Introducing Steepshot for the Web. Login to Steepshot and enjoy amazing photos!

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Hello, Steem Community!

Steepshot is an open source Web app for lifestyle sharing based on Steem blockchain.

Got tired of tons of blogging text on Steemit? A picture worth a thousand words is an idiom that describes your social media habits?

Welcome to Steepshot, a place where you can share your lifestyle and visual experience, and earn Steem for your activity.

Our Web app is a Steem client, written using JavaScript and React, with the focus on pictures and short videos (in future). The app is based on Steem.JS and is fully open source, feel free to check the code at GitHub


How to Login

How to Explore

  • Explore your feed page (your followings)
  • Browse photos, open in popup
  • Press "I like" & send your comments
  • Press left/right buttons on your keyboard to show previous/next photo from the actual feed

Create post

  • Just click ''create post'
  • Enter a title
  • Add tags simply by typing them with spaces in between
  • Now you can add description to your photo (optional)
  • Click the button ''Create new post"


  • Show profile, followers, follow users
  • Change Settings

The tech behind Steepshot

  1. Transaction serialization and signing is processed securely on the client side
  2. We are able to make custom searches for any data in Steem, syncing the blockchain to a local database in real-time (MongoDB + Data Scrapers + Local Steem nodes)
  3. We use hybrid storage architechture: Cloud Storage + IPFS
  4. We always work on perfomance to speed up the data access (Our clients use back-end software)

What's next?

  • Search, filter by tag
  • List of available tags in popup while creating new post
  • Endless feed
  • Recommended photos based on your interest
  • More filters like "popular/week top"
  • Show next/previous photo in popup
  • Improvements & bug fixes

and more

and more

and more!

What is planned longer term?

  • (Special) Brand new Browse page using complex filtering (& probably ML)
  • (Special) Short videos / Stories
  • (Special) Live streaming







Hello @steepshot This post is really helful. Can i translate it in my native language?

Greetings @steepshot! Do you think Steemit has what it takes to be one of the top 10 global social media platforms?

We do! Are you willing to help us do what it takes to fix steemits vulnerabilities so we can bring this platform to the mainstream?

I represent an media alliance with over 10 million followers. We see that steemit needs a few small, but very important changes to make it to the next level.

Please share your solutions with us! And help us attract the attention of steem developers. Share your wisdom and thoughts with us at

Together, we will bring steem to the Mainstream!

Sure! Just mention us in your post and we'll upvote it.

I will love to translate it to Spanish too

follow me i follow you dear

How about if I follow you, would you follow me? 🤑

thank you sir

Hey, guys! This is great news! I’ll try this out in the next couple of days, but it looks great!

Any updates on the mobile apps? Have the issues with iTunes been sorted out?

Update for mobile devices is coming soon. We make final steps. Still struggling with App Store.

OK. Thanks for info today. You should keep us updated more often, even if it’s just to say, “Hello! We’re working hard to bring you new features!”

Or...make a photo update for your blog that’s also shared via Steepshot!

Yes, sorry that we have not reported on the status of work on the project for some time.

We have prepared many updates. Users are tired of announcements. They want a working product.

Yeah, that’s also true. And I know your product works. The app store issue is unfortunate, but I’m glad it hasn’t deterred you from moving forward. The web version looks good though and I’ll be sure to give it a good test run.


Thank you so much for this work @steepshot. Never thought the steem blockchain would be this influential. Social media disruption is coming!

Me too, i have to try it out, this app will be great i guess

@steepshot do you have plans to fully integrate IPFS or some method of decentralization for the photo storage? - To what extent is cloud storage used in your system compared with IPFS?

@thejohalfiles @mcsamm All the photos uploaded to Steepshot are stored in both decentralized IPFS storage and centralized cloud storage. IPFS-hash of the image is stored to Steem blockchain in post's json_metadata together with a link to a centralized storage stored in post's body.

We see the following blockers for full IPFS integration in Steepshot:

  • IPFS protocol never guarantees you that the image/file is going to be received by the end user that requested the photo. Instagram would never become so large if users occasionally experienced the unavailability of their content, no matter what the technical reason is.

  • Based on our tests it may take up to 20 minutes to fetch a photo by its hash through IPFS, while the upper bound we can allow ourselves for robust user experience is a few seconds.

We plan to continue using centralized cloud as our primary storage, but we want to use IPFS as a secondary storage that could be addressed if there's something wrong with a user image in our centralized storage.

TL;DR if you want Instagram users to switch to Steepshot you should be able to provide at least the same quality of the service.

