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Steem can be a difficult place to get started on.

Newcomers to the platform can easily be confused by the technicalities of multiple keys, upvoting and downvoting, powering up and powering down, witnesses and proxies...

These complexities often lead to people giving up and leaving after only one or two posts.

This is clearly not ideal. Increasing Steem’s very low retention rate is a key priority.

Improving the onboarding experience from the technical side is already being worked on.

Alongside this one idea is to introduce some form of Steem Mentoring system.

A Steem Mentoring System

Some games have mentoring systems where new players are paired up with more experienced players who guide them through their first few weeks while they get to ‘know the ropes’.

These schemes usually operate on a voluntary basis but commonly the mentor, and often the mentee as well, get some sort of reward when the new player has reached a certain experience level or completed a certain number of tasks.

Could some scheme like this work on Steem?

Existing communities already play an important role in welcoming, and nurturing, newcomers to the platform. But not every newcomer finds a community in time.

In the short term at least there are unlikely to be the resources to build a system with any formal coded structures. So any scheme will need to be manually constructed, operated, and monitored.

At a very basic level, maybe something like this…

  • Experienced Steemians, with say over 6 months active on the platform and reputation of at least 55, volunteer to be Mentors. Their account names, languages, and timezone are logged on a weekly updated Mentors page. Each mentor also has their own regularly updated Mentor’s Welcome Page linked to from the main Mentors page.

  • Newcomers to Steem are given a link to the main Mentors page. If they are interested in having a Mentor to help them get established on Steem they select a mentor from the list that matches their language and timezone. They can then link through to the Mentors personal page.

  • Having read the Mentor’s page if the newcomer wants to pursue the mentoring then they make contact with the Mentor via their details on the page, or possibly by leaving their contact details in a comment.

At this stage the most likely contact route will be via Discord or perhaps Telegram. The initial introductory contact message to the Newcomer from Steemit will need to have included details of how to get on Discord or Telegram.

  • After making contact if the Newcomer and Mentor decide to go forward with the mentoring arrangement then they begin to work through a series of guided tasks that might include writing and formatting posts, using tags, making comments, joining communities, powering up, voting for witnesses etc etc.

  • To enable monitoring and to register for mentoring rewards then both newcomer and mentor would need to make initial ‘Mentoring Announcement Posts’. Then as they progress through the various tasks, they would, at a number of key points, make mutual ‘Mentoring Progress Posts’. Assuming appropriate progress is being made these posts would be rewarded with upvotes from a Steemit mentoring account.

  • Ideally the mentoring arrangement would last a minimum of 3 months. This is often said to be the ‘establishment period’. If newcomers make it through this period they are likely to stay on Steem. At the end of 3 months the newcomer and mentor would then make their final mutual ‘Mentoring Completion Post’. If it has all worked out and both are still active on Steem then both posts would be rewarded with Steemit upvotes.

Would this work?

Is this sort of system workable? Is it too complex? Is it scalable? Is it scam-proof enough? Does it have any personal safety risks?

Would it help retention?

Has anyone got any better ideas?

Or should we just rely on Discord based communities as before?

This sort of mentoring system is certainly not the perfect answer to the retention issue.

It may not be very scalable - but we are not, in the near future at least, dealing with very large numbers.

It may be too scamable - but with careful monitoring it should have sufficient resilience to prevent fraudulent usage.

Some sort of coded, automated system would certainly be bigger and better but that would have to wait its turn for development resources to become available.

This system could be implemented now.

Is it worth giving it a try?

Would anyone be interested in being a volunteer mentor?

We welcome your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


On Monday at 7pm PST / 11am KST / 2am UTC Green House Radio Online is hosting a Steem Witness Forum on their Discord server.

This is a community organised forum but we hope as many witnesses as possible, and as many of the community as possible, will be able to attend…

Thank you @greenhouseradio for putting on this forum.


Once again it is a confirmation of the popularity of Steem, when shortly after your posting the number of comments shooting up and it is clearly visible who is waiting for every single post, both constructive comments and just spamming but this is a live there will be always pro and contra. Important thing we should not let the people who want to rebuild Steem and Steemit to be distracted by negativity and just ignore them.

