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Over the past year or so Gaming has become a growing feature of the Steem ecosystem.

Led by the pioneering Splinterlands (previously Steemmonsters), a considerable number of games have been launched on the Steem platform.

Although a number of the games have now either folded or moved to other platforms, there still remains a healthy ‘Gaming Industry’ on Steem.

Gaming is a big part of the online world, so it is important for Steem to stake its claim as a prime destination for gamers and game developers.

So we are keen to gather input and ideas on how we can work together to make Steem an attractive blockchain both for game players and game developers.

Taking Stock - Games on Steem

Currently the active games on Steem are :

It is understood that the space strategy game @nextcolony is still running on Steem but will be closed down when the final season ends on 10 May. The game code will then be made open source for anyone that wants to pick it up to continue running it on Steem…

Splinterlands at the moment is running on Steem and Steem-Engine, but HIVE and HBD are now accepted as payment. The Splinterlands team are still considering their future plans…

@WhereIN also have a game called Steem Killers.

Does anyone know of any other games already operating on Steem? Or any currently in development?

Growing the Games - A Four Part Strategy

Assuming there is general agreement that it will be good for Steem to encourage Games on the platform we believe there are four elements to work on…

  1. Encouraging existing Steemians to use the existing games more
  2. Encouraging more people from outside Steem to join to play the existing games
  3. Encouraging existing developers on Steem to build more games
  4. Encouraging developers from outside to come to Steem to develop new games

Some of this will be up to existing game owners and developers to pursue through their own business development efforts.

However, to help the overall growth of Steem, we at Steemit Inc are keen to play our part in helping gaming grow on the platform.

Our resources are likely to be limited to pursue this, particularly in the short term, so we are looking for creative ideas from the community on how we can help promote gaming on Steem.

We would like to hear both from game developers and players.

If you have suggestions please put them in the comments below, or better still, expand them into a full post and drop a link below.

We will even make this a mini ‘Community Challenge’ and give out some friendly upvotes to the best suggestions and best posts.

Tag the posts with #gameonsteem so we can find them easily.

We are particularly keen to hear from members of the new INVEN Gaming Community just being set up by @roadofrich, @mickvir and @morning

Expanding our Focus

So far on the 100 Days project we have mainly been focusing on the content creation side of Steem.

Now we want to turn some of our attention to other elements of Steem.

We hope many of you will be interested to contribute ideas and suggestions as we move forward on our journey of building Steem into the best blockchain it can be.

We look forward to working with you…

The Steemit Team


On Monday at 7pm PST / 11am KST / 2am UTC Green House Radio Online is hosting a Steem Witness Forum on their Discord server.

This is a community organised forum but we hope as many witnesses as possible, and as many of the community as possible, will be able to attend…

Thank you @greenhouseradio for putting on this forum.

Steem on,
The Steemit team


Thank you Steemit for putting gaming in the spotlight!

Fundition always supports the gaming world, gaming project and obviously gaming content producers, which is why we have launched https://gaming.fundition.io/. The first exclusively crowdfunding platform for game lovers.

Over the years, we have supported some gaming projects developed on the Steem blockchain, and happy to keep on supporting present and future projects 😄

We believe that gaming is one of the best way to attract new blockchain users and of course new Steemians.

AFK for now, but see you soon on gaming.fundition

Thank you for your support @fundition.

The Steemit Team

Thanks for the mention! @steemitblog

Our team is developing two games, RORGAME and Road of Rich.
First, I would like to introduce RORGAME.

RORGAME is conducting a beta test.
It is a mini-game platform that can play games through the Android mobile app and has over 50 types of mini-games.
RORGAME has a ranking battle every day. It is a system where people can receive rewards according to their rank.
We had more than 5500 subscribers during the 2 months of the beta test and are developing for full service. In May, official service is likely to be available.
All over 50 games are working in RORGAME, and the STEEM payment system pre-ranking system has been developed. We are developing a rewards system.

