Steemians selling their accounts 🚫

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This is my second post about this topic!!
i have seen some people selling accounts for cheap rates.
I found so many posts in facebook groups
Here are some screenshots ;

This is surely in direct violation of the terms and agreements.
See this paragraph of Section 1 of the Steem Subscriber Agreement, which everyone who has a Steem account had to sign:
《You may not sell or charge others for the right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account, nor may you sell, charge others for the right to use, or transfer any Subscriptions other than if and as expressly permitted by this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use).》

So please if you find such posts please do not post links here report them🚫

Thank you for reading 💐


شكرا للمشاركة الجميلة
حصلت على تصويت من
@arabsteem curation trail !
و تم اختيار مقالتك ضمن مقالات يومية مختارة للنشر في مقالنا اليومي
يمكنك الحصول على تصويت اضافي عبر ارسال مبلغ
ستيم او اسبيدي الى حساب التصويت الالي
مع رابط المقال في حقل المذكرة (memo)
مما يتيح لك الحصول على تصويت من 0.10 الى 0.40 :)

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