As to mentoring it is a great idea and reading through the comments bellow we can see that many people already doing that. When newcomers post their first post should receive a “welcome” comment that would offer to visit mentoring post or page. The mentoring page should contain basic info and offering different types or fields such as game, travel, photography, writing, art, homesteading…

Each section then should include those volunteers who would like to be mentors and who the people can reach in discord, there should be discord page too.
Issuing posts throughout the process of establishment with appropriate rewards for both parties is great idea too, will help newbees to be visible and reward mentors for their work and time.

In general it is time consuming if someone want to do a good job that is why the selection of mentors should be really strict if you want it to work properly.

let the people who want to rebuild Steem and Steemit to be distracted by negativity

Very well said.

Thank you for your support for the idea, and the extra ideas.

We are going to keep refining and develop the project.

The Steemit Team

I am 100 percent on board with this. A mentorship program could very easily be used along side Discord. Our discord communities are quite established with users that have been on the Steem Blockchain for more than 1 year so it would continue to benefit us.
There are many unwritten rules along with the markdown language for posts and many keys available to users. Mentorship would help new users navigate the many facets of Steem and write beautiful and meaningful content.
Great Idea!

Sign me up as a mentor!

We would love your support as witness. Vote for Hashkings as witness here

Discord is chaotic, messy to many and you need a good internet connection to join. All things I struggle with and I am not the only one plus Discord has nothing to do with Steem.
Seen it should have an easy to understand manual and users should be more helpful.
Most do not care and do not answer. After one year I could still not figure out how to buy and sell Steem in an easy way. No one explained it and what is possible in one country is not possible in an other country.

Thank you for your support on this.

More news coming soon.

The Steemit Team

Hello @SteemitBlog and Steemit Team!! The issue in this article is extremely important, mostly for people that is new not only to the platform but to blockchain technology in general. Definitely the operation in this platform is much different from traditional ones.

Recently when you launched the Community Curators initiative I presented a project which is in tune with the subject in this post.

PROYECT KNITRIAS started two weeks ago, and now I've launched the official announcement for candidates. I want to support 10 little and new accounts with a delegation of 200 SP from my funds. The goal is work in group to reach the minnow level while posting, commenting and creating upvote and power up strategies.

I want to present you the post with the announcement for the project so it can be considered by your Team for any input, difusion or posible support.

Thanks for you attention and best wishes for every project!!


Very interesting project. Thank you for organizing this.

For a long time now I have been looking after members who I recruited from Facebook in my groups there, for example. For this purpose, I have always led 10 people to a Facebook group and created a new account for them there and also delegated SP from our curator account. Then I explained step by step how to make the first steps out of Steem. From creating the blog to writing the first article. This is of course very time consuming but I like to do it.

If you then find your way a little bit, I invite you to our Discord. There they are looked after by the community.

I have also written special articles to help newbies find their way around Steem and I will continue to do so. Here for example how to set up your blog or how to format your posts correctly, you can request this help by command in our Discord at any time and from any member:


Example how to set up your account:

Example how to format posts:

In the last 2 weeks I have brought 10 new members to Steem, 4 of them are very active in the german speaking community !

In order to recruit new members, to care for them and above all to provide new accounts with an appropriate delegation, country communities should get a fixed delegation. So you can claim new accounts, provide them with SP and above all get them for their contributions in the beginning. Even if the first comments are not that great, they have to be motivated by receiving rewards.

I will gladly take over the area for the admission and promotion of German speaking members. Together with our team of curators we are up to the task. As I have 180.000 members in my Facebook groups I can also promote Steem from time to time.

We also bind our members and organize virtual meeting places from time to time. On sunday I always organize "The Inn" on Steem. Here you can talk about everything and publish your favourite music.
Here the link to yesterday's event. Also here it would be nice if we could use an account from Steemit inc. to reward the "guests" for good comments and contributions during the event. How to bind members ! Also such a contribution should get a high vote before the event that it appears in Trending. But we do not have the means.


Some very good ideas there, thank you. We are looking how these sorts of ideas can be utilized and expanded.

