🔥 RESULTS OF DAY 3: 50 STEEMs go to... 💰 LAST CALL to get part from 200 STEEM! 💰

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The third day of the SteemRoulette Challenge is over!
We distributed the upvots with total value of 50 STEEM!

Here are the players who received the votes for their posts via @tipu:

🔥 First place and upvote worth 30 STEEM goes to @expand.your.mind!
🔥 Second place and upvote worth 10 STEEM goes to @coinbelly!
🔥 Third place and upvote worth 10 STEEM goes to @oivas!

Congratulations and thank you for your support! 🎉

Only 1 days left to take part in the Challenge, so...

Now it's your turn! 😎
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