The First Shirts Have Arrived at Steemit Shop Australia! Plus Some New Products!

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Our first Shipment of Steem Shirts Have Arrived!

Hello Steem and DTube Team!

I'm excited to announce that our first shipment of Aussie and Traditional Steem T-Shirts have arrived and will be posted to those who pre-ordered their shirts this week!

I ordered a few extra shirts in addition to the pre-order shirts. So if you want to grab a couple, get in quick and order some now.

There's a couple of new products to check out as well, I've created the first Aussie Steem Stubby Holder (Beer Sleeve?) and I've got a few Steemit stickers left as well.

The Steemit Sticker Design

I'll have more sticker designs and some DTube hoodies coming soon, and hopefully another fantastic offering shortly after.

Stay Tuned Steemit and DTube Crew! There's a lot more to come!

▶️ DTube

You should add a reusable coffee cup to the shop.

Great idea, and a talking point, too!

You wear a tee shirt just that many times a week, but a coffee cup will be on your desk every day. And it will push the owners to refuse disposable cups for the better of the environment

oooh I can arrange that :)

Maybe check first if there is demand for that, but I think it’s cool, steeming hot coffee 😉

Id be keen!!

Love the idea mate, great concept.
We live in Cambodia and I've been thinking of getting some steemit shirts printed up with steemit Cambodia...
Have you thought of doing any steemit Australia shirts, maybe people would start collecting them from different parts of the globe?
Not necessarily like that, but you get the idea. would love to hear your ideas and maybe get a few tips from you, but I don't want to offend you, or step on your toes.

Just made sense, I can use our contacts that already make our shirts, stubble coolers, mugs and so forth for the bar.

Yep, I sell Steem Australia shirts. It was my first product. The shirts don't say Australia on them but the colours are recognised Australia wide as representing Australia.

Steem Shirts.png

Yeah I'm an Aussie too, I spotted the green and gold. Love the shop set up too, Very clever!
Hope it takes off for you.

Thanks! Have you joined #TeamAustralia?

On discord or following on steemit?

Both. There’s an account called @teamaustralia as well.

Is that in peace, abundance and liberty?
I'm only new to discord also. Still trying to figure that out.
My name on discord is PHILTHY#7079

Yep. The Aussie channel under PAL. It’s currently called Team Straya Mate or something.

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