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Everybody loves contests!

They are a great way to build engagement and to grow your network.

For newcomers especially they are a very useful means to earn extra rewards and to get to know more people on the blockchain.

There have been many types of contest on Steem, catering to all interests, and with prizes big and small.

We would love to see more contests on Steem, so we have come up with a way to encourage more people to run more contests.

The Contest Support Fund

One of the limitations that prevent people from running contests is lack of resources to offer prizes. Without a wealthy supporter to cover the prizes, many smaller Steemians can’t afford to offer prizes big enough to attract sufficient participants.

We would like to help with this.

Through the Contest Support Fund we are offering to provide upvotes from the 1 M SP @steemcurator01 account as prizes…

  • 1st prize - 100% upvote (currently $12)
  • 2nd prize - 75% upvote
  • 3rd prize - 50% upvote

We may be adding some liquid STEEM to the fund later on.

How to Apply

If you have an idea for a contest, or are already running one, just make a brief post describing how your contest works, how you promote it, how many people you expect to participate (or already enter for existing ones), and why you would like the Contest Support Fund to help with the prizes.

The contests can be of any type, but must be free to enter without any upvoting requirements. They must be exclusive to Steem.

Tag your posts with #contestsupportfund and drop a link in the comments below.

We will initially be supporting up to five contests per week, although this may be modified once we see how much the fund is used. There will be no closing date for applications, the Support Fund will be ongoing until further notice.

We will also be promoting the contests we support in these 100 Days posts.

Notes from the Community...

APPICS Referral System

Have you tried APPICS yet? It is a great mobile dApp that we recently gave a large delegation to.

They are now running a referral scheme to help recruit users. They have already had over 650 new signups...

There are some talented people on APPICS - for example @ytpaulap. Check out her excellent cover of I’m Here from the musical The Colour Purple…

Give a Thumbs Up for Steem

@seo-boss has spotted this approval rating system for different coins on Coingecko.

STEEM has been showing a quite negative rating. If you support Steem maybe you can hop over to Coingecko and give STEEM a thumbs up...

Thank you,

The Steemit Team


It looks like it will be a great competition.

Thank you for organizing this.

The Steemit Team

Yes, hope there will be many participants and great videos :)

Here is my idea. The idea of collaborations. I was working on it for almost 2 years and none of big players supported me during this time. I contacted a lot of them. I wanted to build something huge to make everyone collaborate and have fun. Since we don't have a lot of power a lot left us and it's hard to make people participate in any initiatives. But, I have a lot of ideas. With collaborations we can do a lot. Check all what's done with @dcooperation. I explained my idea here : The idea of DCooperation !.

I'm ready to keep working on it. I'm ready to start everything from the scratch. All l need is some support. You can delegate to the account some power ( I'm powering up all the earning anyway ) or you can at least mention our idea in your posts, so that may give it some attention. @dcooperation needs active people who want to build the account together and at the same time have some fun creating those collaborations.

Sorry missed this before. If you do a new post with a specific 'call to action' please tag @steemcurator01 and we will try to help.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thanks for noticing, you can share this in your post DC - Domestic Camp ! no one participated because we have very low upvote and our post is unseen.

Will you be doing a new post and then it can be voted on?

Ok, I will tag you when I'll create one.

At this moment in my Steem experience, the contests are the ones that keep me browsing through the Steemit platform. Contests boost the motivation among the participants since it's something that will help users like me gain exposure and additional rewards through the prizes offered by the contest hosts.

I'm really glad that the Steemit Team are taking the initiative to fund the existing contests or future contests. Please continue your altruistic actions for the Steem community.

Thank you for your support.

I'm really excited for Day 21! Will there be an actual announcement about developments in the blockchain level? Oh wait, you don't have devs anymore! Maybe you can hire someone who will fill in the brain-drain.

Thank you very much for the recognition! Im very glad that you guys liked my cover. That song is one of my favorite and Im happy that I got to share it with you all! Have a great day!

