Steemprentice Now Voting for Members!

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Now voting for members instead of others and sharing curation rewards in an evolving direction ro sharing STEEM wealth.

Months ago anyone could join @steemprentice crowd guild by sending 10 or STEEM to @steemprentice as the price increased with the STEEM POWER of the account. Part of the initial idea was to vote for members but the vote was worth too little initially. Seemed better to vote for better value authors and share the value earned from curation rewards with members as a way to better help minnows and share more value with all members.

Over the past six months member have received a share of curation rewards as a 25% return on their initial contribution while the other half was reinvested to increase the STEEM POWER. Going forward we may continue sharing curation rewards as we have in the past along with upvotes for members which will return more value.

Steemprentice now voting for members

Now since the last hard fork the value of the vote is worth more and now seems a good time to change back to part of the original vision. So if you are member you will see @steemprentice votes if you haven't noticed them already. Currently giving out 10% upvotes to members. No longer accepting members by sending STEEM to @steempretice unless that is wanted. But such demand of this idea seems to have subsided with only so many initially interested.

STEEMP on bitshares

STEEMP is a token on bitshares that represents the STEEM POWER of @steemprentice This token may be used to get votes from @steemprentice and/or a share of STEEM (POWER) and curation rewards. Part of curation rewards and increased STEEM POWER will be shared with token holders as ideas are thought out about this process to keep a good working model of sharing growth and value.


#Whaleshares were won by @steemprentice and may be shared with any member who has a bitshares account who is interested. Leave your bitshares name below to receive #WHALESHARES. If you do not have a bitshares account yet you may sign up for one HERE.

Steemprentice may help with Steem-Teachers with Whaleshares on discord with shared interests and outlooks.

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Liquid STEEM from this post will go to @virtualgrowth for managing @steemprentice and donating to causes that help @steemprentice, and/or getting more WHALESHARES.


I'm a member of steemprentice, but I never seem to be on the list. I know it was a mistake. Can you take a look? Thanks VG for all you do.

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good news, I am excited to b part of this community

Yay - whaleshares! Thanks for the post mention within :-)

Holy crap, realized I forgot to leave my acct to get some whaleshares. No worries if I missed out.


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I saw your post in the #postpromotion channel on the WhaleShares discord. Thank you for being with us!

Certainly interested in Whaleshares. bitshares: obarker-1
Please and thank you :)

That is good news indeed!! I am quite interested in the whales malarkey. I seemed to have missed most of that kicking off having been on holiday.

My bitshares name is meesterboom1

Keep up the good work!

So, we non-members can't be members anymore??

You can. Just rethinking how that will happen.

Once you think it through, kindly inform us.... we are interested

Yes of course. Will be buying getting STEEMP on bitshares and/or sending STEEM to @steemprentice.

Plz tell me how to be a member?

How do I become a member?

Wow! This gonna be huge. It feels good to be here. Lets do it!

Glad to be part of this great community

bitshares: surpassing-google

Just seen this post, how does one join steemprentice?

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Awesome news. How do one become a member ?

Information on amount of STEEM(P) needed will be decided ((re)calculated) soon and joining info shared in the near future.

I'm not a member yet but I will be as soon as you can reconfigure a price! It would be nice to get some whaleshares someday!! Keep doing what you're doing steemprentice and virtualgrowth. You are appreciated!

Cool its some great ideas here :)

I'm still funkit-bithares on bitshares

I don't know why you flag/down-vote my post!
As A new member if i mistake or do anything wrong then you can discus with me. and give me suggestion. but flag/down-vote it was not expected!
@steemprentice Sorry man.

Great news! my bitshares name ksn2012

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