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  1. DTube 0.3: This update contains so many new features I could not find a good title for it @heimindanger

  2. Vessel 0.0.7 - Account Creation + Encrypted Memos (Bittrex) @jesta

  3. The Steemit Crypto Challenge #19 - Winner Announcement @timsaid

  4. Life Is Awesome! @teamsteem

  5. EOS.IO Storage White Paper Now Available! @eosio

  6. Memos, keys and passwords, Balrogs and Fields of Despair. Be safe. Almost $100k wasn't. @gtg

  7. Top 10 Reasons to Buy and Hold Steem! @jerrybanfield

  8. My Radio Interview Today - on Kerry Lutz show. @stan

  9. Faucets - An Extra Way to get Free Cryptocurrencies @kingscrown

  10. The Bitcoin Price Surge, China, Jamie Dimon: Interview With Luke Rudkowski Of We Are Change @dollarvigilante

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