Alright thank you very much. Will private accounts and that sort of thing be a reality on steepshot in the future? - similar features Instagram has?

Thank you for the reply @steepshot, just saw this.

steepshot!!! just got to hear of it and can't wait to have its experience..I really love photos which l believe will possibly be of a great use..many thanks to you @thejohalfiles for your ssuggestion on the IPFS photo storage

Dear @thejohalfiles, I want to chat with you how can I contact with you.

You can PM me on - just create an account / dl the application Discord.

I have an account on discord and I think. I messaged you on discord. My id is : jatinhota#0025

Tried to PM you on Discord but not sure how yet. I am on there as Crypto Connie. Just thanking you for your help @thejohalfiles.

Great site design, I will try it out. :)

Great development indeed! Will definitely try and figure this out. Thank you :)


Saying hello @rymlen!

It is very exciting news @steepshot. Now I have freedom to use steepshot on laptop. Thank you

Congratz for whole steepshot team :)

It looks and works pretty well. Do you have a plan to integrate with SteemConnect v2?

Thank you!)

Probably we won't use SteemConnect v2, at least in it's current form. We think the best reasoning for this was given by @heimindanger, founder of @dtube, who said:

"I am very aware of the SteemConnect project, that aims to provide an easy way for developers to enable STEEM login and key management. However, I am personally very much against delegating my keys or sending them to someone else to use, even if it's a trusted 3rd party ran officially by SteemIt Corp. Sorry but I like to remain in 100% control of my keys, and you should too."

This comment is very timely as I have been searching for answer regarding this particular matter. I have signed up for at least 2 front ends (excluding steemit) using my Posting Key only.

Would that still be an issue of security?

No. Your posting key does not give access to your master or active keys which are needed for account changes or accessing your wallet. I also refuse to use SteemConnect.

Exactly! Thank you, we will explain this soon for users in detail.

Looks really good, I like the minimalistic design. Why is steepshot logo not on there though?

Very exciting news! I've been meaning to try Steepshot for a while, but apparently my tablet is too old for it, so now it looks like I can finally give it a go. I'm confident that Steepshot will be the downfall of Instagram ;)

An updated app for mobile devices is coming soon! We support Android 4.4+.

@valth Not so fast, but it certainly would change the rules of the game. Steem blockchain in general is a serious threat to conventional social media and and blogging services.


Threat to blogging yes, because it is a niche.
It has always existed as that. Unlike online social identity.
So reward for the effort of blogging makes sense and will remain.

Destabilizing the big social players however will never happen.
Rewarding mediocrity has no value. Big business is a cherry picker.
They find value and attach to it. Thus reward an influential identity.

Giving reward to all creates a sea of uselessness. A clusterfuck.
More effort to then weed out the bad and discover the good.
Because of that, the system actually hinders it's own growth.

Example: indahash. Who coincidentally are trying to launch an ico.
They amassed a large user-base, with little ability to reward them.
Simply because most that join bring no value to begin with.

Coincidentally again, the very problem which plagues steemit.
They promise a better model, and it is. However they promise it to all.
Then when here.. reward only really comes to some. The rest fall.
So rather than invite all. Steemit should be cherry picking also.
Thus growing an ecosystem of true quality that would then entice more.

You have a valid point on your last thought. You think screening at the entry level would be a helpful idea in making the community meaningful?

No. Screening is not what I suggested.
Targeted enrollment is more accurate.
Still leaving it free for all to join.
Essentially the model of sports brands.
They connect with athletes they see value in.
Thus acquire the exact audience for their product.

It's not like it isn't already happening.
There's quite a few identities here which are "athletes".
Some are not relatable though.
They will find success anywhere.

It needs more everyday types with unique perspective.
Which would then drive the influx of those who say..
"Hey I can do that, here.. give me a go"

The pitch of "you can make money, come join"
Sort of sells a lie that there is nothing to it.
However, as you can see... the beggars of "vote for vote"
Have flooded the system. That is not a good aspect.

There is quality here, of course. I thought I would add this.
In case my message is received with negative tone.
Discovery of quality is obviously on the user..
But then again, that's not really a great system.

I agree with you to a point. I do see many accounts that post spam on this platform. I compare Steemit to Reddit, and you can see similarities between post on both platforms. I see Steemit becoming more and more flooded with "vote for vote" users. My point though is, as long as the true Steemers continue to post quality, we will be alright. Stay blessed my friend


Yeah I agree with you also.
This is why steemit needs to upgrade.
Take from others and implement it here.

