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  1. You can now buy apartments in Turkey using Bit coin jrcornel

  2. DTube 0.3: This update contains so many new features I could not find a good title for it

  3. Cryptocurrency 2017 Price Predictions And Fundamentals @teamsteem

  4. On Set With HardFork-Series Star Christopher James Baker @bakerchristopher

  5. Miss. Delicious #77 : Seraser in the Old Town of Kaleici (Antalya) @sweetsssj

  6. Game of Coins @the-alien

  7. STEEM MEETUP KRAKOW - 23rd SEPTEMBER - Reaching out to the community of STEEM. @dailydogger

  8. Bitshares - State of the Network - 19th September 2017 @steempower

  9. Life Is Awesome! @teamsteem

  10. Always Put 2FA on Your Exchange Accounts @kingscrown

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