You Will Find Some Delicate Elements That Will Speed Up Your Steemit "Success" Journey In The Weekly "SteemGigs Discord Talk".

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The Steemgigs discord talk show did happen last weekend! I was very weak (on the day) to do an update steemit post before the talk. 

However, recall that we have established it to be weekly and on Sunday, 12 am Manila time (+8 GMT). 

12 am is a bit late here in Manila but the talk lasts for 1 hour 30 mins besides after-party and we have chosen this time because internet signal is better in Manila after 12 midnight and also so that, everyone in different time-zones can participate too.

There has been "success" so far, with limited network mishaps lately and more attendees too! 

Plus, we are learning alot fast. 

There is a certain uniqueness to our approach in these talks (discussing steemit/steem and "success" on it); thus, i invite you to join in and see. 

We add a "real life" paradigm to these discussions and this accomplishes a ton of things as the "success" involved, is "success" in life and on steemit or let's say, "irrespective of the interface".

All i do within my speech is not to teach or educate as i am simply privileged to talk on there; All i do, is to open/re-open our eyes to what exists within us, in terms of beauty, power etc

  • i.e me as one more mirror; "your ultimate true fan".
  • i.e me totally caring about you
  • i.e i have been heartfeltly thinking of you since i was 13
  • i.e "your boy terry" has weight and occupy space.
  • etc

The show must go on

So, last Sunday at 12 am midnight Manila time the SteemGigs discord talk happened. This was the 5th episode.

We are starting to grow in numbers (now more than 5,000 steemians on the discord server) and new attendees are joining. Last weekend, we had a @dynamicgreentk, @sherbanu @snook @dynamicshine etc in the conversation. 

@mermaidvampire gave speech as well.

Bottomline is, "everyone has something to offer" on the SteemGigs discord server and during these weekly talks too. So somehow, "the show must go on each week", whether there is an update post or not or whether i am there present or not.

I can't say that we aren't learning during these talk. What goes on during these talks is powerful. 

  • Tears drop! 
  • Love happens! 
  • New emotions are discovered! 
  • Dreams are built! 
  • Forgotten dreams are remembered! 
  • "Humanity is the brother next to you" happens! 
  • Connections happen! 
  • Relationships happen! 
  • Excitement happens! 
  • Fly happens! 
  • Shine happens! 
  • No one loses!
  • etc

So we invite to join in!

If you have joined Steemit recently, where should you start?

I will now confidently say; "start by subscribing to my YouTube channel here and join the SteemGigs discord server here to be part of the weekly talk show. 

If i have not been able to tend to your DM yet?

Please don't hastily conclude about matters. Simply join in on the discord talk as well on the weekend and you can reach me on there "live". 

During these talks, however rough, i end up staying on there for 9 hours or more. 

Plus, subscribe to my YouTube channel as i could reach out to you using my videos directly or indirectly.

Each of my steemit posts as well, very much involve "YOU"

Apart from the talks being talks, we also make sure to cater to as many steemians present as we can. Allowing all genre of questions and looking to promote projects, contests etc. 

Over time, we will look to create a format that allows us to be more effective with this. For now though, @maverickinvictus handles much of the promotion and he is reachable before or during the talks

Plus, we have a tag for each week's talk, allowing every attendee to a write a reaction steemit post into and we try to visit this tag to curate as many of these posts as possible.

For the last talk, we used #mermaidvampire

In due time, steemit account creation will also form part of the talks. I am preparing a simple verification form that will help me to easily help with steemit account opening, so that i don't have to go through entire chat-sessions to verify people who would like to sign-up to steemit and haven't been able to, successfully.

Till date, i have been helping with opening steemit accounts, using a delegation from @steemgigs. However, more recently, i have reserved this for reputable steemians who have a measure of history on steemit and have a list of friends etc for whom they want to open steemit accounts for.

Are you afraid of data consumption and cost (for the discord talks)?

Join the talks!

Your sacrifice in this case is worth it. We talk of "not letting the future or fears regarding it" deter us from evolving "the dream" into spanlessness. "The dream" part at least is the "free" part, so dream freely first! 

