The Steemingcurators SHOWCASE Edition #2

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The Steeming Showcase

Every day we go and hunt for the best content published on the Steem Blockchain, this was our goal since the inception of this project. There was a little hiccup along the way and we had stopped posting our showcase for a while and now we are up and running again.
For this showcase we would like to give more exposure to the new and all-time content creators on Steemit.
If you have spotted a post that is not on this SHOWCASE, comment the link to that post below and tell us what you liked the most about it. We must have missed it and would love to give it a hug!

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Check out his post here
@axeman talented photographer on steem took a series of some macro shots around the single freshly prepared cup of coffee.You can use his photos for free, just don't forget to give him credit for it. Check out his blog for more excellent photograph taken by him.

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Check out his post here
@jacorv reminisce on how and why he started his blogging journey on steemit and share his story with us here and gave very thoughtful opinions too.

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Check out his post here
@allbert recently joined steem community, shared about their trip to Lomas de Cubiro, the natural beauty there and their experience traveling with their little girl.

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Check out his post here
@futven12 showed us how he made this delicious pepito at home.

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Check out his post here
@nickmorphew showing us his SuperEZ FMS plane, check out his videos and you might have the same plane as him.


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Check out her post here
@stef1 loves this drama series and has a collection of artwork about this drama and the DVDs too. This drama reminds her of her late father who likes the series too. @stef1 is an all-time steemian and she is a community curator for visual arts. She also manages the account @art-ventures for curating traditional visual artwork. They organize contests from time to time too, so if you're in the visual arts field make sure to follow her and @art-venture accounts for more exposure on your artworks.

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Special Thank You to The Steemit Team @steemcurator01 for the support on our project since the beginning and to all community leaders and steemian that had given great feedback and love too. Thanks so much!

Supported by @ciska Founder of The Steemingcurators and our team members,
& The Steemit Team @steemcurator01


Hi @steemingcurators project=@cryptokannon+@ciska, it is a great idea to display the users and their posts. Also seeing how much you both are involved in this project despite of having your own daily routine you deserve a lot of our respect and support.

We are lucky to have you both here and we have to pamper you :)

Thank you for your kind words. We all in this together, we are trying our best to do our part.

Great selection of creators!

Thank you for the continuous support on our project, we appreciate it.

Thanks mate for your support mentioned my post. I appreciatte

@allbert You're most welcome! Thank you for being active on steem too. Keep steeming! ☺

Thanks a lot for mention! Great set of authors

Except for the first one :DD, cis

really nice to see you supporting so man users.

we try our best to reach out as many steemian as possible,

Thank you @ciska for that great showcase of curation projects. We love to share with our creative people here: @axeman, @jacorv and many others.

thank you for your continuous support on our project too 😊

Guao, es un honor ser mencionado entre tanto talento, muchas gracias, espero que sigan teniendo éxito y sigan avanzando, que junto a ustedes vamos nosotros mas atrás