RORGAME Beta Service
Road of Rich Alpha Service

We are looking forward to seeing how Road of Rich develops.

Do you have a Discord server for Road of Rich? Who is the best person to contact at Road of Rich if we need more information?

The Steemit Team

This is our Discord channel and my Discord ID.
ROR Official Discord channel: https://discord.gg/vyPHGk6

Please feel free to contact us!

Thank you for the contact details.

Thanks for the mention!

In Rada Quest, our first goal is to reach at minimun of 100,000 SP of our own. All the benefits obtained are added directly to SP until the goal is achieved. That amount is a starting point to be able to claim accounts and get some benefits through curations. Temporary delegations that help to achieve that goal more quickly would be welcome. With delegations we will be able to gain more SP from curation.

Another very important factor for us will be the SMTs. We look forward to their development. Rada Quest is a strategy and card game and uses many tradable items.


Sounds like you have a good plan.

We will be following progress.

The Steemit Team

Hahaha, yes; I have a plan. I've been working on the Rada Quest project for 10 years and Steem, with its community and blockchain, finally provides me with the perfect platform for its deployment. Let's make Steem grow!

Thank you very much for the mention. I've been working very hard to build something valuable for the chain. Hashkings is exclusive to the Steem Blockchain and will remain that way for the foreseeable future, I am committed to Steem and have gone through lengths to build a solid community. Thanks again for the mention, please do not hesitate to contact me in the canna-curate discord with any questions.


We would love your support as witness. Vote for Hashkings as witness here

Hashkings App

Thank you @gwoyn. Will look forward to seeing how Hashkings develops.

The Steemit Team

I appreciate it. Also since I have your attention. How do we sit down with the steemit team as witnesses and discuss the future of steem? The forum is a good start but there are many issues at hand that we need to discuss. Also how does one go about getting the dev365 witness vote?

A good starting point will be to build up the Steem Witness Forums to get more witnesses involved. Particularly the top 20 witnesses.

It might be that members of the Steemit Inc team come along to those in the future if that would work for everyone.

The Steemit Team

Thats more than fair and please do come by, as such a large stakeholder there is much valuable information to gain for steemit inc at these forums. Users are overwhelmingly claiming that this chain is centralized. Let's prove to them that it is not and let's work together to build something the world will be impressed by.

Thanks for invite, we will try to come along. Although it might not be for a few weeks yet as we are small team at the moment and are rather overrun!

That makes complete sense. If you need volunteers, I'm sure I know a few steem users that would be willing to help.

Thank you for actually taking notice of our community! We are excited for the future of Steem, and you can count on us to put in the hard work to make the Steem platform thrive!

Looking forward to working with you.

The Steemit Team

Great news! Also I love what you are all doing with the curation projects. We submitted an application, and also saw many other great applications! That tells me the future is bright.

Yes, got your application thank you.

We have been very happily surprised by the amount of interest in the project.

Great! Yeah I was worried ours may have blown buried amongst the many applicants! Thank you

There is a game called holybread also on steem

Thanks for the reminder on Holybread. Is the game still active? They haven't posted for a couple of months.

Thanks for this.

Hopefully they can post again soon with another update.

I wrote some of my thoughts about the topic in a post: My thoughts about the Steem gaming ecosystem.

Great post - thank you for this.

We added some comments on the post.

The Steemit Team

Unfortunately @greecelover didn't tell me he was working on a translation, too - his hadn't been posted when I started to work on mine. So now we have two translations of this day's post ;)


Like I wrote in my post: if other people are interested in translating these posts, a schedule should be made to share the work - we did that with the Steem Alliance posts before the elections, even had a special account for that (@steemalliance-de). That goes for every language - translating stuff is hard (but necessary) work.

Please keep up your good work @muscara!

Thank you for the translation @muscara.

Coordination between different translators would be useful.

I don't see why I should tell you or deny you anything.
I will continue to translate each post automatically and disable the payout for it. Why don't you translate the posts on HIVE for the platform you are also fond of ? I do not understand it. You talk badly about Steem and steemitblog but then translate the posts on a platform they don't like. Why?