Look forward to hearing more of your songs.

Ask Steemit to stop censoring people like me. I don't appreciate the censorship and the bullying from Justin Sun and his minions. I didn't do anything wrong. Free Speech is what my last 3 posts voiced and I was silenced. This is a censorship platform. Justin Sun your Mother and Father are deeply displeased with how you are acting like a petulant child.

You can just go and buy TASK Token in the Steem-Engine and create Tasks there. That way you get your way faster than writing these strange posts.

Oh wait.. they closed and left STEEM... argh never mind. Create a Clickworker Site and just follow the through. I'm sure you can do that. Or use STEEM Hunt and utilize your 4Billion loyal TRON Brothers and Sisters?

Btw. where are they? When will they join STEEM? Why aren't you posting anything on the TRON Twitter account about STEEM? That would def. do that job.

So many questions... cya sooooooooon

Dear @manniman

Why would anyone at current stage of steem/hive bother to purchase any Steem-engine tokens? Even before - those tokens (with an exaception of LEO token) had very little sense. TASK token surely didn't.

This contest initiative is great for Steem. Hope it grows.

And I gave Steem a thumbs up on Coingecko. :)

So sad that people are being rude and giving it a thumbs down maliciously.

Thank you for your support.

Will you be running any more contests?

I should be doing 21 more contests. :)

That's great. Do tag @steemcurator01 when you post them.

Thank you

Nice one @ytpaulap ! she is a friend of mine very talented!

It is one of the main reasons why many do not do these events and some of those who do we pay for them out of pocket. I completely agree that it is a fun way to share and get to know the community, that is why many users look for a delegation or the support of a whale to be able to continue these events.

What I recommend to do three options:

1.- Your voting plan for the winners seems good to me but you have to think that the publications that are being added will run out of time and at the end of the contest and get the publication out with the winners maybe the winner will be late to have If you voted, I think that all participants or at least some of the entries should reach you in a smaller portion than voted by @steemcurator01.

2.- And at this point, if you want to help with the collection of the money to be delivered, you can do so without taking it directly out of your pockets simply by voting for the publication of the contest, which usually from there the creator of the event can get the award to deliver to the winners.

3.- It is clear that the user who comes to steemit likes to write or has an area in which he stands out and wants to share his work with the community and added to that leaves him some money is better. One of the ways it can be handled is with a delegation to the accounts that are in charge of carrying out these events so that they can assess the work of the participants or simply following a voting trail.

This is just a recommendation and analysis to your proposal, maybe some improvements that could be made to the original idea, which is very good, but it will give you a lot of sure work and you may have to think about delegating these activities to other people or communities and you supervise their work, saving you time to administer and manage other tasks.



Thank you for your helpful thoughts and suggestions.

As we have been monitoring the fluctuation closely . i believe contests are not the only thing that is gonna help , we need more communications from top witnesses , the steemit team on how are they planning to take forward steem in coming future

one of the major concern is abuse in steem after the hive split --
see my post here on what we are trying to do with this

second is flags imporant by @jaki01 on this post https://steemit.com/steem/@jaki01/can-we-have-downvotes-and-at-the-same-time-prevent-flag-wars#@steem-supporter/q8v87d

see my comment here https://steemit.com/steem/@steem-supporter/q8v87d

we should also focus on how the https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses currently is -- we need to clear all the shits here at least make the page show only the top 100 witness those are not disables or stale ,, lots of people are still voting them as they are visible -- i wrote a campaign post about this


Apart from 100 day contest on making posts and whatever -- i guess we need to also start a campaign that can save steem for abuse , increase the number of micro-services dapps that runs on the chain , increase the number of transactions that happens in chain , make more communications from users , reward those groups/communities/peoples who are trying to add value to steem .
for example @canna-curate is trying to make the cannibas community adopt steem , @hashkings is developing a game where you can virtually grow many types of weed , we are as well working on steemdb , steemsql , abuse-identification,
to add value to steem , we all need to work together as a team , lets make steem great again

thanks , i hope my comment makes any sense to you guys


Thank you for your comments.

