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RE: Happy Monday Steemit, Free Upvotes For Accounts Less Than 100 SP

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I hope I'm able to post a comment😉 Let's see!
I've been on Steemit for 2 months already. I earned my 7 seem power. Yesterday I power it up, but it didn't actually help😂
I like this platform, like communicating with people, like telling about my trips and life. But I must say, it's quite frustrating when you aren't able to do it anymore:( when you need to choose either you write a post or two comments... I thought it was everything about communication here...

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It is a temporary glitch as we move to a system that can scale better. I think they handled it pretty well and I like the multi-colour news panels on the top of the page. Keep communicating and making original content :)


It's like one of my best posts:) But it usually takes around 70 upvotes to get to 1$.

Thank you 😊

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