Relegate fears, buy that data, then join the talk; consume the data and let's see if you will not have "data" the coming week.
Let's try that!

Overall, if you have data fears or worries, tell us during the talk. "We are bigger than the smaller things!"

Here Is An Edited Version Of The Last Talk.

Click here to listen. It was covered and edited by @sn0white

Here is an un-edited version covering some 5 hours of the talk.

Click here to listen. Covered by @atongis

Your presence on the discord is/can translate into "value" and on steemit, "value" it is, that is rewarded; "content" being one form of value. 

See evidence that we value your presence!


That was the tag used specially for the last talk

Key Things That We Covered During The Last Talk

We continued "the power of a steemit post" in this talk

Note that we like to "real life" in our approach to discussing "success" on steem/steemit.

  • In real life, when there is a queue, you don't jump. On steemit, there are queues.
  • Use your steemit posts to marvel yourself. Be your first audience.
  • Don't be afraid of apprenticeship, even for free. Afford it. At the very least, become your own apprentice. Then, graduate and fly.
  • You also have an audience outside steemit. Don't be surprise, you have an audience that isn't yet born.
  • If you came on steemit for a (your) reason, do not conclude that "everyone" is here for the same reason.
  • Don't lose freedom. Relegate too-much-fears. Fly first! (Take your dreams to levels of spanlessness using your simple-looking steemit posts; when steemit's bright future happens, you dreams will be in set-state. If steem's bright future delays, you can use your set-dream to fine-tune the blockchain. Too much FOMO, you may MO.)

The day of the talk was dedicated to @mermaidvampire

She fell in love, out of it; then we stood in love for her and she with us. 

She is around 4 months old on steemit. She does steeming in between her dialysis sessions and she attends some of these SteemGigs discord talks during her dialysis sessions. 

On the day, she spoke of her bed and of her bed now having more value since she found steemit. She has had to spend way more time on it lately and she has been steeming from it.

It is no king-size bed. It is no queen-sized better either! It is king-queen-sized; "a new breed" of bed, for she has given this very bed more "testimonial essence", by touching us ever-constantly with her beauty (here on steemit), from the nooks and cranny of it. 
She has thrown her pillows at us softly and these have touched us, adding "fluff" into our "rough" and we have bounced along in new leaps, "satisfied", for the queen (@mermaidvampire) was involved.

@mermaidvampire has found a niche here on steemit, through which she is capable of touching many and she has evolve this niche "rain or shine". She loves innovating contests and "would you have known "contest-innovation" to be a certified niche?"; but she has created a niche out of it and by means of each of her contests, she manages to reward "everyone"; and her rewards?

Being able to have created an endeavor, that rewards everyone!

Further testimonies to the fact that on "steemit", there are different forms of reward. Yes "money"; and bigger things than "money".

Hahaha, don't be mistaken, "steem in itself" isn't money.

Well, join the SteemGigs discord talk each week and we will touch on all these and more. 

We may dedicate an entire day to you too, to love you for real.

Too, subscribe to my YouTube channel and let's go on a journey, up the testimonial harder route and let's taste how surprisingly simple a route it is!

Special Note

A VLOG can constitute a ULOG but a VLOG can't cover all dynamics of a ULOG.

So please, if you are doing a video about you or your environment or covering events in your day etc "anything that is freshly-created and created by you" and are uploading it to dtube, dlive, youtube etc kindly consider joining the trend #ulog and the movement represented by the now existing word ULOG.

Simply add #ulog or ULOG in title in place of VLOG and use #ulog and it is considered a ULOG.
Other newly existing words are ULOGGING, ULOGGER, ULOGGERS etc

Note that even a post on dsound can constitute ULOG, on its own or as part of a entire steemit blog post. 

A ulog is all encompassing (as it can contain each/all forms of media. A vlog is quite limited.

Your Boy Terry


Quick Update:  

#ulog  generated more than 6,000 comments and 2029 posts within the first 6  days since the tag was born. Join in and become a ULOGGER today. 


We are seeking coders/developers to help, by  means of or direct contributions. I would like to invite all  coders/developers, to show up on our SteemGigs development channel. 

