearly not have the ability to transmit a future usable password(key) to any party. If the temporary hash was somehow transmitted to a malicious 3rd party you could simply log out of the app and into the Steemit website within 12 hours to undo any fraudulent activity. If you have a key file on your device and you are concerned the app might access that file at times not given by the open source code, one could simply move or delete(with a backup elsewhere) the file after its allotted time of use...

Looking forward for the iOS app! Would be amazing to have in the phone as app as in the navigator as it is now! Thanks a lot for the hard and good work (looks very nice btw)

"We've been hardcore fans of the STEEM social network since its launch."
Can you please provide some more credentials / background on who you are and how you've been involved (forgive me if I missed this)? The @steemapp account only has a week of history and about $9. For all we know you put together some screenshots and will go riding off into the night, no app will materialize, and there will be no one to complain to. I hope this is all legit but we have to be cautious.

I'm @str11ngfello and I specialize in iOS and @cyonic is the maestro on Android. We are planning to introduce the team in an separate post very soon. Our team literally works face to face in Austin, TX. We're mobile devs full-time and back-of-napkin math here we have about 30 cumulative years of software dev? Something like that. We'll get a little more personal in our intros. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for the added info @str11ngfello. For hardcore fans you don't seem to post much on SteemIt but I digress. Thanks for adding the video. I still think it was bad form to say "Introducing Steemy" when you have released no open source code or alpha apk, and everyone here who was skeptical had a right to be. In any case, I hope you do develop this and please consider going open source. Experienced community members will not want to trust any app with their private keys unless it is fully open source - for security reasons if nothing else. Have a great one. @nonlinearone

Good job im curios how many apps like this we will see :), must be alot of work.
if you like check my infos to: https://steemit.com/steemit/@dowha/steemit-account-creations-per-day-is-skyrocketing

I uploaded a design proposal for an iOS app today and now I just found your post - looks awesome. So funny I just talked about it and now I have found your app, looking forward to using it

Looks very well done! I was wondering, who would develop to the mobile app? And Im glad to see you guys step up with a quality entry.... Will be looking forward to using!!!!


Looks good, will check it out later! Thanks!

Fantastic app. This is realy something all need.
Use the Opera browser on the run is not the best option. So i realy hope Ned and Dan comfirm this device. Couse you do a fabolus jobb here mate.
Great to have you onboard here :)

Steemit has the potential to be Revolutionary and I am going full in, Investing my valuable time and knowledge in curating content for this community, to make the community as a whole, even MORE valuable.
I have already written multiple articles including one on "Why steemit is so important and revolutionary."
Though I have always been a cutting edge guy, the MASSES have no clue about steemit and even if they did, would not use it because the user interface is far to uncomfortable for them. In order for this truly awesome platform to make its way into "mainstream" then there will need to be a huge upgrade in user interface and that obviously includes a mobile app. Over 60% of internet access is via mobile phones now and that will likely only increase as smartphones become more and more powerful and integrated into every day life.
So Steemit MUST have a mobile app. The question is will they develop one them selfs or will others?
Obviously there are a LOT of factors involved, including security. Though I am not a coder or a tech guy, so I won't even try and get into any debate about that aspect.
What I can say is that I love the Steemit community. I TRUST the people who are behind it and that we NEED a mobile app. So if this is not the one then let it be soon. If it is then THANK you for helping this community to the NEXT level!

This is currently NOT on the App Store. When is the estimated release?

Can't wait to try it out! But I have to agree with @cryptos, without building trust between you and your users, you might have a problem getting people to use the app. I plan to do a review once this app gets released!

Okay, sorry if there is a miss words because my English below intermediate level.
I agree with you, I am not understand about computer programming, programming language etc. As common people on computer technology, really I afraid new software and similar with that, why ? can I trust the creator... that the main idea about new software. @steemapp, I really appreciate with your effort.... now your duty is gain trust form people .....any way I want say thank you for your effort to build this software. You sacrifice your energy and time to make this. :)

Great! Looking forward to your feedback! As to your other point - building trust is a tricky thing. In fact, it's almost impossible. The idea is to not have to trust in the first place. The market is full of successful apps that are inversely proportional in terms of security to convenience. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter... these users sacrifice security for convenience and are more than excited to do it - no questions asked. The need to fix this, in general, is paramount, but likely a losing battle to some degree (at least with respect to mainstream users). We plan on doing a post to introduce ourselves a bit more - but in the meantime I can speak for myself when I tell you that I'm 100% old-school crypto. I roll my own private keys with hexadecimal dice but still worry that manufacturing defects might cause a pattern, haha. With Steemy, we need to find the balance that doesn't shut out mainstream but also brings all the security advantages of controlling your own keys. Our goal is to invite mainstream to STEEM without sending them back to friendlier apps that don't bombard them with technical jargon. It's going to be an interesting balance!

keep the work

If nothing else, this guy deserves a "hyping up with airball" award or something.