Hi @steemitblog, we are running Art Contest with the rules and prizes described in the post. If you like the idea and would like to support we would be grateful. Normally we start as if we receive more sponsor then the winning pot will be increased and also we add honored mentioning for 3 more participants with additional prizes.


Art-venture's contests suppored many artists with the most fair criteria:)

Sorry we missed this one.

Please tag @steemcurator01 when you are starting the next contest like this.

The Steemit Team

I personally do not like this kind of "gambling" contests.

Im @olivia08 running contest for 6 monts. Im giving prize from my own wallet. The payout is not enough but Im happy and grateful sharing in my initiative. Just to make steemians active.

It is a kind of photography contest and we are all small fishes swimming in the ocean.
Im now in my 26 weeks. It is called TAKE A PIC Contest with a weekly theme. I hope I can able to have your support. Thank you.
My latest contest is still running on.

@olivia08 contest is good may you support her contest @steemitblog

Sorry we missed this. Please tag @steemcurator01 when you start the next contest.

The Steemit Team

@seo-boss has spotted this approval rating system for different coins on Coingecko.

@seo-boss, another one who likes buying votes. Way to go... you know how to highlight the best people.

Appics is awesome 💖 so much positive and passion people 🙃thank you for sharing this information .

Hello @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I decided to do a contest. I would be very pleased to count on your support in view of the great opportunities that are currently being provided as of this publication.

I hope I can meet your expectations.

Link to my contest.

Dreams Achieved, Contest / Sueños Logrados, concurso.

Good luck with the contest.

We can offer a 75%, 50% and 25% vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Dear @steemitblog and @steemcurator01.

In the following publication link: Sueños Logrados, anuciando los ganadores. Where I am announcing the winners of my Dreams Achieved contest, Contest

but here I leave the winners so that you can please vote as agreed.

@ramsesuchiha1st. Sueños Logrados, concurso.
@zhanavic692nd. Sueños Logrados.
@yurilaya3rd. Mi Título Universitario!

Wow !! I can not believe it, I feel a great emotion, thanks for the initiative, I enjoyed participating in this contest very much.

Prize votes now given.

Thanks for running the contest.

The Steemit Team

Hey @steemcurator01 today I kind of late but the Hindi translation is now ready
100 DAYS OF STEEM:- दिन-14 The Contest Support Fund. [hindi version]

Really great idea @steemitblog:)

Contests are a good way to bring attention and mobilize the community to create and take part.
I organized collage contests in the past and now i am planning to have a new one through my curation community Vitamin C.
I will post a link when it is ready:)

Agree with you George, contests are also the place where the people will learn others with the same hobbies and ideas. Only we need to encourage those people with a bit of support :)

So true, you made friends through past contests Stef:) There are important for both the social and the financial side of the platform:)

Just tag @steemcurator01 when you start your next contest.

Thanks for motivating me to start another contest! Details below....

We would love your support as witness. Vote for Hashkings as witness here

Sorry missed this one. Please tag @steemcurator01 when you next start a contest.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Will do

A 'hand made' German translation - like I said in the text, I'm looking for people who would like to participate in making good, usable translations into German.

I speak fluent German and would be willing to help.

Very good news! I'm sure many Steemians will take advantage of this. I'm curious.

Once again to the action of @seo-boss on Coingecko. Very simple and can be done every day. Just use the given link


and click on the thumb up.


That was it.


Thank you for highlighting this.

100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 14 - Give us more ideas PART 2!

Sorry, missed this.

If you can tag @steemcurator01 in each contest we will try to allocate some votes to boost the prize fund to see if it gets the numbers of entrants up again.

