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RE: fundamental question for steemit 1, SNS based on the Rewards ?

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Hi @slowwalker it is a good question and to tell the truth there are many different reasons why we are here. I think such social medias like Facebook, twitter and whatever else, they were existing before Steem, to tell the truth none of those social media made me interested in them me and few members of my family we are not using them at all! That may sound weird and difficult to believe but this is a truth.

The reason why we got interest in Steem are, first because it is a Cryptocurrency and Crypto is our future, when we joined Steem it was existing only one year and offered both social contact with many different people, with different interest. You can surf in #tags where you have your interest and you can find some other people and leaving comment you learn them and communicate and as a nice side effect to earn Steem. I am saying earn because we know that nothing is for free in this life, we have to work to earn something and on this blockchain the work is rewarded.

I like the idea of curation trials and that is essential for Steem, without such projects like @curie, @curangel, @ocd and like it was before @ntopaz many people would probably give up and leave.

Steem is only a Crypro that gives a change for people in such places like Venezuela to survive using Steem, to pay for their treatment and have better quality of life such @cryptopie and also to build up an own house like @sultan-aceh who also helping his little village in Aceh-Indonesia.

This everything is possible because of rewards that these people got with their posts, with taking active part in life of Steem community and that is why I would say: Steem is the unique Cryptocurrency with great potential and we should reward people for their quality posts and active participation in life of Steem communities.


Thank you, dear friend.
Your comment make me think once again about the value of Steemit.

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