Steemd is now completely free to use with an MIT License

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We’ve been thinking about our license and the Steem vision. So in accordance with our beliefs in freedom and innovation, we’ve decided to change the Steem license to the MIT open source license.

Before, Steemd code was restricted to use on the Steem blockchain or with permission from Steemit Inc. Now you can use any part of the source code for your own projects.

That's also why we're opening Steem up. Developers will drive Steem innovation, and for that they need full access to the codebase. So now they have it! We look forward to all the amazing things you and the community do with Steem code!


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Not sure why this just popped into my head... but it did... so I just had to create it HAHA.

Ned, This is One Excellent Contribution to Society!

I was thinking that Titanic went on the bottom of the sea.

Looks a lot like the truth on fakestream media!

I am informed that you can use any currency - by a witness - I need to think through the ramifications very closely but ... it does not appear to hold any gremlins as a concept. Please tell me if you see otherwise.

I wouldn't read into my little image too much ;) just purely an image that came to mind that I thought I'd share but I'm curious to see what could be drawn from the image... @noisy seems to have one

It was just a joke.

Yes but everybody speak about it now

Now that's creative and funny :D

Thank You!

Thank You!

Thank You!

Bitcoin would not be so successful without own forks in form of other altcoins. This will help us in the long term. This is really big news! :)

Yes, Bitcoin was open source. Didn't seem to hurt it's value. :)

Somethings are worth shouting out from the roof tops..!! Stephen


I think it should be SteemDoge.

Such Freedom
Very Forked

Gimme Dogeeeeeee xD

again some cool news, Open Source is a lot more fair for people

just a technical question, when LICENCE it will be changed in repository?

EDIT: ok, I found it:

It is not merged yet, because it waits for jekins (just a formality in that case)... so it is happening:

Are you new or have always been there? Been seeing you more lately and you are really sharp!

@vandeberg is one of the founding members of the Steemit Team. He formerly used the account @proskynneo. And yes he is quite sharp ;)

I do miss the posting sharpness of @andrarchy though! Has your timeline got a case of resteem-itis?! Your worse than @mammasitta! Has Steemit Inc. deballed and declawed you? I hope not my old friend! Ha ha! Steem on ... and reveal thy personality ... always set aside time for that @andrarchy - it's a RELEASE!!! ... and it also allows people to see the personality in their community manager too [just some blogger feedback for ya!] ;) Die hard the hunter!

I don't understand what you mean. Worse than me? Could you go more into details and clarify ? @mindhunter

Hello my serial resteemer! 7/10 i.e. 70% of your last 10 posts were resteems! Last week it was 90%!! Terrible behaviour from the Mamma :D

Dear @mindhunter I re-steem as much as I wish to support authors who never get enough votes from whales nor other members. I worked hard to get over 850 followers.
Nobody has the right to critique my behaviour and call it terrible but its your right to think as you wish. I am posting a lot of articles as well and I am an active curator. I will continue to introduce good posts on my blog . Have a nice day !

BTW As much as You enjoy posting I do love helping newbies and their great posts drowning . Who decides whats bad behaviour anyways ?

If I recall correctly his name is on the white paper even.

Isn't he the bright young man who introduced at the steemfest ?

My speculation is that we will finally get more C++ devs interested, and thus more people that understand and have the ability to work on the codebase.

Eeeuh C++? Need for speed?

That is good news.

Mother says me: " learn C ++"...

That is amazing news and in my opinion will only have benefits to the steem blockchain. The more brains we have working on apps for the steem blockchain the better!

Great news, Thank you Ned and team! Opening new doors to many developers and community.

YES! This is so fantastic to hear. Thank you, Steemit. This gives me a great hope in the future of this platform. This builds trust. This means we innovate or die. I love this. :)

I loved that movie as a kid, and a teenager.

You and me both

this is such a ridiculous clip.

You're the best!

More brains working on things only seems like good news! Now lets see some development! :)

I am not sure I fully understand the ramifications of this... is there any possible downside to doing this?

Didn't @dan leave because Steem code was not open source? Is this an invitation for him to come back?

I've got great things I'm working on with an amazing team.

Should we already start learn Wren? :)

I do not doubt that @dantheman, I'm wondering was it the reason you left the Steem project? And will this news be a seamless way for you to contribute to the Steemit community once again?

These are 3 awesome news.

So all is safe in your tinkerer's shack :)

Dan will return?

Oh, now that's interesting. Well done. This means folks can go make clones of steem? a la Litecoin-type projects?

Yes, that is one thing that could happen...litesteem.

That's what I thought....there must be a downside to this hype .
Oh well, more freedom to create a million of Apps has its value..

Competition is a good thing. Keeps is on our toes. As long as hard forks continue to be acceptable, we can always incorporate the successful innovations they bring.

Hot dog!!! This is fantastic!! There are no barriers now!!

Very cool. Resteemed :-)

This is excellent news!

Thanks Ned and Steem dreamteam. I'm also looking forward to the awesome developements that will be added to Steem.

Cheers to you all and the Steem future!

Many hands make light work. Get those many hands in here! Oh wait... that sounded bad. Who cares!!!! Can't wait to see the awesomeness that people come up with!