10 months later and there is still no app while the hype is growing like for a new Star Wars movie ...

Good job OP

Do Climb rate steemit ?

This is awesome. Looking forward to trying out the beta. Keep us posted.

I can't wait until steam draw goes away from the top of the App Store!

Been waiting for something like this nice job. Looks beauty.

IOS app to download in China

Hey @steemapp just a heads up - you should edit your post and use the Medium image (linked) markdown, these images don't need to be full size on the post ;) it will be a lot easier to read the post.

Ps. thanks for using http://steemimg.com!


Thank you for the tip! Steemimg.com was a snap to use. I almost didn't believe my images were going to show up because it was so easy to use. Nice job on the UX.

i love the robot guy, love the colours as well. Steemit really has great branding. It will go far. People dont realise how important it is. Look at lisk for example i can't ever take it seriously because of that dreadful logo.

I like the guy :D Steemy you are looking awsome.

will users have avatar?

Waiting for it on AppStore!

So is this totally legit, worth the upvote? =)

Not clear. The posters account does not have much history and all they have proved is that they have some screenshots.

This community is really gaining STEEM :) Good job.

I wouldn't mind giving your Alpha version a try, I would be easier than logging into Steemit on my Android through Chrome when I'm at work, out and about, etc. Be sure to post again with the link when you go public with the Alpha!!!

Thanks you @steemapp, this looks fantastic. I can't wait to start using it! :)

Wow, that sounds awesome. I'll definitely check out that android app.

Yes! was waiting for someone to do this.

The logo is outstanding. I've long thought Steem needs a lovable mascot like the Reddit Snoo. This Astronaut does the trick!

Thanks @ntomaino, I'm in love with the Astronaut Steemy as well. That design just really hit the nail on the head for us. Endearing, exploratory, one small step for crypto... :D

Really looking forward to install this app.

Looks great. Whatever Steem app I'm using now isn't that good, looking for an upgrade.

This was something that we noticed while doing the Steem Smart podcast, and we mentioned in the beginning of the episode, and cover more of towards the end!

I'm convinced this is going to be the technology that will take Steem into the public view, and get the interest of the "Early Adopters" category, and bring in a whole new crowd. At the moment, the active content creators are the "Innovators", which only make up 2.5% of the public market.

So, I predict that this Steem App will be the notable milestone for the history books of Steemit :) Well done guys!

This is the third mobile Steemit app I know of, and the most featurefully promised of the three. Screen shots look nice, but it's hard to judge a mobile app until you've put your fingers on it.

I outlined what I know about Steemy and the other two as Three Mobile Steem Apps.

Super! When it planned to be on play market? I would like to try it! Also I am looking forward to images of account's dashboard.

This is awesome! I can't wait to give it a try and leave my review as well! I just created my first post yesterday and I'm already itching for some of these features! Very nicely done on the layout and GUI in my opinion as well!

Amazing first post- well thought out and genius idea!

Muy bueno el material que publicaste, Gracias por compartir esta información con nosotros. Si tienes un tiempo visita mi blogg y si te gusta vota gracias

THANK YOU!!! So looking forward to this... the mobile experience will improve ten fold with these apps. Hell yes.

cool! Can not seem to find it in the playstore :(

It's not live yet. Follow us and we'll ping you when the beta is ready for you to try!

the community love this.

This is so ironic yet awesome. The funny thing is I was just thinking about having an App for Steemit the other day. I figured through the web browser it's more difficult to post just as well as when using a computer. Great idea and thanks for this!

Honestly the app looks even better than the website...I just went on a plane trip and had to deal with the mobile version of steemit.com for a while. I experienced some problems like categories not loading any posts, etc. and was hoping a mobile app would be available soon. If the story editor is well built, I might even choose the mobile app over steemit.com for posting to the Steem blockchain.
I would love some clarification as to how images work. Embedding images in my posts has caused me some problems, including the image being bumped to the top of the post rather than where I placed the embed code. If you are using a 3rd party site to host images I would feel much better knowing which hosting site is used. If you use another method, I would be extremely intrigued.
Thank you for your work!

Thanks for the great feedback! I think the website is very functional and we want to create native mobile experiences that make users feel as good (and as addicted) as the big social networks. But that's about where the similarities end. STEEM is a phenomenal breakthrough in terms of marrying cryptocurrency and mainstream social media! As for the image question - it required a lot of attention. I mean, I'd argue posting images from your camera roll is one of the biggest value-adds of Steemy. We have implemented more than one way of hosting photos and will determine the best candidates during beta.

OK, awesome! I can excuse your initial vagueness because the answer is so complicated. Can't wait to see the app, I'm definitely going to be one of the first to download it!

esto si es real?

Hey man, may I ask how you made your graphics? They look so professional!

Steemy the Astronaut was conceptualized and created by an amazing graphics designer.

Ahh, could you give me his contact informaion?