I don't want money and I don't care about votes. I'm just against this false testimony and corruption.

Thank you for this great succession.

Our tech team are taking a look at this.

The Steemit Team

I think they're basically gone now, but one of the games that I really liked back in the early days was @steemsports.

I'm not much of a sports fan, but I liked what they were doing for technology reasons, because it had the potential to grow into something like a new form of prediction market that could be used to make predictions about many topics (basically anything that can be asked as yes/no, win/lose, over/under, before/after etc....). I really think it aligns well with Steemit's "Proof of Brain" concept. Unfortunately, many of the power-brokers at the time thought differently, and they downvoted steemsports off the blockchain.

Last fall, I expanded on their ideas, however, in Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks - Crowd-source prediction effort. The piece that I'm missing is enough stake to draw participation. This is something you (or any large stakeholder) could probably do without much effort or need for additional resources.

Here's the concept:

  1. Create a post asking one or more yes/no questions that will be answered within about a week. Accept author rewards in the top-level post, only.
  2. Create comments as replies to the post that correspond with each answer.
  3. Set 100% of author rewards in those comments to @null or to the SPS (to avoid conflict of interest/self-voting - IIRC, this is one piece that Steemsports did not do, which may be why they were downvoted away.)
  4. Let people vote on comments until the answer becomes known.
  5. When the answer becomes known, large stakeholder upvotes the correct answer and downvotes the incorrect answer, in order to distribute curation rewards to the correct voters. (I think this is another piece that steemsports didn't include.)

Maybe this could all be done in the context of a Steem community that's dedicated to making predictions, or as one of your weekly challenges (i.e. "Vote here, then go write a post telling us why you voted the way you did").

Something like this method could be used/studied in order to obtain crowdsourced predictions of things like numbers of coronavirus cases, results from sporting events or elections, stock or cryptocurrency prices, and of course many other topics.

Again, you can see an example of how it would work (minus being operated by someone with a large stake) in Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks - Crowd-source prediction effort.

This is a very interesting idea.

Are there any existing active sports communities on Steem where this could tested further?

Ideally it would be best used for more global sports events where more than one country community could be involved as numbers of participants will be important.

We will watch out for more developments on this.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Why are there no sports bets? Why is nobody working on this?

Stay tuned ;)

Your posts are informative. Thank you. I am very curious who will set up a betting site where only SBD will be valid. There may also be a betting exchange. There may also be a betting exchange similar to Betscorum.com. This move brings steem to good places. @justinsunsteemit @steemitblog

Will someone be launching sports betting using steem?

Sounds interesting @hashkings...

Im the CTO of gameit which started as an idea on Tron. Will have more news soon

Sounds interesting. Look forward to hearing more.

I think it's important to make the steem registration process more easy for people who are new to steem because if they want to play they don't want to wait.
Also, more development documentation is necessary.

Anyway, developers can claim accounts if they have enough SP, so the main focus will be the documentation.

Delegating to game developers is also good idea.

Thank you for your interest in the gaming community and game developers!

Thank you for your thoughts. All good points. Look out for more news soon.

The Steemit Team

If you wish to encourage developers, perhaps you could create an up to date tutorial series for beginners on how to interact with the blockchain through the Steemit api. This would probably help a lot of new developers.

That would be useful.

Thank you for the suggestion.

The Steemit Team

Maybe it's a little late, but we are in Indonesia really want to discuss on Steem Blockchain. With a steemian friend from Indonesia, we try to translate every 100 Steem Day post by @steemitblog so that it can be accessed in detail by steemian in Indonesia.