Not sure if you have already done it, but it could be interesting if you put out every week or so a post introducing the new members who have just joined your community.

The Steemit Team

Mentoring new users can be good, but should not be seen as a long-term solution, because the more users there are, the more mentors you will need to cover the masses, which is obviously impossible, as you whether or not you were using a paid model. Additionally, you can be sure that many people would not appreciate spending months just learning to use a platform or understand the mechanics of the Steem Blockchain.

Researchers in Canada surveyed 2,000 participants and studied the brain activity of 112 others using electroencephalograms (EEGs). Microsoft found that since the year 2000 (or about when the mobile revolution began) the average attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds.

Quote source: (1)

Regarding "Steemit.com", I think the focus should be more on improving the user experience and user-friendliness of the UI, in addition to working on appropriate documentation for as many languages ​​as possible. Of course, everything mentioned above should be associated with other missing areas such as the ease of registration. Basically, even a 6-year-old kid should be able to use Steemit without having to dig deeper to understand everything.

To end with, there is also a key point that needs more care. Since you are mentioning Steem as a whole, having an appealing ecosystem for entrepreneurs, investors, game designers ... will definitely play a major role in attracting more users to the chain. Different projects will have different approaches. If one project puts a high value on human interactions, another project might not need people to even register and use the chain as a database for articles for example. There are plenty of ways of how people can use the chain to build their projects. Thus, putting too much effort into onboarding while completely ignoring the usability of the chain (Steem as a utility token) as a factor for attraction will definitely slow the growth of the ecosystem as a whole.

Thank you for having such discussions with the community. There are a lot of good ideas and the community is full of talented people that are ready to help. They just need a way to voice their ideas.

Thank you for this - some very useful and valid points.

We are currently working on a number of the items you mention.

Making the Steem blockchain attractive to all types of user and developer will be very important.

The Steemit Team

The KR community has had multiple initiatives that incorporate a lot of the topics covered here. The details need to be ironed out but i think its heading in the right direction. Please talk to triple-A witnesses.

Thank you. What is the best way to contact the Triple-A witnesses?

Since I started at Steemit, I have dedicated myself to learning to help and guide new users, the most used and effective tool has been Discord and second time Facebook. So I support this initiative, the Personal Mentoring has always existed, what does not exist is the direct support of Steemit, INC to support those new users who are being guided and I hope that this support is now real.
These are the important points that I consider to take into account:
  • Mentors Page : Classified by language, time zone, area of ​​expertise and contact form.
  • Task plan : it is a plan implemented by each mentor to verify the progress of the new user during their first three months; this point is very important to avoid wasting the mentor's time
  • Incentive system : A mechanism must be created through which the mentor authorizes a certain number of votes for the publications of the student as a reward for their progress and comply with the assigned recommendations
Consider that these points are the most important to be taken into account, the same Discord allows users to be classified according to their progress through roles, hold online meetings for each role separately, has its own security systems to filter the who do not meet the requirements to enter the tutoring plan, etc.
Below I leave my Discord contact link from where I do the tutoring


Siempre has sido nuestro guía @acostaeladio y me encanta la idea de tu postulacion

Some very good points and ideas.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Things can be quite confusing when you start, historically new users have unintentionally upset existing users who used to flag them off the platform :(

Giving new users an opportunity to ask " some dumb questions " of experienced users would benefit the block-chain going forward :)

We are going to keep developing the idea.

Thank you

Just a reminder to anyone new or old who needs help, minnowsupport/PAL has moved on-chain activity to hive but we are always willing to answer questions about either steem or hive, this is a never expiring link to our discord: http://minnowpond.org/

Moved on-chain activity to Hive

Definitely not a good idea. The people in control of minnowsupport/PAL are not in support of Steem anymore. I would advise anyone against going to the server. You can not use minnowsupport/PAL to influence people and spread FUD anymore now. Just leave the community to projects and people who are 100% for Steem.

I will not support what is currently happening with steem that is true, but if a steem user needs help with keys or any other info about steem I will happily help them, I only want the best for the users.

