Whales, Minnows, Dolphins and How to Increase Your Steemit Followers!

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If you are looking to build your network and become more successful getting upvoted and rewarded on Steemit, the following tricks may be helpful in building a strong Steemit following.

Everybody knows that followers are important but getting the right following can be even more important.

Even though it may be difficult to grow and expand your network remaining true to yourself and acting in a mature and responsible way on Steemit is even more important.

What types of users are there on Steemit?

The Three Types of Steemit Users


Minnow is a term often used to describe the smallest and newest users on Steemit. They have come to Steemit looking for opportunity and don't usually have very much money invested in the site, it's possible to still be a minnow with $10, $20, or maybe even $100-$500 of Steem Power, even if their upvote is .5 SBD per click, they are still considered a minnow.

Even though minnows are beginners with very low voting power, they are still very important. Thousands of minnows can combine to create the power of a huge whale. Minnows are the beating heart of Steemit so try to build personal relationships with them and work with them to make Steemit a better place.


Dolphins are users who have invested heavily into the Steemit platform. Most typically, labelling someone a dolphin means they have over one thousand Steem Power. Because of this investment, they are normally able give a couple of cents to content with one single vote.

Because dolphins have such powerful votes, it normally brings attention to posts and motivates others to vote, bringing momentum to content. They might even be able to give a blog post 10 cents just for their vote. Dolphins are usually well established on Steemit and they have potential to someday become whales because of their ability to create momentum through their voting power.


Whales decide whose content makes it into the hot and trending categories. If a whale upvotes you, its hard not to notice because their upvote can be worth several dollars. If you want to make it into the "Recommended, Hot, Trending" categories, you'll need some help from these guys! Most whales typically have upwards of 50,000 Steam Power and its not unusual to have 100,000 Steam Power or even 1,000,000 Steam Power.

Don't lose track of what's important when it comes to followers...

Every single user makes a difference. Personal relationships outweigh any other factor in gaining success. An army of minnows and dolphins will slowly and surely become greater than any single whale given time and effort.

Here area few ways to get new followers:

1.) Comment on other Steemians’ posts

Make sure to find posts that interest you and add to their discussion. Don't leave generic comments because that would be considered spam. Really put some thought into them!

2.) Connect with others on Steemit.chat or Discord


Steemit.chat is like the official chatroom for Steemit. There are many channels there and it can be a good place to network.

Discord is also a chatting app and there are many Steemit communities using it. Communities like Whaleshares and MinnowSupportGroup are excellent places to meet new friends and build relationships.

3.) Write quality posts

The best way to get new followers is to write about what you love and what you are interested in and really create thoughtful, intelligent and supportive content.

Techblogger Wrap Up

The best way to get new followers is to just be yourself, write about things that truly interest you and make a strong effort in the work you produce. Focus on helping others and providing something of true value to the community. Believe me, the community will like it and they will reward you for it!

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Steemit: Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows- The Importance of Steem Power on Steemit - @crypt0


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Thanks so much! I really appreciate your support of my article. The curation trail @animus is always welcome to drop by!

The point isn't to increase your followers blindly, getting people that will never look at your stuff.. We need people like me and you that are willing to put a comment at least even if we don't have the power now to change anything with our up votes, we will in the future. In the meanwhile a comment makes everything worth writing.

Cheers and all the best from me.


I think you're onto something here. Very wise comment friend. Lets make sure what we say means something, adds to the overall topic. Appreciate your ideas Goldie.

Like you said - choose who to follow. I choose you, nice written article, great piece of advice. Upvote and resteem.

Thanks for this! Best of luck on Steemit!

Pretty much commonsense advice. Thanks! The most important advice is to write about stuff that interests you and follow people who have the same interests.

Resteemed and followed.

A good summary. We all need to understand the best strategy to use here so we can all prosper.

Very interesting

Upvoted and RESTEEMED :]

Thanks braveheart! Followed you back.

yea theoretically I knew all you described here but it's nice to read again about Minnows, Dolphins, Whales and their relationship, you explain them completely

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Thanks for this post. This is exactly what I do since 3-4 month and now I reached 1000+ followers today.

Here younger where I blog about.

celebrate 🎉 today with me and enjoy my Steemian Power Jump post.

Upvote and resteem by me!!


How to comment if your content is stillness?

I think the most important thing is "to engage with followers".
My personal opinion - if I would grow my followers then I would build a stronger community which would repay me in the future

Your article is very helpful and for me sounds like a therapeutic story. Looking at the picture with the marine fauna, I now feel like an anemone at the bottom of the ocean, taking care of the Minnows. :)

& Just another great Post of yours @techblogger :) Keep going!

This is a great post. I followed you. I agree with @vangelov and have been trying to build an audience of people who may be interested in my stuff.

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It is hard to make some money here but we need to do our posts from what interests us and build relationships with other steemians by cooperating and making a friend out of them.
Soon our accounts will grow.

I'a a proud minnow and truly within the spirit of Steemit! I feel it is a community where your work is appreciated and valued. Humanists live here. Love it! Congrats for your post!

as a minnow myself, I appreciated your post to better understand life in the steamit sea ... minnows, dolphins & whales


Thank you for this post, I agree with you here. Just follow for the follow isn't going to work,

Very good information for us new minnows. Thank you.

Can you say why you recommend going into chats for interaction instead of staying out on steemit commenting?

I have not done any chatting in this first month here and probably will not until at least September. I am up to my eyeballs trying to get things done here alone. I try for 1-2 posts a day and 20-50 comments and replies. I don't see how I can fit chatting in to my daily time here.

If you have any information about top tips for chatting and/or things to avoid, that would be great as well.

I'm trying to make some sort of entry guide for when I feel confident to recommend steemit and the chatting part is something I am not sure about yet. Thank you so much for any help.

Your posting ratio sounds very reasonable and your effort commenting and replying to comments is a fantastic way to make new friends and build strong relationships on Steemit that will go a long way to building a following and getting people interested in your writing. I guess I'd add that a bit of chatting with community members in the chatrooms can be useful because there's a lot to be learned there just engaging in conversations. Some time may be wasted but you may get to know some of the minnows / dolphins and whales on a more personal level through chat then you are able to on Steemit through comments because chats can end up being quite candid and sincere. These are just a few thoughts but overall I'd say just keep doing what you are doing!

Very insightful, thank you so much for making it so clear.....upv & rsd

Did you just call me a minnow?

good information

Thanks! I'm new here and just getting to know the site. Nice welcoming article.

This is good written info. I feel much more informed after reading this.

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