Would you be able to expand the questions to a wider range of sports etc so it is not so USA based?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Hey guys, thank you for the support! I can expand the questions so that it's not so US based, no problem. I've been working on a plan to get my Daily Pick'em Contest up and running in the next couple weeks. Until then I will expand my range and continue the Sports Trivia Contest. As mentioned, I'll make sure and tag @steemcurator01 in my posts.

I'll start posting on Twitter each day and networking on there as well, before you know it we'll have full #sports contests running again on Steemit. Thank you guys for the support, it gives me new motivation to spread the word and do good work!

That's great news.

We look forward to seeing the contest develop further.

The Steemit Team

I'm happy using Appics and think the project will succeed and attract many users.

Oh yeah, APPICS is such an amazing app! I mean, look at this website!

Screenshot of APPICS website on mobile

Best thing ever!




April 19, 2020... 14.3 Hollywood Time...

Good initiative, I have a contest project to promote participation in the platform, I will soon send my proposal.

Excellent work!

We will look out for your proposal.

Good evening @steemitblog and @steemcurator01, I've decided to do a contest. I would like to count on your support in view of the opportunities offered by this publication.

This contest is a series of crossword puzzles made by me, and I would like to offer a single prize to the winner. Or if you see better depending on what you can offer me a certain percentage of votes for the first three answers.


Thank you for the opportunities, I look forward to your answers.

My idea for a new DIY contest. Once broken now fixed.


Interesting idea for a contest. Will you be using any of the STEEM you are powering down for prizes as well?

I am happy that you find it interesting. No i will not be using it for prizes, i will use it to help me survive in these difficult times we are living.

Quite understand. Times are tough these days.

Hope you will be able to keep entering our weekly challenges to have the chance to earn more.

The Steemit Team

You failed to study "Art of War" by Sun Tzu

Tag @steemcurator01 when you start a new contest and we will take a look.

Thank you

You're welcome.
#beautifulsunday runs weekly on Sunday but the number guessing will only start if the Singapore lottery starts the draw again.

Keep us posted.

This is a great idea and a step in the right direction. It should be a permanent feature added to Steemit. !trdo

Congratulations @mickowen, you successfuly trended the post shared by @steemitblog!
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Thank you - it is ongoing at present.

Do you suppose the negative rating for STEEM could have anything to do with STINC's recent actions? You staged a coup and centralized a system that was advertised as decentralized, thus ostracizing the active community who created these contests and events. And now you are trying to replace that active grassroots community with astroturf.

The people who formerly embraced STEEM despite its flaws under @ned supported it because of the very things you obliterated through your heavy-handed actions on taking over. That does not endear you to the crypto community. How is Steemit structurally unique now? Sure, it's on a blockchain that pays for posts, but it is now a place of deliberate ideological censorship and frozen assets, too.

You're running out of time to change course and redeem yourselves. It may be too late already, but I still hold out hope that these '100 days of STEEM' may still demonstrate change in your core policy of centralization.

Fairly confident that this contest has a brighter future than others.

@steemcurator01 my gf doesn't have a job so, I'm using both chains for now.

I'm sorry you take offence to that. I've invested thousands of dollars into steem over the years which is a significant amount of my net worth and would like it to succeed price wise. only time will tell. I'm not even close to breakeven. price would have have to at least 10x.

Hope it all goes well.

Thank you!

Hello @steemitblog
This is great!
I love participating in contests and challenges.
It is one of the things that attracts most about Steemit.
I have never used @appics did not have a phone, I will investigate.
I leave a translation into Spanish.


Esto es genial!
Me encanta participar en concursos y desafíos.
Es una de las cosas que más atrae de Steemit.
Nunca he usado @appics no tenía teléfono, lo investigaré.
Les dejo una traducción al español.

Congratulations @steemitblog, your post successfully recieved 6.487128 TRDO from below listed TRENDO callers:

@mickowen earned : 4.324752 TRDO curation

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Steem has a lot of contest my first time here was a comedy contest I Love it.

It would be good to have a comedy contest again.