We are, steemian in Indonesia still support Steem Blockchain to be able success all events held. Here are the 100 Steem Days postings that have been translated into Indonesian language, and we did it in the last 2 days for all of post, greetings from Indonesia, and Steem On

  1. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/pengumuman-100-hari-steem-indonesian-languade

  2. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/hari-ke-2-100-hari-steem-indonesian-language

  3. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-3-project-kurator-komunitas-indonesian-language

  4. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-4-tantangan-konten-mingguan-indonesian-language

  5. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-5-tantangan-photography-pemandangan-dari-jendelamu-indonesian-language

  6. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-6-delegasi-appics-indonesian-language

  7. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-7-steemcurator01-pembaruan-kurator-komunitas-and-beragam-bahasa-indonesian-language

  8. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-8-jumat-roundup-and-jumat-follows-indonesian-language

  9. https://steemit.com/steemit/@my451r/100-hari-steem-hari-ke-9-permainan-game-dengan-steem-tantangan-komunitas-indonesian-language

Thank you for all the translations.

Thanks for the continuous motivation for the Steem community!

I noticed that there are less "bitter" comments recently which is good. Now we can focus on growing the Steem community and make it great again.

Steem on!

We are happy people are finding the 100 Days project useful. Lots more to come.

Thank you for your support.

The Steemit Team

Here the translation in german. The payout was deactivated because I think that such information should be available for free in all languages.

Hier die Übersetzung in Deutsch. Die Auszahlung wurde deaktiviert, weil ich der Meinung bin, dass solche Informationen in allen Sprachen kostenlos zur Verfügung stehen sollten.


Games are big and great to see you are looking at supporting them on Steem.
Where can we go to help out the new steem eco-system we are in?

Look out for an announcement about the new Discord soon...

Excellent! looking forward to this and helping out!

Thank you for the translation.

Though not technically a game, the @sportsncoffee account runs a lot of sports contests. I think those could do well in attracting more people to steem if it had a little support and the ability to pay higher payouts to people. I think contests in general are a great way to bring people to steem and keep them here, especially if they pay some nice rewards and we post them outside of steem and direct them to steem. Just some thoughts.

Interesting contest. It is a shame more people don't enter.

Are all the questions to do with US based teams and players?

Have you won any of the contests?

Thank you

The Steemit Team

I have in the past yes. I know the guy that runs it, good guy. He mostly does US sports yes, but I am sure he would be open to running anything if there is demand for it. I have seen though that when those contests pay out more, many more people play them, myself included. I would think if there was a bigger prize (from a delegation or something of the sort), more people would play and perhaps he could try to bring in people outside of steem to play those contests? I mean who wouldn't want to play a FREE game with a chance to win some money that they can see is not rigged in any way as the outcome from the sports is available to everyone?! Plus sports are generally very popular all over the world.

By the way, he used to do sports contests related to live sporting events, just recently he had to switch to trivia type stuff because all the sports have been shut down due to the coronavirus. I'm sure he will go back to those when they are available again.

Hopefully he can promote the contest to build the numbers, and look to broaden it out beyond just US sports.

I´m honored to participate in your Mini "Community Challenge".

My post:

Thank you for your post.

The Steemit Team

This post is translated in Bengali

Thank you for the translation.

This post earned a total payout of 0.464$ and 0.232$ worth of author reward that was liquified using @likwid.
Learn more.

There is very nice team of Game @epicdice running from one year. They have site https://epicdice.io and recently announced there 3rd game in this post today.


You can have a look also this one. Nice team behind it.

Thank you for this @mehta.

The next few weeks will be tough for gamers and game developers on SteemIt. I was preparing to relaunch @vagabondspirit just before the hard fork.

Some of the user authentication programs like SteemConnect might stop working. I am delaying the relaunch until I am certain about user authentication.


Very interesting game idea. Looking out for more news on the project.

