2nd anniversary celebration

in #steemitlast year (edited)

Hello steemians,i am so happy that i completed 2years in steemit. I entered steemit platform on 29th january 2018 with 15 SP and 0 steem and 0 SBD. Now i have about 350+ SP and 552 steem and 10 SBD.
I grown this because of so many ppl who helped me a lot. I speacially thank @eturnerx @pundito @angelinafx @schamangerbert @berniesanders ..... And so many games and contests like @magicdice @steemmonsters and @drugwars . So many ppl are there to mention who made me to grow but it takes too much lenghty if i mention them all.
During my early days,the value of steem was about $3 -$4. Now the value is $0.165 . Bcz of this so many ppl left steemit platform.i missed them so much.hope steem will reach moon and all will return back.
i will continue to stay in steemit with u guys and will make again another post about my 3rd anniversary next year.
Thanks for reading,
Yours @summisimeon


Yeah, two years went by as if it was nothing. I started only about two weeks before you did - but I was too lazy to write a post about it this year ;)))

Thanks for the nice time here together and "happy birthday" :)