Who owns that million dollar bot!

in #steemit5 years ago

Think of a world where steemit bots could give away huge sums of cash.

Also if that said bot would upvote each post by everyone ever. I'm not saying like 100 bucks or so, but more like at least 10 guaranteed cents per post.Currently even I'm not earning that much per post. But as steemit grows so does my income. As people on the network get richer, so do my readers. Everyone who's in this boat NOW is sure to be a wealthy person in less than 2 years. The only thing that these people need is consistency or monetary investment.

Currently the bots we have are puny beggars.

I like the bots that have the functionality beyond just posting the same thing over and over and over. Also the bots with wealthy wallets, who upvote everyone who puts a certain tag in(WE SEEM TO BE LACKING IN THIS DEPARTMENT). Also the plagiarism downvote bots are pretty cool. But we have yet to see a million dollar bot, who rains money on everyone. Just because they can.

As of now bots are one of the most common thing on the internet.

Bots are not bad nor good. They are just doing the function, that their masters have programmed them to do. You don't seem to find the lack of bots in every aspect of the internet.
Did you know that steem is kindof a bot itself. But we usually don't go to the depths of calling blockchains bots. But in this case it just happens that this blockchain will be the manifestation of one of the richest computers in the world. Then the question will be:

Who owns that million dollar bot, that upvotes everyone!


A good post so I upvoted but I disagree on the idea that bots are neutral.

People should upvote content themselves after reading posts. A bot has no idea if a post is good or worth upvoting.

Basically if you can't read posts yourself you shouldn't be upvoting them (whether by bot or manually).

I agree with @thecryptofiend 's sentiments. People should vote themselves, not use bots. However its a nice post so Ill upvote you, my self.

Hi! This post has a Flesch-Kincaid grade level of 5.1 and reading ease of 84%. This puts the writing level on par with Jane Austen and JK Rowling.

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