Kindly visit and use our steem-based website today

Note that on SteemGigs, "everyone has something to offer". At the very least, you can update your profile on our website to open yourself up to more potential possibilities and improve your  general reputation even within the steemit community.  

To create awesome steemit posts, try our "un(dis)talented editor"

Read our detailed FAQ & Answers  

You can use the divider that i used for your posts as well: 

I do need strength

Dedicating My Entire Steem/Steemit Journey To My Mum

If you want to support an extra witness and you support mine "steemgigs", it will be really helpful. 

To vote my witness, simply visit and type in "steemgigs" into the first search box for witnesses or simply click Here to do it on one click! 

If you want me to make witness voting decisions on your behalf, simply visit and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box for proxy.  

Let's Go!!!

Offer a service under hashtag "steemgigs". Attempt out-of-the-boxness on hashtag (untalented)

Join the Steemgigs Community on discord:  

"Everyone has something to offer!" Why not?


Each Discord session we learn more and more things.

We share and celebrate the Uloggers who join. Their stories becoming the way for us to become their true fans as they reach true celebrityhood.

I am more than happy to be there and helping you Terry.

Now today was Pimp Your Post with @shadowspub in the Steemit Ramble and @snook told of her change in her outlook to a more positive one after meeting you Terry. In there she explained Ulog and what it means to her and what it means to everyone.

Your words are being delivered to all corners of the world, we are changing Steemit and giving people hope and inspiration.

Many more are trying to #beliketerry and be kinder and more positive even if life is hard, even if it is full of suffering because we are able to log our days, read about the Uloggers we look up to and shine when they talk and comment on our post we become our most awesome version.

All of that because you showed us to be better and. Focus on the good of people.

You are our inspiration and hope and the videos will help further.

So don't forget our This is Me :)

You have been exceptional, helping humanity through Terry. He got the soft spot of me, his words changed my chemistry, evoluting a new paradigm.

Thanks for the wonderful words I am just trying to #beliketerry

Yeah, let #bekiketerry. We can make this tag go viral, you know?

ahahhaa whenever I talk about Terry and what an inspiration he is to me I use it hahahha #beliketerry

I did and was very proud to spread the word of Ulogs. :D

I'm having so much fun and learning so much about myself by writing them!!

Thanks to you both @maverickinvictus & @surpassinggoole!!

It is you Snook that is shining and we are your true fans :)

Thank You :D

My appetite is wet for something great coming. So much testimonies from all that happens on discord. Not missing any again.

It was brilliant every line @maverickinvictus about @ulog and @surpassinggoogle.
Thanks for the support all the time.

The show plays important part spreading light more wider place. It was my first day on that show and it was awesome knowing how #ulog removes barriers to entry , barriers to curation many more things. I go through posts from #ulogs to know it much better.

Not have to worry about what to write today.. Because #Ulog saying write about you... Your life your activities... Only the thing is be original in spreading light. Most beautifullest thing in my view the untalented fact. Just open up your mind your life's light can enlighten others day...

It already boosts many taking up new projects as my fellows #steemtuners
@mdshahin786 @sifatsarker @habibrahad already taking initiatives to be more active uloggians in spreading light involving activity from steemians by contests which triggers urge to write to participate.

Hope we will be able to present our projects at next live show.

We all waiting eagerly and part of this #ulog including @irak @sabab @durud thanks for your presence in that 5th talk show already started their ulogs.

In our channel #steemtuner we opened room for #uloggers post.

This are the small steps taken by #steemtuners promoting #ulog, #steemgigs the project of Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle

We support the tag #beliketerry be like someone doing for others in a way benefits all.

Thank you Sherbanu for this awesome comment :) we can all aspire to be like Terry.


Thank you @sherbanu. I am very proud to have you in my server. I hope you will always there for me to promote sir @surpassinggoogle ' s project. i would also like to thank @maverickinvictus

As I said, This man is in the positive role to create a new era of steemit Community...
we #steemtuner wish to contribute our best one to promote #ulog to our people...
people will know you much, Love you much...

