The Steemit Etiquette Guide - (Illustrated by @strongwilled)

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I believed that it would be useful to do a post on Steemit Etiquette to cover some of the things that one should and shouldn't do when posting here.

I think sooner or later I have presumably been liable of doing a significant number of these things myself (we all make mistake).

Having read a considerable measure of posts and talked to some other people on steemit these appear to be a portion of the essential things.

This is in no way, shape or form thorough and I'm certain different people will have diverse conclusions on what constitutes good and bad behaviour.

Don't hesitate to add to the list in the comments:


We are altogether in a rush yet it just looks plain awful if all you ever do is post and never curate or comment on others work. In a way this could be viewed as basically taking from the framework without giving.


As I said a great many people don't have much time. Show some compassion for your followers and don't post 10 times each day. Not exclusively will less people really set aside the opportunity to read your work however you may wind up irritating and losing followers. It will likewise lessen your payouts in the event that you post in excess of 4 times a day.


This is considered link spamming. We all comprehend that you took extraordinary pride in your post yet in the event that your link isn't related to the direct discussion and is by all accounts there absolutely to advance your own work then it looks terrible. You are in danger of getting flagged and it is far-fetched people will acknowledge what you are doing. There is an incredible visit channel for advancing your links and additionally a gathering area - put it there.


This is like posting inconsequential links. Requesting votes is fine in the event that it is in the post promotion channel yet it should be done in a roundabout way (indirectly) by posting a link i.e. it is inappropriate behavior to approach somebody specifically for a vote. I don't think there is anything amiss with inquiring if people have seen your post however specifically approaching them to vote for it is somewhat out of line and goes against the list of proper curation. It might likewise make a few people feel awkward for this very reason.


On the off chance that you are voting only for the reasons for getting more votes then you are treating it terribly. You should vote for content you like and should not anticipate that people will vote for you since you voted for them - it's removes the general purpose of curation.


The Steem wallet enables people to send messages. Tragically people have as of late been utilizing it to send out tiny amount of Steem as a methods for adveritising themselves or their posts. Try not to do it you will squander your cash and annoy alot of people.


This is a major issue and I'm certain a few people will disagree with it yet I think most of the community concurs that the flag issue is for posts which are harmful or abusive and should not be used as a dislike or downvote botton. Dont like something? Post a comment explaining why or on the off chance that you don't have the time move on.


Not entirely a Steemit thing as it applies to the talk however I just idea I would say it as people still do it and the visit is especially a piece of the Steemit community. This pings everybody and is exceptionally irritating. There seems to be an answer in progress that will evacuate the capacity to do this so ideally this won't be an issue for long.

Image 10.PNG

This is essential. It might be accepted in your country to to show bare breasts on your work PC however it won't not be where your reader is found. Additionally your reader could be a kid. So remember this. Realistic pictures without this tag are probably going to be Flagged.


On the off chance that your post does not directly relate to a specific tag you shouldn't use it. A post about trumpets that simply happens to have a photograph of a trumpet in it should not be tagged with "photography", also a post examining DASH is fine in "cryptocurrency" but should not be tagged with "ethereum". Tag spamming irritates people and as opposed to getting you additional upvotes is probably going to get you a flag.


If people have taken time to make a comment on your post you should at least the time to read them and in fitting cases (appropriate way) answer to them. It is comprehended that if you have alot of comments you can't and most likely shouldn't react to every one, be that as it may, ignoring your comments could be considered being ungateful.


A considerable measure of us know cryptocurrency and know about the ideas. That does not have any significant bearing to everybody on Steemit. Everybody needs to begin somewhere if you find somebody who needs assistance or has an inquiry don't sit tight for another person to act - help them out yourself if you can. That is a fundamental of a decent community.


There are links at the bottom of each post that permitting sharing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Be a good citizen and help to spread great content by sharing it on other social network and furthermore posting links in the "postpromotion-other-onl" visit channel. This assists the poster as well as gets the message out about Steemit by indicating people what awesome content is accessible. Steemit ought not simply be "each man for himself".


There are numerous new people joining Steemit consistently. Lamentably it is difficult to get noticed. It would be ideal if you endeavor to spend atleast some of your time looking at new posts rather than just being on your own feed or the trending page. Not exclusively do you have the possibility of finding another concealed jewel and making a new user to feel appreciated, however you could likewise be compensated considerably more handsomely for the curation.


I think simple courtesy dictate that in the event that you flag a post you should explain to the poster why. Clearly if the reason has just been posted by other people this turns out to be less essential. You should likewise return and verify whether the content has been checked or the poster has conformed to the purposes behind the flag and if so remove your flag. Just flagging and vanishing is not really fair.


Great post! I agree with these rules. Following.

Thanks for stopping by @wstanley226

This is actually really helpful for minnows like me, especially the one about commenting compared to posting, as i just realized myself that if you still have a small following, posting wont do much, whereas commenting will still get you somewhat of a presence in other people's supposedly more popular posts.

Exactly 👍 Thanks for stopping by

This post deserves more attention.

Outstanding! And i love the graphics! How did i even miss this one? I am going to feature it in the next Xposed Curators Rebound, some time later today.

It deserves more than $0.41, coming from a 40 REP account!

Thanks for resteeming it to your blog. It is how i stumbled on it.

I totally agree with this

It seems like you are very knowledgeable here on steemit. I find it very informative and interesting to read... From now on I won't use (@) as mentioning steemit name here especially witnesses.. I don't want to irritate them even though I just did it as my way of inviting all steemians to support them as well....Thank you

@ can be used to get people's attention such as friends and some good witnesses you know like @surpassinggoogle, @aggroed and so on. Mind you be cautioned while using it to avoid evil whale.

Yeah these are good rules may I translate this post to dutch? I will put in a link to this post also. I have too much to do lately also taking extra care of my witness building my website doing a little house makover anddd working plus since two? Weeks taking care of a woman who needed help to get up on her feet again. But I believe in steem really believe because it has blogging, gaming, videostreaming and picturesharing. So yes I also will Schedule some time to meet the newbees and dont just put out a vote every time when I like a post.

God's speed (for the Woman fast recovery), thanks for stopping by @greendeliverence

Always a good idea to create a post to show your followers how you intend to behave, in terms of posting. It also helps to spread the word to new Steemians about what to do and what not to do. Like the cartoons. It's also nice to upvote good comments. I try to upvote comments to encourage repeat commenting. Its a nice little bonus. Each comment has a 7 day payout as well. You can also commments on older posts and upvote those commentsnif you happen to find something older that you like.

Thanks @jasonbu if I didn't lost my mobile device I would have liked to add that to the list.

Thanks for stopping by

This is an exceptional post, @strongwilled. It deserves more recognition, more reward. Thank God i stumbled on it in @toofasteddie's blog resteem.

Very original. And very Relevant. Plus i love the illustrations.

I am going feature this post in the next Xposed Curator's Rebound #43. You may find details about it Xposed Curator's Rebound

My hope is to bring your quality work here the exposure it deserves, and with it, hopefully some additional rewards.

Best wishes, @mirrors

Very first I whould like to thank you for this post. I was littlebit confuse and may be I gets some mistake here in future but now I understand better. I hope I'll be doing good in this platform . Thank you for this blog.

Thanks for stopping by @rosy1606

Great post

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