Blockchain Is A More Powerful Tool Even As A Mentality-Adjuster Than As A Reward/Income-Distrubutor. @surpassinggoogle

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Around two days ago, i managed to react to a comment on Facebook. A small discussion ensued in the comments to a post, where a certain blockchain model was being discussed and one that is designed to distribute rewards to everyone, in a way that at least everyone earns something for sustenance and feeding per day etc.

The post contained a video explaining this model. Now, this is great.

However, the truth is, with blockchain in general, the creators created something of elegance but even this creators can't see blockchain technology in the full expanse of its beauty, without really intently looking. However, even just intently looking may not do the magic, as you may have to be able to see. 

Many look; seeing is different!

Well, i am still in a very mute-state but i managed to leave a comment. The person who posted is a steemian etc and this i cared about. So i left a short comment.

In truth, there has never really been a money problem all along. Reward distribution (models) thus, isn't the exact solution. 

IF the application of blockchain is mostly as "another tech", then it will soon become "generic". @surpassinggoogle

I will explain these things in details over the course of time, in the voice of a legit illiterate. For now, here was my comment:

   I haven't checked the video and I am not against it or against anything but in truth, even the makers of blockchain haven't come to know the beauty of  blockchain in the full extent of its spanlessness. and people who are suppose to quickly grasp this beauty aren't seeing it either because they are looking but aren't seeing. 

The world revolves  around hand-to-mouthism and till date; and blockchain is there to create beautiful disruptions and adjust matters but the world itself is oblivious to the true state of the world. Blockchain reveals this sole Intel but it this aspect of blockchain's beauty that isn't being seen. 

The techs been built on blockchain are re-building hand-to-mouthism (obliviously). Check again! The  talents on blockchain are applying themselves to this. Blockchain however can truly shake the world and become an entire movement attaining mainstreamity because it has become indispensable in the changes it can bring (till then), but many of the already existing tech models are replaying out on blockchain and same things are re-happening.

Blockchain in truth is not a Tech. It is bigger things! "A CCTV into the true state of the world". @surpassinggoogle

The tech it thus produces should have real edge besides a means to distribute income or rewards. The world is bigger than that. The world itself thinks reward or income distribution is what the world needs. The world is bigger than that. 

In truth, not a soul is truly ever poor. Not a soul. @surpassinggoogle

Much cant be said in this small text comment....hahaha. 

For blockchain to attain its full beauty, the legit illiterates in the world must get on the  podium as well to create a balance. Then, really historical-history-like use of blockchain will begin to appear as should be the case and a real indispensable reason for everyone, to not any longer be able to circumvent blockchain and cryptocurency's beauty. @surpassinggoogle
Blockchain has simplified matters! The world has complicated things and create that cycle, so much so that some give and others are proner to receive. Now if you adjust matters and turn everyone into givers, then givers suddenly all become receivers too; a balance. @surpassinggoogle
Blockchain is a more powerful tool even as a mentality adjuster than as a reward/income distrubutor. @surpassinggoogle
Matters less if you have all the coins your way, if each person knows deeply-rootedly that he is rich and knows that he has brothers next to him who are deeplyrootedly rich and who he can turn to, bulls or bears etc @surpassinggoogle

Your Boy Terry


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It's a beautiful world,where we share and care to each other by hearts.Its a hub where beauty,knowledge,creativity and friendship live together under a beautiful and strong umbrella.

Blockchain is a great revolution as it has got many things to offer i am new in steemit but old player in blockchain.

Blockchain is a communication tool, not just an ordinary social media platform, but this is where the minds and hearts of Steemians communicate and share ideas. Thank you very much @surpassinggoogle for sharing this! ♥

moreso it contains our cookies. we bare out ourselves each day on the blockchain. this is the same info that google etc make use of to make billions. blockchaib allows to take back ownership and thus the money it brings, but are we seeing this is where the answers lie. is modelled to help us see these things, taking ownership of our cookies and by means of our shine, money itself will seek us

Yes absolutely right blockchain not only social exchanging systen but also its a bear to whole life exchanging,

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Hmmm... Now it's all about the blockchain.