Yeah , i have post first about #ulog as well :D

Great to hear that and let us spread the word of Ulog to the world!

oh that's good sir i better check it out:-)

I've already subscribed to this youtube channel and Ive even made a post on my blog with pictures encouraging people to do same. Moreover, I can't miss this week's discord talk for anything.

Sir, despite missing some part of the show i still enjoyed and learnt alot in server, new invites also sharing their philosophy ideas, plans too, @surpassinggoogle i remembered a time you mentioned your phone is lagging, i wished i can personally buy you a new phone from here and send to Manilla, but its all good. @mermaidvampire lovely woman she also gave me a point to always remember, a great individual shes. Thank you sir for always been our drive in our daily activities...
Connected my phone to a keyboard for typing. To me its called creativity...

wow, very resourceful:-)

Im excited for the next talk show as I love listening you sir @surpassinggoogle and the others singing variety of song from different corner of the globe.

About your Youtube channel I hope SA members will find the pinned post in SA's FB GROUP and subscribe.


Jah will Bless you and your family in the name of Jesus.


Real thanks bro. Thank you alot for that

@surpassinggoogle really deserves to be one of the witnesses due to his untiring contributions in steemit platform plus hundreds or maybe thousands who were encouraged by him to do more in steemit. Kudos to you bro 👍

I couldnt agree more!! :) he helps alot of us. And we are beyond blessed to have known him :)

I'm one of the thousands encouraged by him.

Always capturing ones worries and sweetness in one post per time. Why have I missed out on such a beauty in the discord channel talk. Well, no more... I'm back on steemit and all in on this. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for every great initiative.

Yea his initiatives are superb and far reaching.

@surpassinggoogle matters, and matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. Lol. I already subscribed to the channel because i dont need to be told, anything he lays his hands on is always exceptionally amazing. Keep it up Terry Ajayi. My One True Fan

I look forward for the next talk show. See you!

My friend @atongis and @sn0white are always recording the discord talk show. For sure they will record the next talk show. Hehe.. Thanks for conducting the talk show, it helps us a lot in our journey here in steemit

sana lang hndi antukin agad,hehe

I wasn't able to join the 5th talk last sunday, but I will surely not miss the chance on the next one. I may be a silent listener and don't often make any conversation but I assure that I was learning.
But I still can cope up to the conversation because of the @atongis and @sn0white covers :D thanks

Honestly, I missed the 5th talk show in Discord of @surpassinggoogle. But good thing, @atongis covered the whole event. So in a way I got updated on what happened.

Great work from our dear esteemed leader @surpassinggoogle,this discord talk is really a nice one,am trying to attend my first one and am looking forward to it,it will be great.

Awesome times we have had on those talks as we share our "humanness" and so much of shine.
Well done Terry, i look forward to another talk!
I would send another reply comment after i degest the whole post breakdown! @surpassinggoogle


Wow it's here again I don't want to miss this one I have missed last week due to my account

that's amazing five hours !congrats and more power!

These discord sessions have now turned out to be the weekly words of honey and love. Talks that go to such depth and makes people jump up in seeing the truth in clarity.

I've been lurking in your Discord for quite a while but haven't said much. There is so much to do and learn within the steemit community that it's hard for me to cover much in a week's span.

Groups like yours are a blessing for those of us who are new especially because without these types of groups, steemit wouldn't be nearly as effective as it is, for a lot of people.

Just really wanted to say thank you for everything you do for everyone, even though I'm not fully aware of much of it yet, I will keep looking around your discord and participating more too.

Looking forward to meeting what looks like a great collective of people.

Take care @surpassinggoogle

you are welcome. I am more of a behind-the-scener. I would love to do more.

@mermaidvampire is really amazing, too. And I love joining her contests because it is so FUN and everyone is a winner. :D :)

I love joining the Talk Shows because every time I do, I really learn a lot and of course, meet some new friends and amazing people, as well. :) It is true. The internet is really getting better since the talk show started at 12 midnight. I hope it will remain like that :)

OMG! Finally! I just feel awful for not being able to hear different voices from the kind steemit coaches who never fails to teach us. But then I saw this, yay! Finally! I can hear you speaking. Subscribed already sir @surpassinggoogle! More more power and God bless! <3

I missed the last one due to the network problem here too one it pained me so much so I would try this coming One

the part of the post about data was specially for you. No worries. Network will pave way

I wish to hear you sing on your next talk show.

