STEEM Berlin Meetup - Tuesday, 27 February —— SAVE THE DATE !

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Dear Steemians,

it has been a while since we met and this is about to change soon!
I would love to invite you to our 1st meetup anniversary on Tuesday, 27th of February at Bravo Bar.

On a rainy winter night, the first Steem Berlin Meetup took place at Bravo Bar. Together with my old friend @massmann who happens to run a decent bar, we set up the first meetup on 21st of February 2017. We had 7 Steem Meetups in total in 2017.

Here's a quick breakdown of what happened since then:

  Feb 21, 2017 Dec 10, 2017 Feb 27, 2018
Steem Price $ 0.11 $ 1.10 $ 4.80
Total Steem burned for free drinks ~ $ 5.00 ~ $ 600 ~ $ 700
Meetup members 48 180 ~ 210
Meetup attendees 11 12 ?
Do you see the pattern?      


How many will be joining this time ? Are you?

Next STEEM Berlin Meetup - Tuesday, 27 February


Please RSVP at
or let us know by using the comments.


I'll be there.

I didn't realise it was the first anniversary. Will definitely be there 😎

great !
have fun everybody !
steem and drink on :)

Bin dabei :)

Sofern sich nichts ändert, bin ich dabei.

I will miss it 😐

You'll be with us in spirit 😊

@yoganarchista and me will be there, maybe a bit later, but coming for sure! See you tomorrow!

Leider kann ich aus Zeitlichen Gründen nicht dabei sein. Wünsche euch aber ein paar schöne Stunden.