The Steemit Team

Soon there will be a new game that can outshine everyone else - EXODE. From 04.04.2020 an active pre-sale is held. There is an interesting referral program, according to which you can get nice bonuses:

Скоро появится новая игра, которая может затмить все остальные - EXODE. С 04.04.2020 проводиться активная предпродажа. Есть интересная рефральная программа, согласно которой можнно плучить приятные бонусы:

"All players who start the game (purchase a starter pack), who will indicate me as the person who invited them to the game (for this you need to enter my identifier cranium), or click on my referral link - https://exodegame.com/?ref=cranium, will be entitled to my consultation on the game and a small gift in the amount of 2 HIVE. Plus, to 2 HIVE you, and I, will also receive 2 booster packs, according to the prerequisites of the referral program. If I get 10 referrals (I think it will be general just, considering how seriously I decided to start this game) I, and each of my referrals will receive 1 Epic card (the chance of which is only 4%) ”

Все игроки, которые начнут игру (приобретут стартовый пакет), кто укажет меня как человека, который пригласил в игру (для этого нужно ввести мой идентификатор - cranium), или перейдут по моей реферальной ссылке - https://exodegame.com/?ref=cranium, получат право на мои консультации по игре и маленький подарок в размере 2 HIVE. Плюс, к 2 HIVE Вы, и я, также получим по 2 бустер пака, по предварительным условиям реферальной программы. Если я наберу 10 рефералов (думаю, это будет вообще ИЗИ, учитывая как серьезно я решил стартовать в этой игре) я, и каждый мой реферал получат по 1 Эпической карте (шанс на выпадения которой всего 4%).

Exode will run on hive

@Holybread is running on steem

Yes thank you. Now added to the list.

Even if it has nothing to do with the contribution. I wish all members of Steem but also the team of Steemit inc. a blessed Easter.

Here is a contribution to this in which it is about a new beginning which we all should use.


We look forward to helping the communities an witness to come together. Thank You for the mention. Hope to see you all there.

@bluengel recommend


command line gamification used to Event 💙
developed by @wonsama maintenance with @wdev

it's very easy simple usage and much helpful when Event

이벤트에 아주 유용하고 쉽게 사용 할 수 있는
주사위 원사마님 제작 운영
쵸걍츄~! 입니다~!

Awesome, my favorite game on Steem is Holybread!

Yeah you are right steem games very popular in the world. Peoples like to playing game and earn some money. Thanks for sharing daily update.

I think @steemitblog you guys need to reconsider the delegation SP you have delegated to @steemhunt. as people are leaving the platform because of the less reward.

It would be great if we could actually win Steem in @drugwars .... that would bring back a lot of players....

Also.... how do I get any Steemit upvotes on my posts... I’m ready to give up over here.

One way is to keep entering the weekly challenges.

There have been three so far, and it looks like you have only entered one - and you did get a small vote on that one.

And there will be another one coming out in the next few hours. Do have a go.

do you have an official discord server where platform members or others can communicate directly with you (steemit team)?

That is coming soon. Keeping following @steemitblog for more announcements on that.

I want tell my opinion to the point "Encourage the existing Steemians to use the existing games more":

In my opinion Steemit should also ensure that you can do this and that it does not fail due to the lack of resource credits. It is f.e. very annoying when you lose a battle in Splinterlands and thus drop 36 rating points or even worse go out from a tournament just because you run out of resource credits.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Splinterlands deleted or reduced an extremely large number of delegations this month, and reassigning Steempower often does not work, allegedly because of problems with the blockchain.

In addition, Splinterlands has now divided accounts into "eligable for delegation" and "not eligable for delegation", according to which criteria I am not aware.

But I think it is strange when you sell starter packs for $ 10 and then suddenly tell the players that they also have to buy STEEM to be able to play at all. In my opinion this should be communicated properly, but this has not happened.

I mean if I already pay entry somewhere then at least the standard things (and starting a battle is the core of Splinterlands - without this the whole game makes no sense) must be free.

You could have made it transparent, f.e. by asking $ 20 instead of $ 10 for a starter pack and then $ 10 is for the starter pack and with the remaining $ 10 you can buy STEEM and add a PERMANENT delegation, so that you can play the game.

Since this was not done in my opinion, assume that the standing delegation is already included in the 10 euros for the starter package, i.e. is priced in.