I sang in all of them. i am becoming boring

Can we have special appearances to sing too? Some of us want to feature @surpassinggoogle. Can't wait for @steemgigs records.

She is around 4 months old on steemit. She does steeming in between her dialysis sessions and she attends some of these SteemGigs discord talks during her dialysis sessions.

She is truly a living inspirations, if She make it to attend, what do I? or you?
Long live @mermaidvampire you inspired me to keep going despite for all negative things, Mabuhay kayo ni Terry...see ya at discord😊

Hello @surpassinggoogle
I bid you greetings,

The Steemgigs discord talk show did happen last weekend! I was very weak (on the day) to do an update steemit post before the talk.

The lord is your strenght sir terry, for your good heart and kindness to others there is always a reward. I missed the 5th talk show that occured on discord because of my poor network..but thanks to @lordjames i got some hints on what was talked about:)
You deserve accolades sir terry for your tremendious acts towards reaching out to the community...Thank you for sharing at this hour, well appreciated:)
I am @vickyrich

Data consumption is nothing compared to what we learn.

Happy new month, father of Modern day steem blogging and philanthropic icon.

I know you're a busy person is not easy to reply all DM .

i'll join you on the weekend live..
.i celebrate @surpassinggoogle

Right title for the right icon. I wish other empowered steemians can commit to Empowering others like @surpassinggoogle does.

Wow the task has not been easy, and i say weldone terry.
You are really adjusting the world.
Thanks for being my fan
Thanks for making me a celebrity
Thanks for the love you show all on the blockchain, and i do pray Jehovah gives you more strength.
I sure wont miss the next talk show.
Get the good work going👏👏
💪💪 fighting!

Thank you for uploading the edited version of @surpassinggoogle last Sunday. I wasn't able to make it, but still I am updated because of uploads. Truly, the projects of @surpassinggoogle is a huge success. More power to the team.

Please keep enlightening us with your words as everything you say applies not only here on steemit but to all our lives! I am working now to get better myself to develop myself first and I will not fail. Thank you for the gift @surpassinggoogle terry you have a wonderful day!

For now still #ulog and #steemgigs, i belive you will help more minnow in steemit! Possible you will create new project later!
More and more in the future ! Success always for you!

I was subscribed that chanel.
its verry useful for everyone.
thank you sir Terry @surpassinggoogle
you are really great sir.

Hmmmmmm... More grease to your elbow for all these @surpassinggoogle. Jehovah bless you

I kept this one short to display my love for you

You're a rare gem. That's a fact!
Terry there's something i'll really love to discuss with you.
I'll hook you up on discord soon. Catch ya

More talk shows please. I just learn your talk show a week ago and it was my first time to hear your voice

My part is small but I will do what I can to spread the word of your journey to help all people find a way to help themselves and all be equal in everyone's eyes.

Hey I don't know much but I want to join your discord group so that I can benefit from it too.
Please guide me in the process, @surpassinggoogle has been a role model for me in my journey to steemit. I know he has done wonders in the contributions of steemit but know that he has a lot more to do , in fact we all do. I request you to help me join your discord so that I might benefit too. Thanks

The discord Talk show is always a wonderful and inspiring moment. I have created about 10 posts from the last 2 discords I attended.

One of the lessons that is inspiring my newest project #ULOGCONNECTION was this:

Ulogs is just removing the barriers for everyone

Thank you @Surpassinggoogle for being a bunch of inspiration.

Subscribed @surpassinggoogle, hope I will learn something there

You will not only learn my friend, you will greatly benefit. The guy never lets down, never disappoints. @surpassinggoogle is indeed an amazing fellow. Stay tuned

#steemgig and #ulog are the two biggest initiative started by you that are running with full power, people has seen their power and now they have realized that these both are neccessary to be successful here on steemit.

