The way the butterfly determines its mate

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Dear #steemians! When we talk about butterflies, of course it will not be exhausted in the discussion because this butterfly is one of the insect species that has its own uniqueness in real life, so many experts always choose it to be studied, even agricultural students themselves do a lot of final work lecture by examining one of the insects called butterflies.

Why is that?

Because there are a lot of touching moments in the butterfly or there are various potentials if someone brings it into real life. But in this post I am not discussing the event to be an inspiration to humans, but in this post I will explain some of the uniqueness for butterflies themselves in increasing their habitat.

Among the many uniqueness that he has, one of them is the uniqueness in having intimate relations among his fellow butterfly in increasing their habitat.

When we talk about it, it is very difficult to explain because not many insect researchers observe the relationship of butterflies when mating in breeding.

One of the most difficult things is getting a reference to the truth, however, I personally have made several observations on the life of butterflies in an intimate relationship among butterflies.

Of course, in conducting this observation requires a long time in finding the data so it takes months or at least one month.

Therefore, the results of observations with a few simple tools and assisted by fellow researchers finally I found some data about them in having sex with other butterflies, following their contribution.

Basically, the butterflies themselves when they come out of the cocoon, then from there initially have sought and marked their partner instinctively. When a male butterfly comes out of the cocoon, he will remain silent waiting for other butterflies that immediately follow themselves to be made their partners.

So in this case, two species of butterflies with different characters are divided in their efforts to determine their mates, so the species is as you can see below.

1. The first characteristicThe passive male
2. The second characteristicThe active male
1. The passive male

As mentioned above that passive male butterflies do not make any effort to determine or hook their mates, these males only do silence on the side of the cocoon while waiting for female butterflies to come out of the cocoon.

Every sibling who comes out of the cocoon is marked by its own technique so that the female will automatically know that she is being awaited by someone who will be her life companion.

When a pact occurs or the female accepts it, she will kiss the male butterfly with its antennae, and then she will know that it is her male.

Then every butterfly that does not have a partner at that time then the male will fly through the direction he likes, then he is referred to as the active male.

The active male

The male who waits for the female but is not met then he will be an active male, then this male will fly in the direction he likes or often referred to as male patrol butterflies will look for a partner that matches his instincts where there are many female butterfly that does not have a male.

So that's where their instinctive adventures begin, so it's not surprising if we see a butterfly that is free to fly on its own, that's what was meant by the explanation above. Then how do they find their partners and must go through what method, then this will be mentioned in the next post.

Will #continue on the next post...
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