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Suppose you purchased 2300 Steem at $0.15 each 'cuz you thought Steem would have a good future. You took a risk and contributed to the value of Steem by not selling it and allowing others to have a buyer. You chose not to power down 'cuz you believe that Steem will do well.

Suppose you made a platform on top of SteemIt that others used and got 13,000 Steem Power as a result. You chose not to power down 'cuz you believe that Steem will do well.

Suppose you write posts on SteemIt which average 5,000 views per post and you get 100 Steem Power a day. You chose not to power down 'cuz you believe that Steem will do well.

Then suppose you join SteemIt and get a few rewards, but don't get many upvotes because you don't add value to Steem in anyway, from interesting content to a good idea, and want more Steem distributed fairly so that you have more. But in what way have you added value? At least the buyer took a chance, even if the buyer doesn't create an idea or write interesting posts. What did you do?

  • You took no risk.
  • You don't make useful tools.
  • You don't write interesting content.

It's weird to see some peeps including witnesses say we gotta distribute more rewards around when the people on the receiving side haven't done anything adding value.

I feel my risk was low enough to justify the risk. But I don't feel further risk is worth it. SteemIt now seems to only attract entitled people who feel they should be rewarded for adding no value. Do something others will use. Write something others will read. Or take carefully calculated risks. But expecting stuff for free when you're not adding value is baloney.

What Can SteemIt Use?

Many of us use a free attributed image host like pixabay, but why doesn't SteemIt have a user account who offers the same alternative with SteemIt images (or a combination of users)? I'd like to attribute images to SteemIt users instead, like:

Image h/t SteemIt user @steemquestions

Use a tag like #photography then combine it with something useful like image-attributeduse or image-steemituse so that we can find them. That'd be worth a vote in my book.

Other idea: games, games and more games. Games are fun. Games attract others. If you develop, you can build a game on top of SteemIt, like plants and zombies with Steem.

If you feel good content is being overlooked, find it and share it. There's a lot of info on the web though, and honestly, more info outside of SteemIt is better than on SteemIt.

Image h/t Pixabay


If you believe in Steem then it definitely is worth the 'risk'. I look at it as a great investment, and made a pledge recently to buy Steem with 25% of all my crypto profits going forward. I'm holding off at the moment as I'm waiting for the market to recover, but as soon as it has, I will be adding Steem on a weekly basis and powering it all up.

Great for you! And I want people like you rewarded for your risk by rewarding people who add value, not rewarding people who do nothing. You're adding value by taking a risk and offering others a buyer.

Yes, sadly there are plenty of people here who are selfishly trying to take from the reward pool without returning any value to others in terms of either reward or indeed good content. Thankfully, there is a core userbase here doing just that so I will continue to do my best to reward them as and when I can.

Can I ask a question about part of your comment? You say... " You are adding value by taking a risk and offering others a buyer." Could you explain what you mean about offering others a buyer? I don't understand what that means. Thanks!

Very true... Most people are just up for free benefits and free steem. We seem to forget about community and join effort which is what is obviously better than an individual effort.
I think understanding how steem increase in power is vital!

wow very beautiful post you are very nice, surely not camera can ...? I like your photo @steemquestions

good post, thank you

Thanks for this article. It's helping me figure out how to fit in to SteemIt to contribute and add value in my own way... It's a bit confusing and obscure to newbies who are earnest about learning how to go about getting involved the right way... So far all I have is writer's block LOL... But I'll get there!! Thanks again!

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