Thanks, @surpassing google for this really detailed post on why we should attend the discord talks am I have never taken apart of any discord talks in steem gigs though am part of it like I literally thought it is only for the Philippines but am really glad to know that it is for everyone around the world. Truly am not missing anymore because this post has intrigued my innermost self for steemit and to know more from a sucessful steemian like you . Am to post this in our Ugandan whatsapp group am sure it is going to change so many lives and alot will learn from your talk shows
Am humbled to follow such a kind-hearted man and loving to every one .

In my town some people think that : @surpassinggoogle is the owner of steemit. Whenever someone shouts about steemit, old people say that : you are talking about Mr Terry?
This is the power of steem blockchain. Also this is the thing which nobody can produce even after spending million of money. But you did it terry and this is your personality your love your generosity. All the best man and always keep smiling!

I have posted about the theme of ulog 3 days ago. i would suggest all of you to read #ulogs theme on @ulogs blog

I heard about @mermaidvampire's dialysis and I was like such an amazing soul, a very hearty inspiration for someone who is going through tough times, you see that's what steemit does to one, the 5th talk show was lit up by her vibration, her zest and her beautiful words
We've all come to love ulog, why? it's brought out the best in us really,
Well sometimes we look at the source of the inspiration, and we all look for reasons to reminisce.

I will kill my ability to sleep so I can hop on the next show, I certainly will.

seems like i have missed something special
i think timing is also a concern for all of us to join

Yes but we are supernatural, we don't abide by time 😁 ulog has made us superhuman celebrities

I am learning coding . already finished my first two steps. I hope i will fully complete it in 2 month.

Sir @surpassinggoogle . i would like to stay beside you. To help you promote your project.

Ish, I missed the last show. Thought it wouldn't hold when you didn't post about it. Now that I know the time is fixed, I will always attend the show every week.

Never been involved with discord talks lately because of some prior businesses but i’ll make sure this time i can give time to join and be more interactive together with other steemians and uloggers. I only had one ulog post but im planning to make more to share it here. Thanks @surpassinggoogle for this initiative. You are indeed paving ways for everyone and making opportunities also for us to share what we can offer. :)

We're so glad to have ulog and everybody are loving it. Truly that it removes barriers.

Through discord, we learn a lot of things from you sir @surpassinggoogle. And also for your youtube channel, we can gain knowledge out of it and we are very thankful to have it.

Well said boss that for been the man for us all @surpassinggoogle God bless you

the best thing is we still get updates from the talk show even if we miss them at first place
thanks for always motivating us and showing us how to succeed
your contribution to this community is above all

steem gigs really works so nicely.

thanks for your great content written sir.

Thank you for your kindness today. all small fish like me are very happy with your project, this is amazing. I believe that you will give birth to a new project that is beneficial to many people

Me and my wife @cchua are really excited for tomorrows discord live talkshow @surpasinggoogle. God bless us all.

Each Discord session we learn more and more things.We share and celebrate the Uloggers who join. Their stories becoming the way for us to become their true fans as they reach true celebrityhood.

I don't let anything stop me from joining the show.

Thank you for this sir. People are really have a hard time signing up this few weeks.

In due time, steemit account creation will also form part of the talks. I am preparing a simple verification form that will help me to easily help with steemit account opening, so that i don't have to go through entire chat-sessions to verify people who would like to sign-up to steemit and haven't been able to, successfully.

Bless up Bro @surpassinggoogle

there will be alot get in these talk shows
i haven't joined at
hopefully i will be joining next time
about community discord link is showing invite expired
how can i join the steemgigs discord server

I didn't attend the live session but listening to this editted one above, I can tell that the speaker is trying to explain to everyone that we all have a role to play for the furtherance of this blockchain and I couldn't agree with her more.

I've been in all those previous talk shows on discord and I was amazed of the power and energy of those people who stay awake until morning.

The talk show starts at 7pm Saudi time but the show used to continue up to around 3am here which is too late for us to sleep since our work will start at 8am.

Anyway I did managed to remain online and listen one time up to 3am but my
Eyes were shutting down hard, good that we have @atongis and @sn0white to record the show so we wont be missing any important things to learn.