Then move on to Hive and stop using the platform to recruit the crowd for the pal server. Even if your attentions are honest, there is no guarantee that the owners of PAL (former witnesses) will not use "community monopolization" again to exercise a bad influence on the Steem community as they did in the past.

I think it would be better to produce a web page load of step by step video tutorials for the new users, tips, general info, and more.

agree with this, then the mentor only for guide when they couldn't solve the issues they face from the tutorials firsthand.

yes, it has to be simple and quick for everyone to find the info.

That would be useful too.

@steemitblog @steemcurator01 Please, check what was the project Utopian.io something like this has to come back... this way we can build together all that the blockchain need.

Thank You for the mention @steemitblog. We look forward to bringing people together for the future of steem.

When I heard this good news, I was very responsive, I think we really need a system of mentors for those newcomers. This is the reference point, there is no need to take far away from ourselves, for example. Remember when you first came here? We are like without a teacher, lost in the high seas, without assistance. That of course can lead to posts on this platform becoming rubbish!

That's right, if without assistance, of course they will post anything, this will ruin the platform's views. I just had a chance to go to steem cleaner / cheetah for plagiarism, then post more than 12 posts a day, because of my ignorance of the system on the platform.

After 2 months of messing around on the platform, I just learned the system here, it's because we have a large community in Indonesia. I can imagine if there were no communication, posts wouldn't get curated, and those newcomers wouldn't last more than 2 months, and I believe that!

Just imagine if 1 newcomer had to post rubbish for 2 months on the platform because of the system's lack of year, what would happen if there were 1000, 2000, even 10,000 newcomers on this platform?

I agree with the steem mentoring system, this will be a way out for those newcomers to find solutions on the platform. And in Indonesia we are ready to participate to develop and build steemite even better. If you need more interaction about this, you can send me a message on my email [email protected]

I have translated this post into Indonesian, hopefully it will be useful and become actual information for steemians in Indonesia


Thank you for your offer of help and for the translation.

This is a very helpful project, i had a lot of questions when i first started at the platform and i am sure others too. It is difficult to navigate the cryptospace,lol.

I would also like to suggest the idea of the daily helpful comment contest it will give motivation to the most experienced users to comment and help. In a way every one could be a mentor and rewarded for the helpful advice.
It is rather simple, all you need is a channel in a discord server ( A Community Curation Project). You pin a list of the newbie usernames, another member choose among them, make a helpful comment to their post and drops the link of the post to the channel. A curator can check the links and reward the 10 best comments per day. I think it would work fine:)

Interesting idea. Could it be adapted to run entirely on steemit.com rather than Discord?

I believe it could work at steemit also. The curation community makes an announcement post with all the newbie accounts of the day, the experienced users check the newbie's posts and comment, then take the link of the post and drop in a comment under the announcement post. At the end of the day the curator check the comments and awards the 10 most helpful. It can be adapted for sure:)

I wonder how many new active accounts there are each day at the moment. Will need to check on that.

Thank you

You are welcome, i would check also for new artists. I think spotted a new photographer:)

Do post their account link here. We can maybe go and greet them :-)

Mentor groups may be a good idea, but those who want to be mentors should be connected to a shared chat service here on the platform that shows the countries and languages ​​they master. chat service should also have a robot that can answer simple questions in English and refer to FAQs or links when no meters are present. In fact, many people do not use their menu and are not aware of the link to FAQ. That is why I always have the link to FAQ in my posts.

I would also suggest adding a button under "Notifications"
Which shows new users for the last 24 hours and then many will be able to welcome the new users and if possible also provide guidance


Thank you for this @xpilar. Some very good ideas.

Going to investigate how these could be implemented.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Another translation into German.

There is a community for tutorials - a lot of them are only in German, but it can be a good starting point to find information or a place to post tutorials.

Thanks for mentioning @muscara. The tutorials are intended for German-speaking Steemians, that's the way it should stay.

Eine automatisierte deutsche Übersetzung. Fragen und Diskussionen in deutsch unter dem übersetzen Beitrag.


Jeder deutschsprechende ist auch auf unseren Discord Willkommen. Dort findet ihr die Mitglieder die auch weiterhin fest hinter Steem stehen !

