IsraSteem - an Israeli Community on Steemit ישראסטים - הקהילה הישראלית בסטימאיט

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I would like to start by apologizing for this post being in English. (and alternatives like do not support proper RTL alignment, so this post will be in English, with a tl;dr in badly aligned Hebrew.

Israelis like to speak their minds. Offer us a reward for speaking our minds, and you might just get a platform full of outspoken Jews. So it's no wonder that once I looked I found quite a few Israeli Steemians lurking around. So of course I had to get involved and unite the people.

Israeli Steemians Unite!

In an effort to help onboard new Steemians, share my experience and help create a local community, I've set up an Israeli Steemit group on Facebook . There you can share insights, ask questions and share links to posts (in a dedicated thread). 

The group quickly grew to include over 70 people, both old Steemians and new. There are also Whatsapp and Telegram groups for Israeli Steemians where I am active. And this is just the beginning.

It is my hope that by creating this community we will be able to encourage the development of Steem blockchain interfaces with right-to-left alignment to attract Hebrew and Arabic authors. Perhaps we might even get to implement such support. Especially if there's enough of us.

What next?

So far, my activity in helping the local community was sporadic and unplanned. From now on, I plan to dedicate more time to Steemit and the Israeli community on the platform. While some ideas are still cooking, some things I want us to start doing already:

1. Set up a Discord server for the Hebrew speaking community
2. Begin producing video tutorials in Hebrew for local Steemians
3. Encourage onboarding of new users and offer account creation via (I can spare the SP needed)

Anything else? What else would you like to see in the Israeli Steemit Community activities? Tell me in the comments.

Thank Yous and Notes

I haven't posted in a few days, so this is a good post as any to note that I've crossed the 1000 followers line today and to thank my followers. In addition, I would like to thank @steempty for his massive support, the guys at @buildteam and my beloved significant others @mrlightning and @poet that (barely) tolerate my neglect of them in favor of steeming.

אמלק (ארוך מדי לא קראתי)

יאללה בלגן מקימים קהילה ישראלית - ישראסטים שם זמני. יש פייסבוק, וואטסאפ וטלגרם

מקווה להקים דיסקורד עברי למופת ולאפשר לחברי הקהילה להזמין חברים חדשים עם יצירת חשבון מיידית על חשבוני

רוצה ליצור מדריכי וידאו בעברית לשימוש בסטים וכמובן לקדם במרץ את תיקון תקלות היישור לימים בתצוגה בפלטפורמה

דברו איתי בפייסוש ותעשו ריסטים למען תפוצה מירבית

וגם הגעתי לאלף עוקבים אז יאי לי וזה


כל הכבוד לך עשיתי ריסטים
up vote וגם
מקווה שייחשפו כמה שיותר ישראלים אנסה!
! לעשות מה שאוכל כדי לגרום לכך

תודה! מוזמן לדווח בפייסבוק על מאמצי הגיוס ואם יש שאלות וכאלה

יאללה שנצליח

Congrats girl!!! I'm so glad to see this happening!!!

I knew I'd find the time eventually!!!

yesss !!! So proud of you, and good luck !!! I wish I could remember my Hebrew (2 years of my life, TWO!) to join but nah, don't wanna annoy people by trying to understand hahaha!!! Did you see my Holocaust post by the way? Not sure if you have...

Don't think I have. Gonna check it out when awake.

Nope. Read and upvoted too.

too late for upvote I'm afraid (it's already after pay out) -damn it I should have tagged you at Discord for you to see it on time! But at least I hope you liked it :D

I upvoted it when it was live, apparently. And read it too. :) Didn't miss it in the pile of everything.

Thank you for this, I'll ask one of my isareli friend to join steemit.

אילנוצ'קה איזה תענוג היה לצרף אותך לקבוצה ועכשו את כבר מנהלת אותה!
אם תצטרכי עזרה בעריכה אני כאן
אני עורך הרבה סירטונים לקורס שלנו..