More power and God bless!

anything I want to hear about you. it's easy ... your youtube channel is very useful ... and I have subscribed to your channel

Steemigigs just got a new member tpday, me

Welcome on board!

See you in the next discord talk show...🤗😁

"You Will Find Some Delicate Elements That Will Speed Up Your Steemit "Success" Journey In The Weekly "SteemGigs Discord Talk"."


From my first attendance of Steem gigs talk show, I had a renewed zeal for steemit and the steem blockchain. I learned a lot from sir Terry.

Why i like listening to @surpassinggoogle is that, he knows how it feels like to be a beginner her and shares the right motivation and insight to help us get going.


It's so unfortunate that my phone is giving me big time issues downloading the discord app since February I joined steemit but I know one day I'll join the talk.
Yes, I've also doubted your care for me here because of no attention from you in recent weeks but you're a good man and as I always say, steemit will be my home as long as @surpassinggoogle stays.

Your commitment to helping the young is extraordinary, hopefully more projects like this you will develop in the future. Hopefully more steemians will contribute to help empower others ...
Success is always for you!

Your commitment to helping the young is extraordinary, hopefully more projects like this you will develop in the future. Hopefully more steemians will contribute to help empower others ...
Success is always for you!

Wow @mermaidvampire youre a queen. Youre strong. And youre greatly loved. Am a big fan.
I wont miss this week talk. I love how yountake steemit as a life, seing behind thenpost and into the lives of the users. I love that. I want to be a part if this greatness

Friends of mine recorded the last discord talk show, I'm very glad that watched with the part I missed. Thank you to my kind and gorgeous friend @sn0white, and to kuya @atongis na mabait. 😊😊 I'm so thankful to @surpassinggoogle for scheduling the talkshow.

I joined the channel for few days. But i could not clearly hold of it. I mean, I am having trouble to understand how it really works and it is doing. Can you please suggest me something @surpassinggoogle

Even it is late, I will try my best to join in or perhaps listen to the Talk Show.

With regards to your YouTube channel, I just subscribed in. Quite late since I rarely open my YouTube channel.

Expect my brother @atongis to record the show again. Hehe.

I always learn things on the the steemgigs talk show every week.
not only about speeding up the journey here but also to become a good steemian
For sure on the next show, another great knowledge will be discuss:-)
thank you so much Sir Terry

The discord talk show is indeed a very good avenue to learn more from Steemit. Plus, it's fun way to get know more of fellow Steemians and @surpassinggoogle himself.

I never felt it was a waste of data to listen to your talks. Only that though the spirit is very willing, the body is weak. Anyways, i am glad sir @atongis was able to record the show, so it felt like i was there anyway.

Looking forward to another show. More power to you @surpassinggooggle.

I hope i will be able to losten to you too sir @surpassinggoogle! I heard it is full of inspiration and motivation an passion.

It has been a pleasure to be there on your Discord channel, Steemgigs @surpassinggoogle. I was able to meet different people from all walks of life with diff. time zones! haha.. I had fun listening to your voice and your music and of course the singing session of everyone. You love Ne-Yo, the reason why I chose his song to sing for you. I hope you liked it hehe.. that was the second time I have made a video for someone and both of them were made for you. hmmmn... and I guess that's something I can only offer to you or to someone else - my joy of singing even if I'm not a good singer hehe... You are special! and i know other people who love you can do that as well.

Thank you for remembering my name, @surpassinggoogle. It means a lot to me. :) God bless you and wish you all the best always!

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@surpassinggoogle sir u r a superhuman. I enjoy your you tube channel as well as your stwemgigs live shows.DRQAMRANBASHIR.gif

You are really great boss. Thank you so much for the change in the time of the discord show, You really think about the good of all. Thank you sir @surpassinggoogle


I do not need know the reason why I should subscribe Terry Ajayi on YouTube, you are just too super stupendously kind to us not to honor your humble request.

And you wont regret you did. @surpassinggoogle is an amazing guy and all is concepts are super cool. So you hear he is starting a new thing.. just rush in and join, you wont regret it

I missed the last show cos i over slept,i would try and keep a date with sunday. Guess you guys had fun. I would catch up with the one i missed from the recorded video i found here.