It is an interesting proposal, mentoring. However, it should be taken into account that the time spent on the platform and the reputation does not necessarily qualify as a good user. There are many experienced and highly reputable users, however, they do not contribute anything good to the platform, due to the bad practices and abuses they commit.

Mentors should also be experienced users, creators of good content, because ultimately that is what strengthens, the ecosystem and in turn makes it attractive.

Otherwise, the initiative could be distorted, leading to multiplying bad practices and abuses within the platform.

Agree, the careful selection of mentors will be very important.

Nosotros como comunidad hispana nos gustaria poder crear contenido de apoyo para que los usuarios aprendan a usar la playaforma Steemit, crear contenido de calidad y con buena visibilidad.

Tenemos un servidor de discord en nuestro link, estamos activos apoyando, enseñando y compartiendo desde hace 2 años casi 3.

Hello to all the steemit community, a brotherly hug from a friend.

Regarding this point, I have seen many users create publications that help to take the first steps on the platform, I have seen some better than others, but they are still useful.

The idea is that the first steps are with a guide and someone who explained in simple words everything about being a user in steemit, the importance of being constant, relating and thinking about account growth, not taking all the steem power and that in the long run will be noticed in your voting power.

I didn't think I was very good in this area, but as far as I can help, I'm sure I will. And thinking of possible useful users I found two for sure there are many more and the idea is that they add as many as possible. But I think that these two users should be taken into account and participate in this activity and that is what Professor @gaborockstar and @mayvil have been doing, I added them here in case you are interested in being part of this team, leave your application here.

Hispanic community on.



Thanks for the mention of friend @electrodo in this post. As you say, we educators are here to illustrate and teach newcomers how to walk this path, and what better than those of us who already have experience and time on this platform. The @vdc community (Venezuelans Dtubers Community) was created with this orientation; to create video and tutorials in order to transmit messages, content and learning about the platform and audiovisual content. Here I share with you the last posts of this account that fulfills in my way of seeing these objectives. We are ready to work. A friend @gaborockstar.





La comunidad @mayvileros y yo @mayvil estamos agradecidas contigo @electrodo por el apoyo y la confianza que nos das como comunidad de curacion.

Pueden encontrarnos en Discord: https://discord.gg/nBHcFZ

Usuarios en Discord:

  • Mayvileros
  • Mayvil

Pueden contar con nuestro apoyo para el contenido que sea español, brindamos tutoriales de aprendizaje, curacion masiva de contenido original y propio.


Muchas gracias

I will be happy to mentor new users on steemit.

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Thank you for your offer.

I suggest skipping telegram and discord and doing the mentoring in comments. Typically it's been done via an introduceyourself post, and by some memo notes. I'd prefer to keep as much onchain as possible,... That's kind of the point is it not?

That said,
I'd be interested in mentoring.

Making a lot of comments will use a lot of RCs. And not everyone wants to have their first dumb questions readable on the blockchain for all eternity ;)

I have always been one of the guides in many communities that I worked and now they are gone, I don't plan to stop, but with so many changes, I also feel lost, I don't know for example which communities are left, which are active, which fit with my content and my tags, with which I can have a fair reward or valuation of my content, I have 1 year and 7 months in Steemit and I feel that I am starting to know this again, I hope to adapt again, to be able to continue being that helping hand for others. It will be interesting, that they show us a little light on this whole issue. The little fishes and the new users, we need it very much.

The use of Discord is a very good tool, both for a community, as for the user and the curator, the use of Discord allows us to have a more personal contact with each user and be able to explain things in more detail.

The analysis of the healing of a community and the support given to it must be mutual and constant.

It is necessary, to have an effective healing to attract users with good content, I think, that keeping the chain very active in good content, could even attract investors. A hug.

Thank you for your thoughts - and the hug.

The topic of mentoring is an excellent idea, but it is necessary to take care of the issue of rewards, that is, it must guarantee to the newcomer some important votes that encourage him in the adaptation period, most end up leaving for the low rewards, they must disentangle some exclusive curatorship accounts for this project.

I would be delighted to help the new ones establish themselves, I also suffered a lot in my early days.