I assume that's called absolute FREEDOM doing what ??? or @ned please, could you explain a bit better for the NON Techy women like me why everybody is that excited? I am just a humble content creator 💃😜 collecting some real yummy steem peanuts. Shouldn't steemit go mainstream ? HERE I Am! Talk my language that a few millions who suppose to join, will also understand . Danke schoen ! 🌹

Look at my most recent post. I mentioned you. We will tackle all these issues for millions to come. Steemit has a better chance at going mainstream and perhaps steem currency too according to the techy crowd cos developers have more freedom with the code as it is now open source license-wise. I know I didn't answer it well enough still but we will tackle it. Please read my lengthy post. I will be really glad and leave your comment, a support, feedback or criticism.

Thanks ! I am busy today offline.
I do understand more and more because I am spending zillion of hours reading and educating myself but the regular not so crazy newbie to this world will turn mad here.
Thanks for your feedback

I had suddenly lots of steemit clones in my mind😉

This was a really great, smart and classy move steemit team. Keep doing what you are doing, I'm more and more impressed as time goes on. :)

Excellent news, thanks for bet on the development and growth of steemit.

Awesome! Upvoted this 100% :)

Dan is coming back?

dan ran away to build another chain he said above. also blocktrades said he didnt actually care about the license - probably just needs it to run his scame, i mean project


Thank you Ned & team!
This is the right decision and makes me that much prouder to be a content creator and proponent of Steemit. #open-source

AWESOME NEWS..!! I'm going to say it again. AWESOME NEWS..!! Now this is when the real creativity is about to shine. Developers will be having orgasms today. Easiest and proudest Resteem EVER..!! Congratulations Ned for steering the Steemit Ship on an EPIC course of a lifetime..!! Stephen

Excellent post!! thank you for sharing

This post is now also translated into beautiful Polish language by our great Polish team :)

This is HUUUUUGE! Thanks a bunch for this revolutionary move. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

As someone who has been calling for this almost weekly since day 1 on @officialfuzzy 's BeyondBitcoin mumbles --
part of me is excited and happy. Upvoted and resteemed.
As someone who can't help but zag, when others zig, I now find myself questioning the desirability of open source in projects that might lead to A.I. (which requires some thinking to see how Steem could, but it can). Here is a paper by Nick Bostrom which explores my concerns, now shared by Elon Musk:
Not saying this move should or could be reversed, but would like a new discussion going forward.

Nick Bostrom is also famous for his Simulation Argument paper which is at along with discussion. Both Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have been influenced by that earlier paper as well, which is quite trippy.

I am still reading that paper. It makes sense

I'm glad you did this during BETA -- so any bugs can be discovered and fixed.

Thank you. This is fantastic news!

Woah. Makes me feel like being less of a dick to the creators. Thanks guys!

Great news! Really happy to see this happening. STEEM ON

This is great news! The future is looking bright :D

Can you help me, i still do not understand the code you mean @steemitblog

It's the back end client which witnesses run in order to manage the network. It previously had a controversial clause in it about forks. Now it uses a standard open source licence which is common to other cryptocurrencies.

Thank you, very good explanation makes me understand more

Very helpful to understand what's going on.

Why not have more friends on mutliple social networks? ;)

You're quitting development ans cashing out, right?

buy now profit in a quarter :D

ROFL! thought you guys were against this and now....


Steem license = the MIT open source license.
Thanks #opensource

Good post @steemitblog Resteem

stee MIT =)

seems so :D

long live to the king!
Steem Forever ;)

Nice to see your simple human comment here. Your joy is felt. More grease to your elbow!

I think that was wise and fair to do. +5

Thank you!
This is a news that I thought we won't hear soon.
Freedom magnetize freedom.

Well done!

This is great news guys, well done on aligning your priorities to the community 😆 👍 💯

That is amazing news!

Great news. For me it huge incentive to buy up some steem.

Woohoo - what a news!

Could you also get Dan to return?

Look at @blocktrades' comments. It seems like he left to fly off with a "new amazing" team. Seems he left with all the Steem booty too. Like my father leaving when I was 3.

Hmmm.. That last part made me think you might be joking. Unsure...

Yes! That's the way to go! Thank you so much! :-)

Does this mean that Dan will be coming back? lol

nope he said in the comments here, he's busy with an awesome team, something

Outstanding sir!

Well, even very

Congrats, @ned! Bold move, but also very impactful. I'm really glad to see your leadership style changing and in my humble opinion it is changing in the right direction. Keep it up!

the first word that comes into my mind seeing that photo is "freedom" ! Cheers to good news and good life!! :D
UV and RS!

As an MIT alumni, I am proud and happy for this. Keep walking Ned.

Who would want to adopt the Steem codebase without a lot of money to completely fix it anyway? It's an empty gesture, and makes Dan's resignation all the more smelly of fishes.

Smart move!

Sure it should be Licence free, Of course it's a social media promoting STEEM

This detachment of money is good. Maybe the world would be better off without this wild capitalism.

This is fantastic! Way to go Ned !!

:D Great post! :D Followed!

Is Daniel back?

back to black, no doubt