The problems with ressource credits exist not only in gaming, but also if you want post at the blockchain you need this ressource credits and I can remember that when I start to post here regularly I often could not post, could not reply and also could not correct mistakes I done by writing just because I had not enough ressource credits.

Would be very nice to listen if you have any plans to solve this existing issue with ressource credits - thank you very much for your attention and an reply !

This is a business decision of Splinterlands for the delegations. You might to talk with the Splinterlands team for more information.

When Steemit sets up new accounts it delegates some Steem Power so new users can make some posts and comments straight away. Hopefully then they earn rewards to help them keep posting.

This is an area that is kept under review.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

" Hopefully then they earn rewards to help them keep posting."

I know from the very beginning of posting at steemit that sometimes it's even hard to reach the payout limit with a post if nobody know you and especially with the steem-price in the moment it's even more hard to reach this limit.

You have any idea to change this minimum limit for payouts ?

It is hard to play a game if you are a mobile phone user only plus struggle with a slow internet connection and I am not the only one.

Hopefully game developers will be looking to optimize their games for mobile usage as well.

After all these years I gave up on that. Everyone has a mobile phone but no one develops for it. Strange if you ask me.

Currently we have kryptogamers and epicdice.
Room for more betting sites and especially a sports betting site

I think you guys missed @steemnova

Thanks for the reminder on @steemnova

Our gaming platform kryptogamers.com features 4 of the most popular games - Dice, Blackjack, Video Poker and Casino War running successfully for more than a year now.

I've always enjoyed @kryptogames .

Are you running on Steem, on Hive, or on both platforms?

i will join the GHRO

@louis88 belongs with some others to the members of the german speaking community who are constantly rushing against Stemm. Voting is done in circles and everything that Steem tries to do is bad-mouthed.

They are members who have also sworn in HIVE and want to press the last cent out of Steem

It is also openly stated that one wants to harm Steem.

I find it really very bad how some behave towards the Steem Community.

Of course there are also members who went to HIVE perhaps out of conviction like @muscara who always translated the texts until now. But she also talks in the Discord about the fact that @steemitblog can not form real sentences and that everything is formulated very badly in terms of content.

I think slowly it is enough and if one is also so against Steem and for HIVE then one should also carry out the final change.
Is there no one who has principles and stands by them consequently ? Is it really in the life of some only about squeezing out the last cent and to take everything that is possible?

I really cannot understand it ...

I will publish an article in which I can of course prove everything. And no, I'm not interested in Hive. You just have to look at my bulletin board and shy away from what I published before there was the fork. I said before that I would not publish on Hive.

People like you are a disgrace to the community, but since I can prove everything, they'll see who you are.

I warned you once before when you were running the circle jerk you hired after I warned you to stop abusing Steem. Now I'm going to publish what compromises not only you.

Hello louis88!

Congratulations! This post has been randomly Resteemed! For a chance to get more of your content resteemed join the Steem Engine Team

dcity (steemcity) is also an amazing game, a SimCity card collecting city building awesome experience. I believe it's @steemcitysim by @gerber

I think they are going fully Hive but could be wrong.

That appears to be the case.

afaik, splinterlands will move to hive because they cant stand the actions steemit take - statement made about week ago by Yaba if I remember right

There is a game called euro truck simulator 2 on steemit
Thats amazing and interesting game

How dare you mention the name that we don't mention?

@justinsunsteemit Can you please make a hard fork and delete this post from the chain?

Happy Easter and a resteem from me :-)

dCity is running on #STEEM

The Splinterlands team are still considering their future plans…

You sure about that?


I was surprised that Splinterlands removed much delegations from existing accounts so that many player even cannot play splinterlands normally cause of lack or ressource credits.
Maybe you know more about this ?

They will leave the steem blockchain. Funds are no longer #SAFU on steem as witnesses here have proven to even freeze exchange accounts! It only makes sense that splinterlands moves to a truly decentralised blockchain where there users are not at risk and where the witnesses don't randomly freeze accounts. Come to HIVE. It's awesome!

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