Thank you for your offer of help.

The issue of rewarding will need careful thought.

I like to see type of mentality. Idea is good. Important is how to implement this? I think that some sort of complexity is here in starting but main point is new user comes here for rewards & earning because our advertising is like this at social media. After some attempts he realize that it is very difficult to earn here, So they leave the platform. I don't like this.

So We have to encourage new users

  1. By upvoting their posts, not downvoting.
  2. Take them in easy community and try to grow them.
  3. The community should have sufficient SP to protect/grow each new steemians.

I think slowly he knows all things and don't feel any technical difficulties. We have to find their interest first in steemit.
That's why, we started a community called 'LAKSHMI' for all new comers without downvoting concept. But currently i am upvoting from my account. We don't have good SP their. We think 1M SP should be min for this kind of activity required. Hope for best, may be one day came and we get that much SP to protect and retain new comers.

We may be wrong but we think like this. lets see where we reach.

Good points. We hope communities will be wanting to invest and power up to help grow their accounts, to supplement any delegations they might receive.

Thank you

Nice. Let see what happens. Thanks for support.

i will definitely join

It all depends on what kind of users they want to attract, if they want quality content creators, they should monetize and their effort should be worth it, in case the learning curve can be even higher for those who know absolutely nothing about cryptocurreny plus a series of definitions and practices so that people can understand things like steemit is a blogging platform, and that their actions from the moment they create the account are recorded as well as all their actions, such as the way they are charged, understand the ecosystem, create content and do not influence in abuse, basically creating a community culture and sense of relevance of each user with what they are part of.

Another aspect is to educate in financial matters, to the new users so that they can take advantage of fluctuations and increase their steem and then accumulate sp, so that in the long run the community has voting value.


Years ago I did what you are looking for, and I had for short periods of time 300 and 450 users in the mentoring, you can sustain such amount of ussers valuing content?

Because if not, so many hours invested and users who leave the chain will leave and it will be time wasted.

They should even take advantage of such an opportunity to learn about TRON. Anyway the01crow#1411 in discord.I'd be interested in mentoring.

Thank you for your support.

I believe is a terrific idea because is not easy to start your day on this platform. Keep up the good work and keep going this initiative alive. :)

Thank you for your support.

Welcome the idea. Think it will work well. I know how much reading one has to do when starting on the platform and often, posts don't get views and comments no reaction. There are dapps on which users can easily start posting, such as dlike, steemhunt and tasteem. I would love to mentor. telegram of discord works well.

Thank you for your support.

I think this is one of the most important things to keep new users on the blockchain. We have already worked with sponsorships in our German community Steem-Bootcamp. All voluntary. Additionally, the new users were supported by our discord server. I think it is a very good approach by steemit and I am curious how it can be implemented and how the response is. Best regards Michael

Thank you. We are going to keep working on the project and refine as needed.

User retention has always been a critical move that Steem has to consider since it's confusing for the new comers to navigate the blockchain.

This is good initiative Steemit Team.

I've been mentoring new users since the start of Steem - was a mod on steemit.chat and helped hundreds if not thousands come onboard Steem. I've even created an account and community called @userhelp / community here and Introduce yourself community while waiting for onboarding to start to happen.

I'm a mod in dozen's of discords. I know what it takes to keep people here. I'll write more as it's late where I am on some ideas to help retention and to onboard. Thanks!

Will look forward to reading more from you on ideas for retention and onboarding.

Thank you

Supporting communities is the best way to help onboard newcomers...there are already communities ready to Kickstart their activities but lacking adequate funding.

Discord is easier and the newcomers can easily ask their questions. For me ,this method you are proposing its gonna be a daunting task and I doubt its long term sustainability.

If communities are given adequate funding and support and closely monitored, I believe it is an easier way of going about this. The communities can be mandated to give either a daily report or weekly report of their activities. most communities have mentors and those that are ready to help out other people.

List of the communities supported by steemit inc can be published and the user decides anyone they which to join to stay active. This will remove any forms of Monopoly and dependency on just one person. There are many experienced person on steemit and in some communities.