כשמתפנה קצת דבר איתי. נעשה מדריך משותף בווידאו ויהיה מה-זה דיסקו

The difference between your English and Hebrew style of writing is just incredible :)

My suggestions -

  1. we need to expand the Israeli community, 70 isn't enough. I think we should post an explanation about steemit and the community on the different cryptocurrency groups that there are on Facebook. ( ביטקוין ישראלי לדוגמא )

  2. We should guide every Israeli that wants to join step by step.

  3. I already told a friend that is investing in Bitcoin and alt coins a lot of money and he said he might join, and he told his friend about it as well. I always try to find the right people to join the community.

LOL Yeah it kinda is. I am more business-like in English and fuck-all in Hebrew. :)

  1. I've done that. You can too.
  2. I am doing that in the Facebook group and other places.
  3. Bring them to the group and we'll help them get started. :)

found it and bumped it. ( the post on ביטקוין ישראלי )

Noticed. ;)

סחטיין עליך בן אדם

This is wonderful. Although I am neither Israeli or Jewish by birth, I am by faith a Noachide (non-converted Jew, but follower of the Jewish faith, not to be confused with a Messianic Jew aka Jewish flavored Baptist.)

Now, after that long explanation, once again great! I realize that not all Israelis are religious or even Jewish for that matter. Starting this community will be great for all the people of Israel. Also it would really be neat for educating people about all the different type people that are Israelis!

Really exciting stuff!

I totally agree with you! thanks for sharing your insights

Yeah !!!!!!! #GIRLPOWER ! Congrat's @techslut !


Sent one of the Israeli guys to talk to you about writing in French. :)

Hahah :-) Great !

me voila lol ..

I really appreciate the work you do here and specially for the Israeli community, the help you give so kindly is the only way we gain enough power and get noticed.
And your post lead me here, i really thank you for that :-)

I believe community will make all of us much more powerful and it will be great!


I believe so too, and it's awesome to have you here.

אילנה, זה מדהים כל מה שאת עושה והעזרה שאת מחלקת! תודה רבה! הקהילה הישראלית בחיתוליה, צריך עוד להפיץ את השמועה. מזל טוב על העוקבים בקרוב 2000!

מי היה מאמין שטיפוס אוהב חתולים שכמותה תפגין כל כך הרבה אקטיביות.
מנהיגה אמיתית

Upvoted! I love to see communities from all over the world being brought together by this platform.

Wait, what's the purpose of Why won't people just create their accounts?

And you forgot the non-Jews as well, in Israel, everyone's hyper opinionated. You just need to meet them on the road to see just how much, heh.

Also, grats on the 1k followers, woooo.

Wait, what's the purpose of Why won't people just create their accounts?

Because then you have to wait for the account. With steeminvite all I need to do is give a delegation of 30 PS to instantly create an account.

And you forgot the non-Jews as well, in Israel, everyone's hyper opinionated. You just need to meet them on the road to see just how much, heh.

True, that. :)

Because then you have to wait for the account.

Oh, right. I forgot how interminable the wait was. Told @poet I expected it to be like 4-5 hours, not the, dunno, about a day? it ended up being. Makes sense.

כל הכבוד אילנה
אני אחרייך עם הדגל
אם צריך שחקנים מוכשרים לוידאו צרי איתי קשר
בטח יצא לך לראות את הסרטון פיצהבוט שלי

שחקנים? לא ממש. זה סרטון הדרכה.

Thank you for the initiatives you are taking and promotes @techslut
I know you're working on a lot of things at once,
I do not know if I can contribute something
But I'd be happy to help with anything.

There are a lot of users who do not know how to "work" right
The training videos can help us all very much,
Hope to see RTL interface in the end.

You're awesome. And don't worry, I will be bugging you for assistance sooner than you think.

ממש תודה על פתיחת הקהילה :) זה עוזר שיש מישהו שיכול להדריך במבוך הזה
upvoted + resteemed
אשתדל לקדם את הקהילה כמה שאוכל :)

כרגע עיקר התמיכה היא בפייסבוק ובוואטסאפ, אבל מקווה כבר הסופש להרים לנו דיסקורד בעזרתו האדיבה של

Hello IsraSteem community! I am actually not from Israel, but would love to visit your country since quite a while now! Especially Jerusalem even if I am a bit scared because of the conflicts there... :-/

I hope this will change and be better one day!

Nice greetings to all of you!

