Blockchain Isn't To Fix Matters! We Are To Use Blockchain To Grow In Our Shine, To Where Blockchain Starts To Shine Because Of Us.

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Yesterday, the steemgigs talk happened! 

@mermaidvampire was there to administer it and yes, it was successful. I am working hard to be present starting next week, so i have to start my preparation and much of my healing from today. Well, it's night already.

During the talks, there were games and prizes to be distributed in the form of steem. Overall, that goes to show that "value" can be created behind-the-scene and rewarded in steem. 

Look past the blogging. There is ulogging and other aspects to beautiful steem

"Community" creates much value on its own" but not exactly community(s) in terms of isolation as those can cause rifts instead.

Today was spent with minimal activity. I am always in a state of brainstorming though and that is much of what i did, with less eating or movement.

I tried some coding but with many errors and i kept trying and trying. Alot learned and instead of failing completely i went #teardrops (mode) but with un-fell tears. What this means, is that amidst the hassle, i attained a measure of breakthrough by building-on on the model for an enterprise called macrohard, that i have been working on, aimed at adding "SWAG into the world of coding", which i believe is lacking. 

In general much of what is celebrated in the secular world in general, is "success". But much of SWAG is in the stories from failure, much of which go on undocumented for the sake of "not being celebrated".

This i figured out more of, in the course of today. When you are stuck as you code, there is limited resources online to unstuck you. Not like there isn't but the right search query to bring these resources just out, may be the missing piece. What you have much of thus, are very general resources.

Well, today i added more to the model that will constitute the enterprise Macrohard. I have added a feature that will incentivize documenting coding errors or #teardrops moments in the world of coding, celebrating these types of contributions.

We want many more programming #teardrops stories.

Hahaha, this is much of what i do and did today and i end up not having slept for years and even when i am resting, i am not fully resting. My being isn't!

We are so far into time and it looks thus, like the world has made so much advancement and jets and all but looking really intently, in the "real world", we haven't really advanced. 


In the world of legit illiteracy, the world renown literates will suddenly find out that they have become very illiterate.

There are tons of avenue to create balance and blockchain has come close but blockchain can easily go back into that same unbalance over time except we have come to identify this imbalance and apply the blockchain to its beautifulest use in bringing about and sustaining this balance.

Beautiful humans will be involved in blockchain see its own true beauty.

This is my path on steem but an entire curriculum plays this out.

Since "blockchain", i have brainstormed way more. Because the world is suddenly open and restored to beginning-hood. Yes, and blockchain highlights the beauty of a once-world without technology and bares everything and everyone more out into "bareness", to where i can see many more things and many more beautiful avenues to apply blockchain technology

Trade by barter for instance is happening all over and this simple thing that may have been seen as old-school in even the near-past, has "beauty" tied to it and as much it can create rifts and all; can stir love, adulthood and personal growth among other things like love and all. 

On steem we can exchange steem by virtue of things like "reputation", without third party etc. 

Anyway, just look more intently and almost every concept or enterprise, school-of-thought etc that have ever existence can be looked at in new eyes by virtue of blockchain technology and especially, with the steem blockchain and the steem blockchain in this case, because it has an existing sustained community.

There is alot of beauty by virtue of the steem blockchain and even, the "world of brainstorming" has seen more beauty as a result, if you check again

Overall, it is not about a flawless blockchain. While you may haste seeking the flawless blockchain, expand your search to Mars because you won't find that on Mama Earth, for every blockchain created on Mama Earth hosts humans.

The blockchain isn't to fix matters! We are to use the blockchain to grow in our shine, to where blockchain starts to shine because of us.

I am your boy terry and whenever i go into-the-box, it is only for the sake of coming back out astrong. Jehovah very much in charge.

Your Boy Terry once again


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Greetings, Great Surpassinggoogle

I appreciate the contributions you have quoted to the Steemit and I always hope that they can emerge witness like you, who always think and help our community a lot.

Here's my vote of 100% for your post as it is very deserving. Even though it's small, I think it helps my vote a little.

Thank you and good afternoon!!!!

The blockchain isn't to fix matters! We are to use the blockchain to grow in our shine, to where blockchain starts to shine because of us.

LOVE this!!!! and it is so very true :D

take good care of yourself!!! @MermaidVampire is a godsend of help to you!!

Happy Sunday!

Hi dear @surpassinggoogle,please take care of your health,you are an asset for us,so please give some time to yourself too.

The discord talk show last midnight was very exciting. All who joined it really enjoyed the games. Thank you so much Kuya Terry.

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Blockchain is some sort of what I called myself a community in which way, we could see it as part of a family surrounded by our fellow STEEMians here in Steem Blockchain. :D

I enjoyed last night's tongue twister thanks for the 2 steem won by me as the first one to had started the game! :D

More power and always be healthy, Terry @surpassinggoogle!
Ingat lagi! :D

Hope to hear your voice next time sir,.

Btw congrats to the winners specially to fafa @atongis and madam @sn0white, Im glad the 7 dwarfs weren'r there I would've loat 9steem LOL.

Jehova will bless you sir. 🙏🙏🙏

i am enjoying to be a part of steemit community, and it is always fun to find new channels for communication! Thank you for this opportunity Terry! :)

Awesome testimonies

Just like how so many ICOs today simply slap on "blockchain" to look modern and trendy. In actual fact, they're just full of hype.

