Introducing STEEMLOOKUP Filtering Tool

in #steemit4 years ago (edited) is a filtering tool, connected directly to blockchain, which allows you to filter Steemit content in any possible way you want.
Motivation for developing this tool was inefficient browsing and limited filtering that Steemit offers.
If you are tired of searching posts only by one tag, and if you are tired of New, Hot and Trending pages, then you are at the right place. Continue reading to see what Steemlookup is offering to you!


Your filtering adventure should start at left panel. 

You can filter content by author reputation. You can input minimum value, and display only posts created by authors with reputation higher than minimum value. You can input maximum value, and display only posts created by authors with reputation lower than maximum. You can, also, input minimum and maximum value, and then display only posts created by author with reputation between two values.
You can also filter content by time of creation. You can display only posts younger than x minutes, or older than x minutes, or posts older than x, but younger than y minutes.

You can filter posts by number of words/images/upvotes/comments or pending payout. It works the same way as explained above.

Of course, you can filter posts by tags. You can input multiple tags, and then choose to display posts including all of the tags or any of the tags. For example, if you input art, travel and choose include all, you will only see posts having both of the tags. If you choose include any, you will see posts having any of the tags.

Same logic works for exclude any/all of the tags. Tags should be divided with space!

If you don't want to have foreign language posts in your results list you can easily choose to display only posts written in one of the offered languages, using language filter.

You can also search for posts containing specific words in title or body, by using title/body contains filter.

By checking  Exclude Mackbot List, you are excluding all authors reported at Steemcleaners for plagiarism.
You can also create Custom Exclude Lists, and exclude authors you don't want to see in your results.

If you like your filter so much, you can save it and use it later.

For example, let's search for posts created by authors with reputation between 27 and 62, created in last 24 hours, having between 300 and 1000 words, and at least 5 photos, including any of the 'art', 'photography', 'sport' and 'travel' tags and excluding Mackbot List Authors, written in English language.
Our search returns 94 results!

Now you have the option to sort the results in one of many ways. Let's try sorting these 94 results by descending number of upvotes. 

Powerful and efficient!

Load up to x posts controls how many results will be displayed. 2000 is default value, but you can choose whatever value you want.


Steemlookup allows you to get certain insight to what post looks like without even opening it. In results panel you will see all relevant information about author and post (author rep, number of upvotes/comments, payout, tags etc.). You can also see two small post thumbnails on the left side of results panel.
By clicking the post, it will open in preview panel, full post as it is in reality.

All relevant post information are marked with appropriate symbols (payout with dollar sign, upvote with heart sign etc.) 


Steemlookup was created by @djordjeparovic and @laniakea1.
Development was initiated and sponsored by Curie. Thanks to Curie, Steemlookup is, and will be, free forever for all.

Now you can browse Steemit and search for exceptional content in your own way. Steemlookup gives you so many different ways to find exactly what you are searching for.
If you like our project, follow us to get informed about updates and weekly reports. Also, please resteem, so this can reach as many people as possible.

Let us know what you think about Steemlookup in comments below.

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I just broke out into a "Gregorian chant" over this! I may have to call in sick today, just to finally find all the content I've been looking for. We all know I won't....but....mmmmm.... THIS IS SO EPIC!

AH ha ha that is a great comment :) I can hear you singing plainsong now :)

Excellent work. Is there a way to exclude posts utilizing bidbots and paid votes?

Not currently but the tool is still being actively developed. You can use the "propose improvement" link at the bottom to email the dev team or just propose features in the dedicated #steemlookup channel in the Curie discord. I would like to see this feature myself so am pretty sure it is something we will work toward.

BTW, it is the unfortunate truth that if you just set the upper payout filter to say $10 and then sort by a criteria like comments you are already going to be getting a much better result set in most tags than the actual trending posting :( And this is actually a reasonable proxy for no bidbots / paid votes ATM.

BTW, it is the unfortunate truth that if you just set the upper payout filter to say $10 and then sort by a criteria like comments you are already going to be getting a much better result set in most tags than the actual trending posting :( And this is actually a reasonable proxy for no bidbots / paid votes ATM.

That's not always the case. There are still many of us veterans still holding on, our payouts can be slightly higher than that, and many of us still get slammed with comments; we're not using paid votes.

New and existing members often get rewarded for commenting, if they can find us. That helps them grow.

The people seeing success on apps like dtube also see a higher reward. They could use the views as well.

Getting free visibility back is a game changer though, for everyone. From the bottom, to the top, and everyone in between; there is a huge demand for free visibility. Combine that with your preferred language and these people from all over the world can start building each other up instead of wasting their votes on overly inflated trending and hot posts. It gives everyone that proverbial ladder back and they can start climbing again, free of charge, like it used to be when the place was working incredibly well for those who produced the good stuff that people like according to their own tastes. Manual curators benefit immensely as well if they don't have to share those rewards with bots and it brings some of the value and reward back to curating; as well as making it one hell of a lot easier to find stuff.

Damn fine work here though. Good job. If I see that feature in the future, I'd gladly donate to the cause.

Thank you for your comment.
Feature you are referring to is in our plans, and will be available soon. You will be able to exclude authors upvoted by specific users in certain time period.
For example: Exclude all authors upvoted by nonameslefttouse in last 12 days.

which will of course allow you to specify the known vote sellers and exclude authors who have votes from them :) You can save search settings and I believe (but didn't go back to the channel to confirm this) that a feature in the works is ability to share saved searches or have some presets basically, one of which could be the current list of vote sellers loaded in to the exclude votes from filter once that is active.

