Application entry - Why I would make a good Steem Country Representative for TURKEY

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First of all, hello everyone.
I decided to write this article with the announcement of @steemitblog. As someone who has benefited from many benefits of Steemit, I decided to be a candidate for this representation. I will make this introduction to expand the representative team of countries and help our country friends.

Türkiye Kazanır Instagram Gönderisi.png

Who am I ?

27 years old I live in Turkey. I am a mother of two children.. I studied English for two years. I was also a home food supplements sales representative. Thanks to Steemit, I quit these jobs and devoted my life to steemit.

• My steemit past

It was 2018 when I first heard about Steemit. I registered and prepared a post without knowing anything yet. I could not grasp what kind of platform it is and I ended my activity. Some of my first posts;

3 yıl.JPG

Later, with Steemit coming back on the agenda, I decided to do this. I first started sharing the recipe in the Steemfoods community. And realizing that Turks are not active, I started activities for women to join this platform. I have been using this platform actively for about 6 months. my writing, motivation and leadership spirit are increasing day by day. This allows me to do my job with more pleasure. During this time, @cryptokannon and @steemcurator01 provided me the most support.

I have 3,414 SP in my personal account. Of this 1500 SP I delegated to my community @steemwomensclub. In this way, I have provided my support. Although I have personal expenses, I increase my strength by not withdrawing money except for compulsory needs.

The Communities I Have Participated In and My Activities;

There were a lot of communities I joined. I had active posts in all of them. First of all, I have been an active user in the Steemfood community for 2 months. Then I was an active user in the Worldofxpilar community. I shared posts in the SteemitPakistan community. And finally I made the decision to start my own community.

My aim to establish the Steem Women's Club community;

Exactly, as an example of this post, my purpose of establishing this community was to activate and support Turkish women. I realized that many women thought they would not be supported and stayed passive. Or even if they knew the steemit platform, they hesitated to write. I took the first step into the community to break their prejudices and let them know more.


I have achieved most of my goals so far. Although I could not enable Turkish women to be active at first, I have now provided support for many Turkish women. This number has reached 10. Even this number is a great success right now. Steemit-reaching turkey women in both groups provide support in that community I've been helping prepare the votes enabling them to send in steemwomen the club community. And over time, we believe that our number as Turks will increase many times over.

My Activities for the Community;

Until now, 14 competitions have been held in the Steem Women club community. I chose quality posts almost every day. And I sent it to the curators to vote. I have supported many women. I solved your problems. Mistakes for people, of course, we all made mistakes. The important thing is to fix this. Being adic is the most important factor for me.

I also started a GOODNESS CHAIN ​​EVENT in the community. In this way, we have given many help. We lent a helping hand to people in need. We will continue this.

My Activities for Turkish women;

Days before this representative candidate, I founded a group for TURKISH WOMEN on the telegram channel. I gave a lot of information under the name of “How to create a quality posts. I answered women's questions. And I will gladly continue to help. While doing these, I worked for my country without any interest. This would have continued like this had it not been for the announcement of the country representative.

A Few Pictures from Telegram Channel;




• I think I will be a good Country representative because;

Even without this nomination, I would love to help people in my country with their problems and questions. I did my best to keep them active. I also think that I have acquired enough knowledge for Steemit. Of course, we will learn what we do not know. I will also do my job by following the Steemit rules and listening to the curators' words. My aim is to tell more about Steemit to people. And I want to Announce this platform to the World.

As a country representative, I will be honored to help and guide people in my country.

Best regards



hello my precious. I am sure that you will be the best representative. Thank you for your support and for encouraging you to be officially the representative of women in your country.

I thank you my dear. I've been very happy for your support. We all stream for steemit

Mi apoyo total segura de que lo seguirás haciendo tan buen como hasta ahora. Saludo y mucho éxito.

@svm038 runs a large and popular group on the steem blockchain. Turkey deserves to be representative. I support him. I have a good command of the technical and basic issues about the steem blockchain. I am ready to help him when he will be busy.

thank you so much. It made me happy that you support me and say you will help at the same time.

I wish you the best of success, I know you will play a great role as a representative, as you have done in the beautiful community of women, greetings and good wishes.

you are valuable to me. my support will always be with you. thank you so much 😊

Wow, you are really the best candidate for this position and I know you are already doing the work. It is just to give it a title. Congratulations ma'am and I wish you success. @svm038

thanks for your best wishes. We will work for Steemit. and we will help people in our country.

excelente amiga, serás una gran country representative de Turkia así como lo has sido de todas las mujeres de la plataforma

Vaoov thank you so much

Mi apoyo incondicional para ti @svm038, eres una digna representante de tu pais, y de todas las que conformamos la comunidad de mujeres.

You are valuable for me too, thank you very much

It's a great pleasure for the interested users. Hopefully we need more active CR from #Bangladesh.


I hope you will be a good representative. You are dedicated and doing that very well.
Advance congratulations!

Thank you so much

You are already a great women representative. I am sure you would be an even better Turk Representative.

All the best!

your support made me very happy. thank you so much

Hello, I really want to congratulate you💓, you are an admirable person .. I am @genesisaguilera new to this beautiful community and I hope you like my publications so much as to receive your support, I wish you everything beautiful in the world. Blessings

Thank so much. I will support

Hola linda, felicidades y suerte con tu nueva labor, en esta maravillosa plataforma

Thank you so much 😊

Good Luck @svm038 🙏

Teşekkürler 👍

Our helpful and hard-working representative. You are definitely the best candidate for this task.
I want you to win with all my heart. Together with you, the women of My Country and My Country, we will do great things.
You are doing things to be proud of. I completely believe that he will do this task properly. I am behind you with my vote and my immediate circle.