Blockchain now will be one of the essential part of humanity where we can find peace, liberty, and prosperity among other good things to bring us more closer together by easing each other's burden and getting free from the clasps of abusive powers in society @surpassinggoogle and now our #teardrops will get seen by others and they will wipe them away, it is just a step from making earth heavenly.

I am very agree about your think so i give you my vote 100% to you because your opinion very good

The world future is definitely will be using blockchain

From it's beginnings back in the days, the weekly discord talk has become so huge and carries a lot of fun & meaning now.

I try to :)

So be succes full in you activity and be creative in your write.

Hope I can set my time to set-in on the talkshow but its hard for me to join the show because I am out of time. But I love to join the show because lot of matters to learn to my self specially how to be a good and succesful steemians. Thanks to sir @surpassinggooglr he is a.big influence to us he inspired us, support us to keep steeming to success.

This is really awesome i just love your work terry boy i am so glad to see you thanks for making my world so beautiful.

I am glad to hear from you

Great meassage sir hope every one uses ulog for a great extent looking forward you to reach new heights.

Yes, steemit is like barter system . Here we can exchange things by steem. Keep posting and supporting dear Terry

Well said - Beautiful humans will be involved in blockchain see its own true beauty.

Yes boss @surpassinggoogle yeasterday i was joined #steemgigs discord channel with @mermaidvampire....


Sir i make everyday #ulog post i already voted @steemgigs and proxy @surpassinggoogle but any single post you dont support me,, every ulogger you support without me sir

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I think you're doing a good job! But you must also rest. We need you healthy and well again. All your ideas are good. I hope the Macrohard project works and we can see the progress. Attentive to your work and always supporting you, @ surpassinggoogle!

I read something about not eating and moving. Don't forget to take care of yourself as they say "Health is Wealth". I appreciate everything you do for this community! Thank you for everything!

Well definitely take time off Terry sometimes the mind and soul plus the body is cumbered, and only a pleasant time off will heal this.
I've taken time off too, I'm however glad to see that you will be back soon. @mermaidvampire has been splendid.

I've heard alot about you. Dear @surpassinggoogle

Thank you for telling me

You're highly welcome. See you around!

And hey, great work you're doing here. 😃

I have heard of you a to many times by community members, now my getting closer to you is really unveiling nice things about you... Your ideas in the blockchain is even make it more sweeter and growing our shine😍😍
Pls have a good rest and take care of urself because you are very important to us. Thanks for your relentless efforts to make here a better place @surpassinggoggle..beside, i love the way you write.

aqui mi voto y visita amigo,saludos desde margarita venezuela

I have already subscribed your youtube channel and liked facebook page. But, I don't know how to use discord and Telegram. So I haven't used those at all. Personally I haven't made a 8 seconds video but I have encouraged some people who made that by replying them. Thanks

Forget to tell 1 thing. I always resteem your posts in the recent days. Resteemed this one too :D lol
My witness @steemgigs :)

Totally in agreement with you @surpassinggoogle, I notice that many people are abandoning the platform because the value of the steem are low, it is necessary that the healing projects, the dolphins and the whales as the names are credited in the steemit platform, generate contributions and recommendations so that the new users of steemit have orientations and motivations so that they remain contributing to the platform.

Done subscribing in YouTube and liking FB.

Truly #ulog has touched many lives. Thank you for coming up with this brilliant idea. You have our 100% support!!!

I missed the talk show too because I am not feeling well that time. But hoping the next show, I can join.

Yes,, I Love steemgigs for witness

Because, I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team.
Thanks for this @surpassinggoogle

Join the talks on the weekends. You will learn much fast
Thank you

I would love to be there and wait for the weekend to arrive.
Thanks you @surpassinggoogle

@surpassinggoogle, just the title alone about this makes me happy!

Blockchain Isn't To Fix Matters! We Are To Use Blockchain To Grow In Our Shine, To Where Blockchain Starts To Shine Because Of Us

It makes me happy because we are the ones responsible for making the change, and for making a the world a better place for everyone! There is no magical "it" that will fix things, we will.

It is as Gandhi once said: "BE the change you wish to see in the world!"

Things like the ulog initiative empowers people to help themselves reach a better place. The #ulog and #teardrops are just "things" (marvelous things, but still just "things") you must choose to DO something with them to gain the benefit... and that is a beautiful thing!

Bright Blessings to you!

Someone share me the beauty of this amazing platform its a big big wow.then they share me about you,.... your great person i know...i vote #steemgigs one of my witness ,i appreciate your doing in who you are,kuya terry @surpassinggoogle ,take care always..


Your contest are very good and I will be participate

Thanks for your good works @surpassinggoogle. You have really helped so many people here on steemit.
I appreciate your efforts.

You are doing a very good deed. The universe will certainly reward you. Good luck to you and Love.

Вы делаете очень доброе дело. Вселенная обязательно вознаградит Вас. Удачи Вам и Любви.

invest it guys it's a future

Wow I am excited to be part and play that games. I know it is one of the best initiative to motivate stemians.. GREAT JOB SIR

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Done voted all the best :)

Very good describe bloclchain. Keep supporting dear Terry .

what an amazing place this is!! just speechless