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Two weeks into the 100 Days of Steem project so a good time for another roundup.

It’s been a busy, busy week. A new post every day, two more challenges, and lots of comments and ideas about how to keep growing Steem.

We are really happy with the amount of engagement on the posts.

People are keen on entering the challenges and even keener to join in the discussions.

We are delighted with the progress so far and are looking forward to the next 85 days.

Stick with us and enjoy the ride!

Friday Roundup

We’ve been getting into our stride and building momentum this week. Two more challenges, a new Contest Support Fund and lots of great discussion.

The Weekly Writing Challenge

Our first Weekly Writing Challenge on the theme ‘Memories of My School Days’ had over 50 entries in the end - an excellent result.

This week’s challenge is on theme the ‘My Favorite Movie’. The challenge runs until Sunday so there is still time to enter.

The Weekly Photography Challenge

Participation in the first photography challenge was even higher. Over 70 people posted their photos on the theme ‘The View From My Window’.

Because of this great interest in this first photography challenge we’ve decided to make this a weekly event as well. The theme for this week’s challenge is ‘My Favorite Possession’. This challenge will be running until Tuesday so there is still plenty of time to enter.

And also...

This week we also launched the Contest Support Fund to help people run contests on Steem...

We sought feedback from the community on Gaming on Steem and a Steem Mentoring System…

And following a suggestion from @kiwiscanfly we invited the community to contribute ideas for the 100 Days of Steem project…

Thank you to the many, many people who responded positively to these three posts. We are going through all your comments and taking on board as much as we can.

Friday Follows

We are seeing some great contributions and great ideas from the community so in a small recognition of those efforts we are going to continue with our ‘Friday Follows’.

Check out these posts and give them a follow and an upvote if you like what you read…

The @futureshock team (who also run Fundition and @future.witness) have released a replacement Discord notification bot following the departure of GINAbot…

The @steem-supporter witness team have also produced a similar notification bot called RuPa…

We are interested to hear feedback from anyone who has used either or both of these notificaton services.

@enmovimiento recently started a challenge to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the Steem blockchain.

In his entry for this challenge @sultan-aceh tells a fascinating story of his journey on Steem, and how, with the help of @xpilar, he built his house with Steem…

The Knitrias Project is an interesting Steem training initiative being launched by @LeVeuf

One half of the @block-buster witness, @mrviquez has put out a great track from his last album. Take a listen and a look at ‘Can’t Go On’...

Thank you for following us for another week,

The Steemit Team


Great to see and read more entries. 👍💕

We are very encouraged by the large number of entries.

Sorry your posts keep getting downvoted to 0. I still support this 100 Days of Steemit initiative and if I had more power I would upvote this post even more. That being said thanks for doing this.

We would love your support as witness. Vote for Hashkings as witness here

Thank you for your support. Still lots more to come with the 100 Days project.

And we are looking forward to seeing how your game and your witness progresses.

greetings @steemitblog

thank you for mentioning the name Steem House @sultan-aceh, and to tell, many people, about the Steem House that I made, with STEEM, with the full support of @xpilar, and other friends.

I really hope that there will be a 2nd Steem House in Aceh.
with your support, for the future.

regards @sultan-aceh

We will look forward to news on the second Steem House.

Thanks for the heads up. I would love to ask if its possible to present the community with a clear road map.
We/You/Us would get a ton more trust from the crypto sphere if we all would know what the future brings us.
I dont ask for a 3 year business plan, but what are you doing now to bring value to our chain?
What are the near term objectives?
How can we help, as a community, to reach that goal faster?
100 Days is an awesome idea and I also love to read all the responses and it is heartwarming so many people fighting the good fight. (Even though I dislike fighting as much as I dislike a cold shower in January)

A short answer would be amazing. Something we could grasp on to and that persuades the people who are not sure yet what to do. Splinterlands and such needs to stay on the steem blockchain. You could assist them with marketing, mentorship, a delegation, ... They are businesspeople, they want to make money as much as you do, and every other (serious) businessman.

After the recent changes we are currently working on a new roadmap. There will be news on that soon.

In the meantime we are keen to encourage engagement and activity among the community.

And thank you for the suggestions in your recent post...

When will the steemit have a mobile app?

This is something we are looking at.

Once again I made a translation into German.

Guten Tag!

Ich spreche keinen Deutsch, aber meine freunde @haihin1 wohnt Deutschland. Ich bin neugierig über If Steem hat ein Deutsch Community. Danke für deine Geduld mit meine beschissen Deutsch.

To summarize, I am asking if there is a community for German speakers because my friend @haihin1 is from Germany. I did my best to write it out in German because I took a class last year. I am nowhere near fluent.

No problem with not knowing German - there are so many languages ;)

Yes, there are a number of Germans on the blockchain. There is a discord for getting to know them and get help: D-A-Ch-Discord (D = Germany / A = Austria / Ch = Switzerland)

Thank you again.

The weekly challenges are really motivating :) Please keep them coming.

Well done Steemit Team!

Thank you - glad you like the challenges.

this link my post with the theme of my favorite movie


Thank you for entering this week's 100 Days of Steem Weekly Writing Challenge.

The Steemit Team

Hey @steemcurator01
The hindi version of this post is ready for Indian community hope you will appreciate it again :-

Very good news to liven-up the users @steemitblog we just needed activities like what you mentioned.

Roadmap when?

More challenges please! Like the challenge to predict how many microforks Steem has done in a day. In case you're wondering, Steem has become a shitstorm on a blockchain level. That should be the one you're reporting. Not some photography and follow Friday shit.

Move along, nothing to see here!

Ooops! That should have been a secret. 😂


I thought that 100 announcements would be about work progress being made. I don't care about photography challenges.