  • Recommendations
  • Feed prerequisites (tag based)
  • Rising stars, Most follow-able
  • Controversial zone (like the nsfw tag)
  • Elite zone (for professionals and intellectuals)

All these would aid users with the discovery process.
Thus growing the quality aspect much faster.
Can't do much about the parasites.
Opportunists are switched on!

Rewarding mediocrity has no value.

Following up on this aspect, I can't see how 1 picture can earn almost a $100 while I do for instance research which takes me at least a few days, or transcriptions / summaries of important events like EOS talks which also take a day or two to get all the links, videos, transcriptions, quotes etc. I mean how can 1 photo generate that amount of money?

Well the only real reason is that steemit and steepshot all still follow the same model of other sites.
A popularity contest where once you gather enough leeches (which are attaching on to you for your status) then you can post anything and simply play the numbers game.
There is little here that rewards unique and thoughtful content without first the precondition of a large pool of followers. I'm not against that. Obviously that is how community functions and grows but other means of discovering content should be in place.

There should also be algorithms which automatically reward content with depth and clear effort such as what you suggested. If they have bots which are scanning for plagiarism then that same bot could acknowledge the scale of the unique content a post provides. The OriginalContent bot itself could be handling that system. As it is, you have to make sure to call upon it for a vote. A vote with a dismal reward.

The core of this network, even by the words of the founders, is that the unique content is everything. Yet when you look into how things work. That is not at all true. Popularity is everything. More accurately, who you know. Or who you suck up to. That's not a future model. It's also not a sustainable model.

I've been keeping up with the steemfest event and don't see any changes in the horizon that would change this. From unique users there is suggested implementations. From the central team however. They are ready to expand with SMTs without even truly perfecting this network here. This should be the cherry. Make this place a true beacon of hope for the masses and the rest will follow.

The core of this network, even by the words of the founders, is that the unique content is everything. Yet when you look into how things work. That is not at all true. Popularity is everything.

Well said. I see it in the comments I get. I don't think Proof-of-Brain works on a fundamental level. If you were to follow 'an expert' how do you know this is an actual expert talking? You don't

You'd actuall need some analytics and better yet, machine learning tools to check who is right most of the time. And I'm affraid that een these tools would need an expert to even use them. Either this is a though nut to crack or just maybe I'm missing something.

So either this:

If they have bots which are scanning for plagiarism then that same bot could acknowledge the scale of the unique content a post provides.

Or what would be easier: an editor in the blockchain which would measure how long you'd be writing a post but this too could be gamed by a bot I think. It would be just much harder to do. And it wouldn't stop people who have little to say but are writing many words without much meaning.

So again, how do you extract meaning from text?

Or you find people by hand and follow them but the point is I'm already following many of them. Maybe their post was a one-off and I just happened to read it. Maybe you should gradually loose people who you are following if you don't read/upvote their posts? Or have a summary service which summarizes your best followers?

It's a good information @steepshot...and great post.

Can I translation your post in Bahasa? , I think this post good information for steemian in my country

Sure, just mention us in your post and we'll upvote it.

I has done translation, you can check my blog

Thx, another nice add-on on our blockchain.. it is unstoppable..

If @steemit alone I wouldn't be convinced but seeing the rapid growth of similar projects being develop on top of the network makes me come to the conclusion, let's do this!

Wonderful job @steepshot, had to add an abbreviated Serbian translation by the title: “Steepshot — Instagram killer!”

Thank you!

You are welcome @steepshot, keep up that wonderful job :)

This looks great. :)

I am just finding out about steepshot for the first time with this post I am SO excited to start using the platform! As much as I enjoy writing posts for steemit, I actually think steepshot will draw different content out of me. There is something about being able to snap fun lifestyle images and post without trying to turn it into some big blog post. I really like using Instagram for this and so I’m excited to play around with the platform and shift my energy over here.

Also, good to hear you guys are working on an app!

The good thing about the Steem blockchain as I see it is that it produces a diversity of outlets for people to express their creativity.

This makes me very happy! I have both iPhone and Android products which mean I have the Steepshot app on both OS and they could definitely be a little better. Progress is forth coming from all ends of the spectrum and I'm loving all of the possibilities the Steemit blockchain has given us.
I appreciate you time and effort nor can I wait for everything to be finalized. Thanks and praise.

Social media revolution is underway!

I love being at the forefront of a paradigm shift. Especially when I've got my fellow Steemsters to watch the show with.
I feel like I'm 17 again, spending all day on a social media platform that one day the masses will scarcely be able to recall their lives before monetized social media.
Once that magic number of users is hit the flood will commence and STEEM's going straight to the moon.

