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RE: So, What does STEEMIT mean to YOU?

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Great post and one many should read, I am loving my time here on Steemit and have invested a little bit in it, but most I have on here is what I have. Built up, but my real focus on here is all the interesting people on here so many of them so creative, whether it be with writing such informative or interesting post, or the others more artistic, music or photography based,
I love the sense of community here and look forward to doing my part to help the community and Steemit grow


That is SO true @tattoodjay - I have engaged and met more people here on steemit in the last three months than I have in ALL the years that I have been on other social media platforms! In fact, if I am honest... I seldom visit any of them anymore... other than to share my steemit posts... lol :)

I am the kind of person that keeps to myself for the most part and on other Social sites I just shared photos, on here i find myself sometimes whethe ron the post or in comments sharing a little bit about myself and I swear people who have known me for a short time on here know me so much more than those who have known me for years on other sites

That's the power of the community on this site

That is so TRUE! It brings it all out hey :) Love it!

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