Yardım sever çalışkan temsilcimiz . Bu görev için en iyi aday kesinlikle sensin.
Senin kazanmanı tüm kalbimle istiyorum. Seninle birlikte Ülkem ve Ülkemin kadınları çok güzel işler başaracağız.
Gurur duyulacak işler başarıyorsun. Bu görevi de layıkıyla yapacağına tamamen inanıyorum. Oyumla ve yakın çevremle arkandayım.

Güzel mesajınız için çok teşekkürler. Bu adaylık olmasaydı da ben sizlere destek olmaya devam edecektim. Ülkem ve sizler adına destek olacak kim ise umarım olur. Birlikte güçleneceğiz

Congratulations and good luck 👏👏👏


Wow, I don't think there is a better candidate than you because so far so good, you've been working tirelessly in the community and I am sure, you are the best amongst the best.

You actually new to the work because you've been doing it even before the title came in place. So you are the best candidate, I will support you.

Wish you the best ma'am

Thank you so much for seeing me working. I will support you.💜

Te deseo mucho éxito, se que serás una gran representante!! Felicidades por todo lo que has logrado y todas las personas a las que has ayudado. "Juntas somos más fuertes".

We are STRONGER TOGETHER . Thank you so much 😊

Başarılar diliyorum. Umarım hayırlısı olur 🙏


Good luck, we know that you are very supportive of women and other people here and it will be good for you ^^

I am very glad that you are aware of my support. your support made me very happy

Am sure you will make a very good representative, you have shown great leadership for these few months I have come to know you, your support and encouragement is second to none. I wish you all the best, you have my support @svm038

Steemit e tekrar dönüp yazmam konusunda senden ilham aldım. Adil ve motive edici bir lider oldugun ve bizlere her konuda destek verdiğinden dolayı teşekkür ederim. Umarım Türkiye temsilcisi sen olursun ve bunu sonuna kadar hakediyorsun.

Çok mutlu oldum. İlham verebildiysem ne mutlu bana. Umarım ülkemiz için hayırlısı kim ise o olur. Temsilci olmasamda her daim destekciniz olacağım :)

Felicidades, lo haces muy bien.

Thanks 😌

Que linda historia @svm038 me encanta la labor que estás haciendo y estoy segura que lograras ayudar a más y más personas. Te deseo muchos éxitos!!

no doubt about it. I will definitely support you.

Muchísimas gracias eres muy amable=)

Dear Ma, @svm. You have been a wonderful leader to us at steemwomenclub and I so much appreciate your effort. I give you my support and I know you will do very well. I wish you success ma.

çok teşekkürler :)

Wow, I think you would make a good representative

Thank you so much 😊

You been doing great job for @steemwomensclub. I hope you will get the Country Representative of Turkey title from The Steemit Team.

Thank you so much. Your support is very important to me :) I will do the best for my country, community and Steemit.

Greetings @svm038, on behalf of the members of steemwomanclub, I want to say a big thank you, for your good works in the @steemwomenclub
You are one in a million 😘.

Congratulations in advance ,I Know you we make us proud.

You are the best among the best.
You have my surport.

Success awaits you 🤗❣️

Hi @svm038 you are a great leader and I know you will achieve everything you set out to do, best of luck, you are a beautiful person and you deserve the best. Successes.💖🤗✨

Seras una gran representante @svm038.

I have no doubts about your leadership my sister. You are great leader. We have seen together the success of the Steem Women Club Community. I hope you get this position. I quote mother teresa's words "spread love every where go. Let no one ever Come to you without leaving happier"

thanks dear. we have to communicate on discord channel

Ok sis. I have replied your message 😊

Steemit dünyasına katıldığım günden beri bana ve diğer herkese yapmış olduğunuz yardımlar göz ardı edilemez. Başarılar diliyorum 🌸

Çok teşekkürler 😊

From the the few months I have known you , I have learned a lot especially from your leadership style. Your support and encouragement to us ladies cannot be counted. You're going to be a good country representative and your achievements are going to be great. Good luck and I'm anxious for the good news
#twopercent #cameroon

Hello mam!
Congratulations in advance even if you are not selected still congratulations on all your hard work and i would be not wrong saying you are the power of all women and a great representative always!!
Best of luck from the core of my heart. @svm038

Dear @svm038, firstly I want to thank you. Thanks to @steemwomensclub my posts became more visible. You are hardworking to improve this club and I believe that you will succeed.

thank you so much. I will try to do my best. we will grow stronger together.

This is interesting,we are with you

Ms. Sevim, I support you. Good luck :)

Vaoovv bu çok iyiydi çok teşekkürler 😊

Wow, you are one of the best candidates among as you are leading a big community in a good manner. Wish you best of luck💕

Many thanks for your good wishes :)

Steemit Türkiye tavsiyesi ile sizin topluluğunuza dahil oldum. Tüm kadınlara destek olduğunuz gibi Türk kadınlarına da destek oluyorsunuz. Kendi adıma teşekkür ediyorum. Temsilcilik görevini alırsanız gerekeni yapacağınıza inanıyorum. Başarılar diliyorum 🙏🏻

My prayers are with you ma'am 💕
Best of luck. I hope you will become a country representative of turkey.
I've applied too for the CR of pakistan. Best of luck for both of us ❤️

You're going to make some great impacts to the development of your community

will definitely be that

Bendiciones y éxitos para ti @svm038, estoy agradecida por toda la labor que realizas.

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