Even adding an icon much like we'd see on Youtube, Google, Facebook, everywhere else that highlights the fact the content is an ad/promotion/paid programming after the use of bots is detected would be a good step. Content consumers like to be informed. Many feel mislead after signing up, viewing trending, selecting a post, thinking that post is there because it's popular; only to find out the content wasn't popular, it was just placed there by the author hoping to cash in on misdirection and the ignorance of the new member. People leave feeling like they were duped. That makes the rest of the honest content look shady as well, which is unfortunate.

Yeah I have been saying this exact same thing for a while now. Agree with you 100% on this point. @transparencybot is a good step in the right direction but you only even see that if you look in the comments.

there is an initiative wherein you tag your posts with #nobidbot if you dont use bid bots. right now it is voluntary but later on if it is widely used then it can be used by your tool to filter posts that have not used paid promotions. but this is a really nice tool and i am sure that it will be widely used to bring some order to the trending chaos that exists today

Hi @steemlookup!

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Hi there, didn’t know about this cool solution, yesterday I proposed a mock-up to discover new content, could you check my latest post and see if we can collaborate, maybe merging some functionalities? Thanks

This is exactly what I have been hoping someone would do! I am going to check it out right now! Thanks for the post and the innovation @steemlookup!

A very helpful tool for searching for specific articles. Users can get articles from the desired author quickly, this will save search time. Thank you for a very helpful post @steemlookup.

I'm really happy to have you so beautiful from a post

Great work guys! Resteemed

Thank you Carl.

That looks like a really useful tool I've been needing in my life. Is it open source? If so, you can get rewarded for your efforts on @utopian-io

Yes it is open source here is github repo: There is also dedicated channel for it in the Curie discord

There's a curie discord? Link me!

Yes, it is open source, as @carlgnash mentioned above.
Steemlookup discord channel can be found here

Sorry to be that person but... the link doesn't work. Just takes me to the discord web app and nothing.

That’s cool! I had seen a preview once but now I can finally use it :-) Will start digging this afternoon!

Let us know what you think about it! :)

Wow, I just gave it a try and this tool is so amazing! Thanks for creating it!

For a curator of multiple tags like yourself it is great, actually kind of hard to believe that you still can't browse posting within multiple tags in the basic UX LOL

Exactly, and not even advanced UIs such as busy are capable of this! When we recently launched a new travelfeed tag for German users (#de-travelfeed) and we wanted to let relevant authors know about it, I had to write a python script that scouts for posts that are tagged with both #travel as well as #deutsch (German language tag) because there was no other option of finding these posts except manually searching in hundreds of posts in these tags!

Thank you jpphotography! These amazing feedbacks are really encouraging for us!

Best tool ever! Definitely better than browsing Steemit hot and trending tab :D

well tbh browsing hot and steaming pile of poop is better than browsing Steemit hot and trending tabs :)

Lol! Indeed! Very true @carlgnash :P

Awesome tool! I'll definitely try it out for a while

Let us know what you think about it.

I've used it already couple of times, great project guys! Congratulations :)

Is there a way to make this a standalone add on for Chrome or Firefox?

Should make like a SteemHookUp for the romantic in all of us 🖤

This is a great tool for steemit. I will like to know of this is am open source project and if it is i will like to know its github repo. Thank you

Great tool. I spent a little while browsing around on it and I have a little feature suggestion: add a way to change the post links to direct to other steem interfaces than just steemit. I use and it would be nice to be able to open posts on my preferred interface, instead of defaulting to steemit.

that is actually already on the short list of upcoming features :)

Awesome! I'll be looking forward to it. It's not a big deal for now, but it'll be really convenient when it gets added.

Much needed! I'll go check it out.

@steemlookup, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you an upvote!

Please give me a follow and take a moment to read this post regarding commenting and spam.
(tl;dr - if you spam, you will be flagged!)

Hmmm hello pot, may I introduce you to the kettle.

Huzzah! Thank you for this. It was much needed. Resteemed with vigour :)

Once introduced this filter tool will be indispensable to the user experience.

Great tool!
It would be cool if we could also search by author and in posts of all steemit time (for what I understood, we can't search old posts, But I don't know if I got this right). I will make a post in portuguese introducing the tool to the community :)

We are storing all posts in our own database, so you can search for posts older than 24 hours, but can't search for posts written before Steemlookup was published. Right now we >1000000 posts stored.
And you can use language filter and search for portuguese posts only.

Very nice!

Thanks to Curie, Steemlookup is, and will be, free forever for all.

Thank you to Curie and @djordjeparovic, @laniakea1, this has a huge potential.

As others have suggested, allowing content to be filtered out or at least provide and indicator when pay for vote services have been used on the post would be my number one request at this point.

is a good tool but still need to check it out and see as it works nice one coming back to see more of your post

Really good post and lots of informative..i like your post @donkeypong keep up this good work ...

Upvoted and resteemed. Both thumbs up for @steemlookup!
I have been waiting for these features for a long time.
Thanks for realising them.

I bookmarked the hell out of this one. Great work you guys!

This is a very interesting tool. You can really shape your content to what you want to see.

Looking for promising steemians will be less harder. Thanks for a new tool!

You're welcome! Glad you like it.

Damn! that's a pretty cool tool for filtering steemit things :)
Thanx @steemlookup for your great effort. Need to learn a lot of things from you geek .

Sweet! It is always nice to see improves and new apps come to the Steem platform!!

The site is not currently working for me. I'm pretty excited to see what it looks like. I haven't seen it yet.

We had some DB problems which are resolved now, and I hope it will not happen again. Thanks for your feedback!

Pleas support me. I am newcomer in steemit

noice! yea about time. thanks for sharing

This is an awesome initiative. I have been looking for such a tool like this before. Handy for sorting and searching the Steem Blockchain. Kudos to the team :)

If I may ask: what's the meaning of the last symbol?


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