Eine automatisierte deutsche Übersetzung. Fragen und Diskussionen in deutsch unter dem übersetzen Beitrag.


Jeder deutschsprechende ist auch auf unseren Discord Willkommen. Dort findet ihr die Mitglieder die auch weiterhin fest hinter Steem stehen !

An automated German translation. Questions and discussions in German under the translated post.
Every winner from the german speaking community will get an extra bonus of 10 Steem from me. Please confirm your participation under the link


Excellent initiative, this is much needed in the platform I have a project in which the main objective is that we laugh together, without mocking or ridiculing anyone is a healthy mood, is a tentative offer, I hope that many will benefit, is a good idea to help and motivate users. I have a project #reiresgratis I always say we have since they always collaborate to get the contest out, we are in quarantine, although I always leave some dose of this humor from my publications to relieve tension and emotions. May they continue to serve That many will benefit. If I can get out wherever I want, I'll sign up. The project was in the publication ideas, that is to say the previous publication.

Excelente iniciativa, esto hace mucha falta en la plataforma tengo un proyecto en el cual el objetivo principal es que riamos juntos, sin burlarnos ni ridiculizar a nadie es un humor sano, es una tentativa oferta, espero que muchos se beneficien, es una buena idea para ayudar y motivar a los usuarios. Tengo un proyecto #reiresgratis siempre digo tenemos ya que siempre colaboran para que salga el concurso, estamos de cuarentena, aunque siempre desde mis publicaciones dejo alguna dosis de este humor para aliviar tensiones y emociones. Que puedan seguir sirviendo Que muchos se beneficien. Si puedo salir por donde quiera me anoto. El proyecto estaba en la publicación ideas, es decir la publicación anterior.

Es el momento de hacer algo de comedia en español hahaha

Good idea. There doesn't seem to be any recent posts on the tag #reiresgratis - are you still doing this?

We'll gonna bring back the life, the hype and the motivation of the steemians back along with the newbies that we have onboarded here. Let's all do this efforts to make this platform awesome again.

Such an excellent initiative Steemit Team, supporting the ones who motivate other users is something that will improve user retention here in Steem. I will share this post to Steem contests that I know.

>>> Thumbs-up for Steem! <<<


Another good news indeed! Truly everyone's efforts getting rewarded. I was thinking of a contest last week for APPICS though.

We will look out for the contest.

Hello there @steemcurator01 here is the first ever contest in the Philippines posted on the APPICS App:


Here is the post for the contest winners Congrats to the winners https://steemit.com/appics/@fycee/the-winners-of-appics-filipinofood-contest

Thank you for the support! We in the Philippines appreciate it. Here is the next contest. I am passing your blessings to our next contest host.

Oh great! :)

Hello @steemcurator01 here it is. The first ever contest in the Philippines using @appics app. https://steemit.com/appics/@fycee/appics-v1-appics-im-153028

Thank you in advance for the support.

Hello there. Here are the entries of the #FilipinoFood contest. We dominated the Food Category on the APPICS App itself.
Thank you for the support our dear Steemit Curators.

Hello there! Amazing day to you. Here are the winners of the 2nd APPICSPH Contest: Nature's Best in Leaves. Thank you in advance for your support. https://steemit.com/hive-142013/@fycee/the-2nd-appicsph-contest-nature-s-best-in-leaves-the-winners

Sorry missed this.

Shame you did not get any entrants, maybe promote it in social media etc.

You idiots. 🤣

Stake that was idle for years, stake that was the development fund got activated and is now leeching the reward pool from under all of you and you praise them?

You fucking morons, you. 😂

Do i get your up vote?
Oh wait a minute
This person's reputation has been brought down by your toy.
Keep working for #Hive

Even users like bullionstackers with massive delegation (1M SP) from Steemit Inc are farming comments at 6+ days.
What are you going to say to that?

Ohh I'm sorry, it's your toy.

Here we go
And his alts are here lol
Keep down Vote

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