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RE: Steem Secrets #10 (Delivered By @thereikiforest): On Steemit, There Are Bigger Things Than "Quality Of Content". Digest This & Your Posts Will Start Trending!

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This is really a different perspective. While I was reading it I was like why I haven't thought about it lol
I believe no one can write quality content always but yes you can be different and unique from others and that is your plus point. This will give you a unique identity.


I believe so too @suf1an. Everyone else sees the value you have worked hard to add to yourself, sometimes before you even notice it. Everyone sells something, so we should try to make whatever we're selling valuable enough to be bought... Relationship, reputation, and every other resourses..

Well said @wakkylyon <333 Thank you for sharing! Much Love BeautyFull Soul :)

Thank you for BEING YOU!!

Yes, let us rejoice in the awesomeness and priceless quality of each of our unique essences :) <333

Thank you for BEING YOU @suf1an ~ Much LOVE!

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