True that! I feel like a crazy college punk major in computer science blended with social science which most people don't understand. lul

Reminiscing those days when my life was inspired every time I hear Chester Bennington playing on the background screaming like a devil.

This made steemit much more interesting. Will give a try in a few days.
Cheers 🍻

Oh! The web is looking pretty good :) Also I like a lot I only see my steepshot posts and not all the images like in the app ...
Btw, talking about the app, I have iPhone and still have the old app. Any update about it? I saw you have some problem with the iOs app store ...

We've made a lot of updates, but App Store just blocks new submissions.

At the end I forgot to ask for the intallation on my iphone of th new iOS app ... remember it now when saw this in my video editing app

OOOOHHHHH NOOOOO.... nothing in iphone apps

WOw I am really excited about it. But just one question, will it post to my steemit account automatically?

Yes, it will. Unless blocks the content from other Steem apps.

Never thought about that possibility that Steemit is capable of handpicking what appears to their end. I was thinking that it would be automatic come what may. Now I know.

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Does it have H.d view in all pics, steepshot lemme go try this app out hope it doesn't disappoint

Sure, cool. But you do know that the ONLY photos on said app that will reach the trending list is the EXACT SAME as the top trending on Steemit, right? I mean, just because you change the interface doesn't mean that anything else changes, and that's basically what these third-party apps are: new interfaces, almost like changing the wallpaper on your Windows desktop.

We don't show posts made by other apps, including, so trending list at Steepshot is different. Just visit

Hey there, this is the first time I'm reading about steepshot and I'm pretty happy to see something like this is allready useable.

There is one question. If you post a photo via steepshot, will it be displayed in your Steemit blog aswell? Sorry if this seems to be a stupid question, but i had no time to try the app, yet. Maybe you know zappl, for me there is the problem, that the zaps are displayed in the steemit blog, too. Would like to know if there is some kind of filtering implemented?

Have a great day!


Thank you for your question & support.

Answer on this was given above: "Yes, it will. Unless blocks the content from other Steem apps."


Thanks for the answer! I'm sorry, that you have to answer again, just did not see the post above.

Another question; do you think the content filtering will be implemented by

That's up to

However, some users would probably not want content filtering to happen, because the more views the post receives (no matter through which client) the more upvotes it eventually gets.

@steepshot, I think it would be a great option to have this so-called content filtering. To give users freedom to choose which content appears on their respective platform. It would look messy otherwise. An option would be a great feature imho.

Thats a great news
i am excited
I’ll try this out in the next couple of days, but it looks great!
and i predict steepshot will be a huge success

best of luck guys
upvoted and followed you

Testing the new web app now. Like the addition of the description. Seems to take content from cache when eg loading the NEW channel, ie not the most recent updates in votes and comments. Like the fact SteepShot UI shows only SteepShot generated content/posts, that was lagging in your first attempt with the Android/iPhone App; You base this on the standard SteepShot tag?

We've received a lot of requests from users related to ability of adding description, so we've made it possible to optionally add it to your photo.

For content filtering we use json_metadata, not 'steepshot' tag. So if you create a post through with 'steepshot' tag you won't see it on

For content filtering we use json_metadata, not 'steepshot' tag. So if you create a post through with 'steepshot' tag you won't see it on

Super! I was testing it already, and found out you do not use the tag itself.

Huy friends, this is greet news,Any updates on the mobile apps? Have the issues with iTunes been sorted out?

We're working on new Android app release, more info soon.

Regarding iTunes, we've reworked our iOS app several times, including fully getting rid of any STEEM rewards, and tried to resubmit it even more times trying to become closer to App Store Guidelines.

However, they still block the app, because they claim that "the primary purpose of your app is to encourage users to watch ads or perform marketing-oriented tasks, which is not appropriate for the App Store.", which sounds very unreasonable to us, because the purpose of Steepshot is quite different.

Maybe someone from Apple can actually spend about one minute and learn about the app/Steem. It’s quite obviously not related to advertising/marketing.


We've provided them with all the necessary docs and descriptions about Steem and Steepshot, but they still insist we do not meet their guidelines.

Great job @steepshot, you've got an Instagram killer ahead! Upvoted, resteemed & good luck!

Everyone in this world have a mobile phone and they post their social status any time of the day compared to desktops. My 60 year old mother is glued to her mobile phone more than I am to mine.

Seriously make the mobile app working perfectly and you will get tons of users. That should be the main focus.