Once all this communities are empowered adequately, I beleive they will do better. I was able to learn alot from one of my mentor in steemit @cyprianj, a member of steemstem community when I asked questions, anyone can answer speedily without having to rely on one person. The community though has migrated to the new blockchain but I learnt a lot from the community.

Empowering communities adequately makes it easier

Yes, stronger communities will be a good long term solution.

Hopefully the Community Curators Project will help with that.

Thank you

Many people and communities help(ed) newbies. The tags #howto etc are a help. I myself wrote all kind of tips.
The Steemit's manual could be more user friendly. It's not written for newbies but for those who already know and even then it's hard to understand if you are not a native speaker.

What is very negative is the fact you are limited if it comes to posting and commenting if you are new.
A blogger will not understand why and to be honest Word Pres, Blogspot, Facebook and Twitter are more attractive if it comes to that and socializing.

Thanks for this.

The issue of RCs for posting and commenting is a difficult balancing act with trying to prevent spammers.

We will need to keep searching for an optimal solution.

I understand. Thanks for explaining. 💕

In my opinion it is really an great idea but as rewards are something through which newbies are driven so in my opinion there should be level and based on that they should be rewarded as the newbie will be motivated enough when he will be seeing Rewards by his side as for mentors 3 months is just an normal time because we all are hear to stay but for a newbie to make him retain on this platform a small dose of rewards on occasional basis will be required.

Yes some element of rewarding will be important.

Thank you

I can volunteer to be a mentor.

Thank you for offering to be a mentor. Stay tuned.

Since there are little or no resources currently on steemit, this is a good way to get people understand steem with no much resources being spent.

That being said, what we need on steem is real onboarding of users from all continents while there are mentors to help them pull through it. One thing that discourages a lot of people is the writing a very long post but with dapps like Appics, steemit will get more onboarding of regular people who want to share their daily activities and connect with friends.

Yes, there is a place for all types of content on the Steem blockchain.

This is a great idea and a wonderful initiative i must commend @steemitblog, but personally from my experience as a newbie on steemit i needed hands on guidance which i got from my community folks through regular meetups and it helped immensely, for those i could not meet them we had to rely on instructional videos and those also worked perfectly so here is my suggestion, we could go through it the mentorship thing but we should try to get these mentors to make lots of videos on how to do some basic and important stuff so these people can follow incase they are not available on discord 24/7

Meetups are very good. Hopefully more videos will be made soon too.

I am not really sure how much the mentorship will work but i know @steemitashanti meetups did me lots of good as we had hands on discussion on how to do this or that but with this impending pandemic threatening us everywhere perhaps we could get volunteers who wanna do guide videos for these people, i do remember myself watching some youtube videos on even how to create and acc before i got it right and some of my friends lost their passkeys because they did not know to save it.

Yes, it will be great when it is safe to start Steem meetups again.

Videos will be useful as well.

I will talk to the leaders of my community after the lockdown so we can start active work once again. Meetups are always the best

That will be great, thank you.

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I would be willing to mentor new Steemians. I have already brought new people on board and brought them up to speed on the basics. I am reasonably familiar with Markdown. I am also the Self-Appointed Steem Pope, so you know I have special credentials there, too.

Speaking of newcomers, may I offer you some mentoring, too? I know the current Steemit Team is new here, and hasn't had time to acclimate to the culture. Did you know you can decline payout on these official posts so you look less like shameless profiteers? If you want honest, non-troll advice to smooth the ruffled feathers in the community, I am here to help. Seriously.

Tothe#8927 on Discord

Thank you for your offer.

The discord group The Terminal has been actively mentoring and teaching newbies about the blockchain for over a year now. They actively curate the introduceyourself posts and respond to questions on chain as well as helping people in their discord. You can visit them here; https://discord.gg/XZGPGpz

Thank you @shadowspub. Is The Terminal just working on Steem or on Hive as well?

If a mentor is needed the system is wrong.
A good platform would not need mentors.

This would be great thing if implemented but according to me Steemit should Have chatting feature which can replace the need of discord and telegram and it will also safe.

Hey @steemcurator01 after your advice I shared the posts in various communities on telegram which is made for steem and got some new followers.

