Do you need to be a beautiful lady to get votes on Steemit?

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Well... the day I joined Steemit and went to chat with members, someone told me I had to be pretty woman as the first and foremost requirement. Otherwise one would need 100,000 SP to do well on the platform.

I was confused, upset, and tried not to believe. But soon after realized the harsh realities when I got $0.01 a post and even $0.00 in succession.


Now after being here for six months, I have a mixed opinion when I see some 'beauties' struggling and a few whales doing worse than some with far less SP.

So, what exactly helps you get the value for the time and effort you spend on Steemit?
We would all agree it is a combination of factors - good contents, 'strategic' contacts, high SP, and yes we men love to vote (and impress!) ladies especially if the photo is pleasing to the eyes. :)


I may do a split test to check the type of writing that reap maximum rewards when I can squeeze in time. But again that would help only if the viewers actually read the contents.

But how many of us read anyone's post from the start to finish? Be honest. Skimming past is easy!

Steem on!!

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Steemit is far much more than meets the eye but I don't believe you have to be a beautiful lady to make it on steemit nor do you need to have tons of sbd. With God all things are possible.

I agree cent percent. :)

Thanks for sharing your views.

I make a point of reading the full post, if it catches my interest at the start, I like to see it out to the end and comment either way. It's important for me to engage with the steemit community as much as possible, I think.

It's an interesting observation. In the month or so that I've been on Steemit, I've seen quality start to take the focus. so far (other than some of the memes :P ) everything I've seen doing notably well is stuff that, for one reason or another, I think deserves to be doing well.

There are still only around 65,000 monthly active users, which is a tiny number compared to the other huge platforms out there. As the number grows, what we see being successful will change, and it will keep changing. That's the amazing thing about building communities. Each day is never the same.

That's absolutely right and thank you very much for sharing your valuable insights.

And it's great to know that you read the full post. :)

I absolutely dont believe in that, you just put your hard work and brains here to be successful. Very simple

Haha, okay! The topic is subjective so opinions will vary. Thanks for sharing yours.