Happy to find an Instagram-like network on Steem blockchain. Thanks.

Excellent news, I'll give it a try!
Thank you!

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Looks very neet, great job.

Now we need everyone on Instagram to know that they should use @steepshot instead.

I love it! I already use it for watching, but soon I will post my own pics. I am really excited!

Thank you for creating this service! Here is my first post to steepshot :)

Last Day of the Fall

Hi @steepshot, An amazing post, I have try , It's so awesome
Thank you @steepshot for information

Nice work! I would really like to use your mobile app. Is it available yet? I was a fan of instagram but your effort into creating this on the blockchain seems a lot more promising! Can't wait to use and promote your work!

A remarkable new news, an application that is waiting for by steemian around the world, steepshot is an application that must be in the try, very worthy ...

Congratulate for whole steepshot team

A good post on this app will try on your recommendation

that's the sheer outcome of real hustle ! keep going guys !

Im in your feed so you can upvote my comment. Thanks man! Peace. Lol

@steepshot ,great job i have join the telegram group.

Looks great. 👍 Good move to have a web interface. I will check it up in depth. Big milestone for your project.

Hey guys, This is just awesome. @ steepshot After creating account I have seen a lot of amazing post pics. Thanks guys

hay @steepshot your post is very useful for beginners in steemit ... good luck always .. do not forget to follow and upvote me

I will be inviting my friends for sure as they are lazy fockers to blog. This is another dimension for steem... Love it..Please hurry with the open beta!

Are all photos that we share on steepshot automatically shared on steemit as well?

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Great development indeed! Will definitely try and figure this out. Thank you :)

wow what good news worth looking good looks thanks !!!

very informative blog for everyone

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Gran aplicación!!
Lo tiene todo para desbancar a Instagram, es cuestión de tiempo...

This post received a 100.00% @pushup thanks to: @slavix.

For those who contribute on GitHub use Utopian (a steem based application) to earn steem for your open source contribution here:

Greetings @steepshot..
Its very pleasure to hear that you launched the smartphone a days its very important and become mandatory to have a app through which we can simply have fun on the go.Its the time for everyone to download the app and blast with @steepshot as everyone fed up with selfies now a days.once again thanks and wish you success..

Dear @steepshot the moble app is only available in Google play store only.. its disappointing the iPhone users..please try to add app in App store also..

Thanks for you because i like your al picture and great photography

Sounds great!

Did somebody already do a german translation? Otherwise I would be glad to do it :)


I love to share my photos...

Great idea @steepshot for all the lovers of photography is a very good news. Congratulations and I´ll do the test. Thank you

Smart one step ahead with your post...learning everyday @steepshot @tanvirrahman @ats-david could you kindly follow me up thanks, will do the same.

thanks for great news.

Thanks for your great information @steepshot
Thanks for Resteemed @ats-david

Wow thanks for this informative post @steepshot. I would like to give this a shot and create my pov blog for this, can i do it and mention you @steepshot?

What a beautiful idea. A Steemit Instagram(not a dig, lol!)
What else can i say. Im with you 100%

Top notch work.


Hi @steepshot this is a very good piece of information. Keep up your writing skills

Hello @steepshot,
This is good to hear. I'm glad so many platforms are now running on the steem blockchain. Does contents posted on SteepShot appear on Steemit?

Great post man...

Looks like there will be a lot of competition in this field :) We have built a photography community BeScouted a while ago, and just connected it to steemit.
We actually concentrate more on a casting side for different photoshoots, and finding paid or TFP work and connecting photography industry freelancers with businesses.

It is exciting to see so much development going on on Steem platform and community members will benefit greatly. Keep up the good work!

The content at BeScouted is great!

Are you going to visit SteemFest too? If so, don't hesitate to Telegram me at @martynovp

Sadly not this year, we are totally bootstrapped and can't afford it :) Spending the last dimes on the development of the platform. But let;s stay in touch, and since you are going to steemfest have fun there!

Hello @steepshot why its not working?? I try to sign up using my steemit acct. thanks. I like this new app. Hoping for your reply.

Nice post!

Thank you for your project @steepshot. I've been looking forward towards a steemit smartphone app.

An updated app for mobile devices is coming soon! We support Android 4.4+

Your post may be very good to follow you if you want me to upvote, otherwise there is no problem

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now a days this kind of app is like the moon! it comes suddenly and goes without notice! web developing is very challenging.but you should do something unique!

This is so cool! Will sure give this a try. 😄 Resteemed as well.