I cant wait for sunday to come.

I just downloaded the recent show talk, edited version. Guess i will start from here. I will be following up from now onwards. Looks like this has benefitted alot of people. Have noticed people make seperate posts about it. Big up @surpassinggoogle .

Anticipating to hear you talk this Saturday again on discord. Your act of kindness is not common. Keep helping humanity @surpassinggoogle

And happy new month. May Jeh bless us all. Amen. Have me in mind Terry.

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My fear is not data... I fall asleep early and everybody is asleep at home with a sign "OBSERVE SILENCE". (^_^)

I missed last week's talks, I'm definitely not missing the next one.

Apart from the talks being talks, we also make sure to cater to as many steemians present as we can. Allowing all genre of questions and looking to promote projects, contests etc.

@surpassinggoogle is awesome
Steemgigs will make a giant stride and hit the global internet
You surely will surpass google

I'm very excited in the next discord discussion.:)See you guys and let's party after.Singing all day long,:)

I'm really sorry bro for not attending the last week talk show but I'll assure you to attend this coming talk show and record it to share to everyone your message and plans for us who will not attending or to those people who are not attending the steemgigs talk shot but wants to hear you, so see you again on the next steemgigs talkshow more power and god bless

It is no king-size bed. It is no queen-sized better either! It is king-queen-sized; "a new breed" of bed, for she has given this very bed more "testimonial essence", by touching us ever-constantly with her beauty (here on steemit), from the nooks and cranny of it.
She has thrown her pillows at us softly and these have touched us, adding "fluff" into our "rough" and we have bounced along in new leaps, "satisfied", for the queen (@mermaidvampire) was involved.

@mermaidvampire I wanna lay down in your bed
Discord once again..I will be there .
Karen deserve loved and i loved her with uloggers @,surpassinggoogle

I am a new user in steem, you and your friends are a steam promoter. I feel bad when new users like me are introduced to the platform, I give up because they are not recognized and no detail explained. Your team and you do a good job with recognize the user completely and I will be happy to be part of your team.
@surpassinggoogle Really deserves to be one of the witneses and I am one of the many
due to his untiring contributions steemit platform plus hundreds or maybe thousands who were encouraged by him to do more in steemit

I love steemit gigs

Sorry sir, I always follow your post and I've seen your latest video on youtube Terry ayayi,
I would like to ask you directly about our plan here to make aceh steemgigs, in what sense can we make a post in a local language like aceh or indonesian sir @surpassinggoogle? I represent my friend here want to ask first because we are afraid that our post will not get response from you sir, sorry sir please instruct, thank you
Here are some of my recent post sir, please visit sir hopefully I will not disappoint you, thank you sir

I just joined your steemgigs discord channel through your invite link Screenshot_2018-06-01-17-11-12.png

It is really a great pleasure to be part of discord talk show. We can learn alot and share new is also a time that some of us can share their talents by singing... Thanks Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle for making it possible..

one more sir, i also have subscribe your youtube sir, i am curious i want to ask sir, in #steemit there is #dtube why do you use it ,? why should youtube sir?


I'll try to attend your discord talk @surpassinggoogle sometimes I am up all night like today that I can't seem to get some sleep.

I just want to say that continue your humanitarian deeds at steemit you are helping a lot of souls God Bless your steemit endeavors Sir.

@surpassinggoogle como de costumbre buscando las mejores opciones para crecer y crecer dentro de Steemit

Yey! See you on the next discord talk Sir Terry @surpassinggoogle

Me alegra mucho que le sigas dando vida a tu canal de youtube, esta muy interesante el vídeo del usuario de steem con Lebron James Jajajaja seria algo increíble que esa serie termine 4-1 como dice, Siempre alegrando los días como siempre amigo espero que siga así saludos:D

Watched your You Tube videos and listened to your talk shows. I am learning a lot! Thank you, Terry!

This platform has changed the life of so many individuals including myself. Now I want to help people with the money I have made , when I go back home in a couple of weeks , it is time to give back o those in need . I put my trust in God, have a nice day..