Hindi translation of this post is ready for Indian community here is the link :- 100 Days of STEEM: दिन 10 - एक स्टीम मेंटरिंग सिस्टम

A chat feature would definitely be useful, but not a quick thing to implement unfortunately.

Thank you

That's a great idea for steem. Certainly, it is a very needful thing to close the acquaintance gap on using steem Dapps. I have personally help brought over 100 new users to steem and would do more. I have been dedicating my hub in Uyo to guide new users on how to start-off their steem journeys.

I will be glad to volunteer as a Mentor on Steem to guide newbies through here through my @steempreneurs project.

Glad you like the idea. And thank you for your offer of help. It will be good to develop more mentors and brand ambassadors.

Well well, I am thinking for a long time now, that mentoring is a good tool.
An your strategies seem good.
If I had had some more mentoring earlier in my #STEEM "career" , I would be better now.
Consider giving bonuses to the newbie for fulfilling tasks by the mentoring system, as a plus to the progresscontrollsystem by mentoringprogress posts.

Thanx for this, lets give it a try.

Sign me up .

Thank you for your support for the idea.

I agree with the mentoring part but not the writing challenges. That would put me off and have been here over 2 years. Mentoring needs to be more for guidance and assistance and not making people do certain things. Helping and advising and showing them how to earn by guiding them towards a certain community.

Thanks a lot @steemitblog. This is a very good idea. It would really help new users.
I'm positive it would work out. Even "inconsistent" users like me with a reputation of 62 still need guidance on some issues.
And I would also prefer the Telegram option.

Thank you for your input.

I am glad you are learning how Steem works. I joined back in 2016 and spent many months learning and explaining these concepts for new users.

Good idea, could work. It also seems important to me, that newcomers are seen at all. A list of new Steemians by language would give experienced users an easy way to find and welcome newcomers - and also be open for questions.

I can offer to be the mentor for the newcomer @justinsunsteemit, I'm sure we can agree on an hourly rate :-)

Yeah you are right steemit is little bit tough to newcomers. You can provide new and easy way for new users. You can also promote steemit on radion thats help to come new users on steemit. Great working. Thanks for sharing new update.

It seems very good idea and i am interested to became mentor because i am here in steem blockchain from 2 years !!

Good idea but activity of famous people always attract new users. We have Justin Sun, Roger Ver, Binance on steem but most of the time they spend their time on twitter. Blockchain lovers doesn't use blockchain technology properly. I think blockchain based all platform should post on steemit besides of medium especially most friendly tron foundation. And always share the new giveaway on steemit instead of twitter then crypto lovers learn more about steemit and attract on it. And an official android application is very important for steemit. Anyway it's my personal opinion that i have been realized in my two years experience on steemit. Steem on

Thank you for your thoughts.

This would also help with retention

Steem needs a way to find all rewards received throughout the tax year for reporting taxes. Now that Steemdb is gone where does one find this information? Having a way to get this information easier than steemdb was would be great. Example If I could get all my reward information from January 1,2020 to January 1,2021 . Kind of like a 1099 this kind of tool would really help people to do more on the platform because keeping track of the income would no longer be a hassle.

That would be a useful tool. I wonder if any enterprising community developer will pick this up?

What you suggest actually was something done when Steemit first launched. I never understood why that seemed to die out. Here is a link to my introduce yourself post. I think this would be an excellent idea!

Perhaps a whole new user community could be launched with different post criteria. Almost like an achievement system. For instance, post in the introduceyourself category in the community with an introduce yourself article, post in the 10thpost category in the community when you hit your 10th post, post in the 50followers category when you hit 50 followers, post in the firstpayout category when you get your first payout, etc... Stuff like that to demonstrate progress and growth amongst new users. Just a thought.

such a central place would quickly become confusing because of the variety of languages. French, Bengali, Polish, Hindu, Korean, Spanish, Russian.............. I don't think so.

This should be the task of country community. Here are represented compatriots who can always answer questions and support mentors at any time. Here you can also automate a lot through bots where automatically asked questions are answered. Here you can post contributions from new members for evaluation and correction before publication.

An interesting idea, thank you.

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