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RE: The Most important Thing in the Current Situation, Embracing and Tolerance

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At present there are two camps who really see only enemy in each other, no matter what one say the other is not going to accept. New Steemit Inc with Justin they have opened a way to Communities and what we see around the people like it and all using communities on Steemit Inc. but they still do not like Tron. I think the people witnesses and Tron representatives have to sit together and discuss to build up the plan and not to plan a war, we all know that war will bring loses on both sides. The single persons may win but majority will lose. Only diplomatic way and respect of communication will bring Steem forward. I think we need to be polite, respectful to each other and be grown up and not behave ourselves like kids. There is a future for both Tron and Steem and together they can reach much, we see how the price of Steem is growing which is a good sign and we should do our best to keep it as it is. I think Justin should be patient with Steem community to cool down and probably it would be great for him to call for Meet up in persons Steem witnesses and even to come to next SteemFest.


That's right, they should sit together, listen each other then discuss about what they want.

@stef1 There is no Tron "representatives". Justin Sun's aid admitted that they are running 20 fake account from a single server. Wake up!