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Blockchain did not only connect wallet ID and transaction but it conmects souls together towards developing the universe

Great information about blockchain tomorow is so special and final decision about crypto future in india.

Nice to see the youtube & facebook channel. I'll subscribe these channel as soon as i can. thanks for sharing the the news sir @sirpassinggoogle 🙂
& sir can you tell me what you think about the rate of SBD... When could it rise... cz since many days it is really down i really need some money but the rate is very poor so, i loose my patience to work here. please tell me sir what should i do...😔

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Indeed, blockchain is the future. We are so luck to adapt it early sir terry

Block chain is so needed for a steemian, its not a exchanging rules but its emotion of steemian heart,
I think its a great features we will find out in a future,thanks tery @surpassinggoogle for understand our emotion.

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Blockchain is really a powerful platform,you are doing a great job terry.

Indeed sir @surpassinggoogle, blockchain is more of an adjuster of many things than just a rewards distribution model or mechanism. There lies the reason why I have been captivated with all blockchain technologies (a term used loosely for all distributed ledger technology). Some may ask what is the big fuzz about blockchain technology and quickly dismiss it as a trendy new information technology that, hence, like other technologies before it, will quickly fade into obscurity when another superior technology comes into existence.

However this technology cannot be characterized as just another form of technology but rather, it is a movement, a revolution of some sorts that enables those who has less, be it money, access, influence or power have a say on matters that were and still is exclusive to those who has much more. The revolutions comes in the form of decentralization of power, authority, systems or other centralized structures which present a prevailing weakness: Central point of weakness prone to abuse or failure.

Legacy centralized organization, systems and structures prides themselves as highly efficient that can execute required task quickly and timely manner. Yet I say, at what cost? Too much centralization, too much concentration of power to a few , we have seen, time and time and again can lead to abuse. This applies to all, be it in gender, age, social class, financial status or others. Then there is the issue of single point for failure, of course some may argue that is the purpose of redundancies and security systems but then again where is the efficiencies in that? isn't that more expensive?

Cryptocurrency was just but one and the first application blockchain technology is used. The reason why people, specially those who don't intently see what blockchain is all about, always attribute it to money, as a financial mechanism for exchange wealth or store of value is because they equate Blockchain to Bitcoin, which is not the case. This is not to say that thinking that way is wrong it is more of an inadequate way of seeing things.

Blockchain is more than that. It is a technology that enable users to establish Truth without Trust. That is why blockchain can be use in an assortment of application not particularly related to currency or money. They can be used for identity, tracking, establishing authenticity, contracts, agreements or whatever application that Truth is needed.

A technology that establishes truth, isn't that a lot more valuable than money? Blockchain I think have given the old saying a new meaning "The Truth Shall Set You Free."


Been a while. How have you been?

I love this discussion, you were able to explain little about the beauty of blockchain that it's more than just a income distributor, You represented the interest of every one whom believe in the blockchain technology. But i wish many of us were present there to contribute to the discussion.

Even some people here still have the mindset that blockchain is for reward and income distribution.

Have no words for blockchain as a revolution.
Everyone knows there is no big a revolution than this. It has so much to offer.
Love surpassinggoogle.
One of the pillars for me on steemit.
Love you

Eso es cierto @surpassinggoogle tal vez todavia ni los creadores de la tecnología Blockchain saben el potencial enorme que tenemos en nuestras manos y al alcance de todos y para todos. Saludos y Buenas Noches

Hi @surpassinggoogle.
Blockchain is a technological platform that has globalized the financial resources for the exchange of goods and services in the world and as it becomes known, it will be more powerful for the exchange of the energetic and strategic resources of the globalized world

Thanks a lot for being such good witness, I updated my vote, I do that every 2-3 months and I'm still voting you as a witness and I included you in this post to introduce you to a very good steemian : One of the best steemians

Saludos @surpassinggoogle, la tecnología Blockchain esta revolucionando el mercado bursatil y la economía de los paises delmundo, aunque apenas es el inicio de esta era, de seguro durara muchos años