Daily Steemit Faucet post for 23rd May 2018 **FAUCET CLOSED**

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I will share the full post reward with all the people who Comment (jokes and motivational/inspirational quotes) and Upvote this post . If anyone wants to donate additional SBD as a sponsor you will be mentioned as a sponsor in the daily Faucet posts. Minimum donation to be a sponsor is 0.100 SBD.

No registration needed as the only thing people need to do is Comment and UpVote the post to be added to the days payout. Payouts will be calculated after 24 hours automatically so no further action needed.

Please make sure you Comment and Upvote while the Faucet is Open. If you do this after the Faucet is Closed you won't receive a share of the days payout.

Comments and Upvotes on these Steemit Faucet posts will NOT be counted towards my weekly payout.

Check the STEEMIT Matters Facebook Group. Give your Steemit ID or you won't be allowed into this Closed Group.

Today's Sponsors are:

Please follow them and Comment/Resteem/Upvote their posts to show gratitude.

Faucet Jackpot

If a Daily Faucet post gets over 600 comments or 800 upvotes, whichever comes first, the below 14 SBD sponsor donations will be added to that days payout.

The Faucet Jackpot target will rise on future posts.

New sponsor donations will be added to the below list until the Faucet Jackpot target above is reached. Sponsors should send a minimum of 1 SBD to @sydesjokes with a memo of "Faucet Jackpot donation".

SponsorSBD Donated

Faucet Payouts

The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.300 SBD (this may need to be changed later) to reduce the number of payments I need to send out each day. I have created a Pending Payments page where people can check their SBD balance to see how close they are to getting their next payout --> http://csyd.es/Steemit/PendingPayments/

If you want your payout before it reaches 0.300 SBD or you want to convert payout to Superior Coin (you will need a Kryptonia.io account and provide your name there) send 0.001 SBD to @SydesJokes and request it. For early withdrawals, except for converting to Superior Coins, there will be a 5% Early Withdrawal Fee. This may take 24 to 48 hours so please be patient.

Buy SuperiorCoin -> http://csyd.es/BuySUP/

Register for a Kryptonia account and earn SuperiorCoins for doing tasks.

Join my SydesJokes Faucet Discord channel.

Past Faucet Posts

Faucet DateSponsorsCommentsUpvotesSBD Payout
22nd May 201882175792.40
19th May 201892726083.00
18th May 201891573422.00
17th May 201882485342.60
16th May 2018102235302.30
15th May 201892335372.50
14th May 201882515582.40
13th May 2018102245252.40
12th May 201871925202.10
11th May 201882415642.40
9th May 2018113005532.80
8th May 201882905653.20
7th May 2018102015342.50
6th May 2018102425133.20
5th May 2018102675603.20
4th May 201882725493.00
3rd May 201892965783.00
2nd May 2018112505424.50
1st May 2018112405453.00
Faucet Posts for April 2018567812827104.70
Faucet Posts for March 2018380711626147.50
Faucet Posts for February 201823917673211.00
Faucet Posts for January 201850025940213.81
Faucet Posts for December 201790572719.00

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Thanks again! You rock!!

I am in ..

We gotta hit the jackpot one of these times, people should try harder :P

i do hope so...

thanks, thanks, thanks.

back again

Congratulations @sydesjokes ! You received a 50% upvote from @kryptoniabot & @kryptonia.

Remember to receive votes from @kryptoniabot

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Use the tags KRYPTONIA or SUPERIORCOIN in your Steemit post for max vote.
Steemit reputation score above 25.

If you would like to delegate to the Kryptonia Upvote Project you can do so by clicking on the following links: 10SP , 50SP , 100SP , 500SP , 1000SP , 5000SP.
Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Due to an increased amount of tasks, we have changed up the voting power to evenly spread out the Upvote amount.

Change does not necessarily assure progress, but progress implacably requires change. Henry Steele Commager

Here's a good motivational quote: “The Way Get Started Is To Quit Talking And Begin Doing.” – Walt Disney. I did your task on Kryptonia. My id is: @eng_chit_chit

Thank you


You got me pelican fly-fly-flyin’

SBD Faucet for everyone! yes im here

'Side Hustle' is the New 'Job Security'. Do you agree?

🏳‍🌈 Peace🇱🇷 Paz🇪🇸 Pace🇮🇹 Paix🇫🇷 Salām Shalom Aloha Namaskar 和平 Vrede Patz Lapè Hacaña Мир শান্তি (śānti) ཞི་བདེ (zhi-bde) Pau Minaggen ᏙᎯᏱ (dohiyi)heddwch Fred Friede Ειρήνη (iríni Paco Paz Baké صلح (solh) Síocháin Shee शांति (śānti) Udo Friður 平和 (heiwa) Rangima’arie Vrede Pokój Мир (mir) สันติภาพ (santipap) Barış

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. ~Steve Jobs

Mister very helpful your post!

Again started the regular faucet after returning USA.
Thnx @sydesjokes

Finally made it first! Life is complete!

My greatest joy is to see joy in others. The best smile is the smile of the Soul whose echo vibrates throughout the body. I create reflective but ironic videos because I am convinced that the smile is a great antidote in this life full of malaise, anxiety, worries. Smile in the Soul Waking up.

Thanks for your Faucet post 23rd May 2018.........

La mejor opción para salir adelante es hacer algo, por ti y por los que te rodean.

Job interviewer: “And where would you see yourself in five years’ time Mr. Jeffries?"

Me: "Personally I believe my biggest weakness is in listening."

Wahoo wednesday

Good work

What do you call a snowman on a hot day?

Thank you for the faucet

Tip, tap, tip, tap, who’s eating my lactose-free, vegan, gluten-free, bio, Fairtrade house?

– Evil Witch Keeping Up With the Times

Patience is a virtue....

“With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless.” - Satoshi Nakamoto

Why did my washing machine stop pumping out water?

And more importantly, where is my hamster?

Thank you

what up what up faucet lovers added a few cents to the top :D

thank you for your help.

de vuelta

thanks for the other faucet

thanks again and again

Gracias amigo!

If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success.

thanks for the new day! @sydesjokes

La paciencia es la madre de la ciencia! @xintoe

Keep it up 👍👍

So Good to be Back .

Until when shall we see a 600 comments? 😉

Nice to see this faucet running again.😁😉

Gracias por su valioso apoyo

I appreciate this faucet...

#MIERCOLOVE De disfrutar un día más de vida! Superar obstaculos y salir adelante!! Feliz tarde a todos y buen provecho

There's so many cool Dapps...I can't focus on just one! Regardless, welcoming communities seem to be everywhere!


In @sydesjokes we trust! xd.

This week, I'm able to read your faucet in time ;-). Thanks

Each day is like the lotus flower that emerges from the dirty swamp to show its beauty and splendor.

Hi...how are you?

Buen día, estoy entrando con un saludo y mis mejores deseos para ti. Gracias.

Checking in..

In for this..

“We Generate Fears While We Sit. We Overcome Them By Action.” – Dr. Henry Link

"There should be mutual love and co-operation between the guardian and the recipient."

~ Rk Veda

Thank you and have a good day :)

Mid-week SBD Faucet for everyone!

thank you

Thanks! Resteemed&upvoted

Happy half of the week to all!

Keep you head up.

Thx u sir!

back on track

I am on the way

Otra vez por aquí! Muchas gracias!

Mr.Zurkon says thank you

Thanks for your post @sydesjokes

Thank you very much!

Thanks as always for doing these!

Thank you so much.

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