I will be sure to send you an invite to the first IsraSteem meetup. When I organize one. <3

And it's really not as scary as the media makes it out to be.

Hey, do you live in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv??

I really would love to come - that would be a pleasure and an honor, but I also have do admit, that I would feel a bit strange as austrian guy. I mean I have several jewish friends and I am a totally different generation... but I always feel a little bit weird when I am with my jewish friends...


I wonder if white people feel weird around black people in America in the same way. Don't fuss. My downstairs neighbours are an Israeli guy and German girl. If she got used to it, so can you. ;)

And personally, I don't live in either. Big cities are not my thing. I live in a suburb called Kfar Saba which literally translates as "Grandad's Village". It's about 30 minutes from Tel Aviv and we have an H&M, Bershka and American Eagle in my town so it's all good. :P


Nuff said!

Also, be light about the whole Austrian-Jewish thing. We are. Just say your grandfather died in WW2 too. Fell off a concentration camp watch-tower. :P

Yes, I do Holocaust jokes. No, I will not torment you with them unless you deserve it. :D

Working on being supportive, it ain't easy :P

I’d like to take a part in this as well count me in

Woohoo! More Israelis I missed!

בהצלחה! עשיתי UPVOTE :)

דרך אגב פתחתי בעבר קבוצה בשם סטימיט ולא סטימאיט.
מה לדעתך עדיף? אם סטימיט עדיף לך אמסור לך את הקבוצה באהבה

לא חסר לי קבוצות לנהל, אבל יכול לנסות להפנות אנשים משם לקבוצה הפעילה.

עשיתי ריסטים ואפווט, אל אל ישראל 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

קדימה אנחנו יכולים להצליח! וכל הכבוד אילנה את ממש משקיענית!

מעולה! תודה רבה על פוסט ועל הקבוצה בפייסבוק. נראה לי רעיון מצויין 👍😊🎈

קדימה אנחנו נצליח!
כל הכבוד אילנה את מדהימה!

כל הכבוד על היוזמה ! עוקב

כל הכבוד!

תודה רבה! עכשיו תתחיל לייצר תוכן מושקע שהוא לא רק מסגרת לקישורי אפילייט... :P

Fantastic, I'm happy for you, really great work!

Thank you! This post attracted another dozen of steemians I didn't even know were local!!!!

very good effort, good luck, keep the spirit in advancing creativity in the group ... I support you ... good luck @techslut

יפה! ודבר ראשון שכדאי לעשות: לשפר את הפונט העברי בסטימאיט. וואלה, העברית פה נראית נורא.

לא רק הפונט
יישור לימין לא עובד ועברית בעורך לפעמים תוקעת ניסיון לפרסם

צריך להביא מאסה קריטית של משתמשים שיפעילו לחץ על המתכנתים והעדים

מה קורה עם
אחד הפורצי דרך שלנו
ציפיתי מכם לשתפ

הבנתי שהוא עסוק בזמן האחרון, אבל הוא בהחלט יהיה חלק ממה שקורה פה

שמח לשמוע, תופס משניכם

היי! כיף לפגוש אותך פה! אני טרייה פה כבר כמה שעות..
תודה שהכרת לי את הפלטפורמה דרך נשים בביטקוין, היא עונה על חוסרים שנהיו צרכים.
cheers <3

בשמחה!!! את בקבוצת הפייסבוק של סטימאיט ישראל? אם לא, בואי. מגניב אצלנו

Wow this is neat!! Had no idea there was such a contingent! My sister lives in Israel, and I spent a year there back when I was in Yeshiva. I'd love to see Steemit accomodate hebrew.

We all would! Thanks for commenting! <3

congrats on reaching 1000 followers! especially on a platform like this i think it's a huge number.
what you're doing is great and inspiring. just to add something a little more specific, you can also spread the message of how faulty the central banking system is and encourage people to join the movement of crypto and decentralization.

Actually, that message is being spread by others. Among them, our shitty Prime Minister.

It is always nice to see more community projects on steemit! :)

And I somehow find myself in a bunch of communities. :)

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Yay! Great work!!

Hardest part was finding the time to write this post.

I always admired the Hebrew writing. I would love to learn it someday :) Well done, I hope more like you will be wandering around :)

There are people asking me for Hebrew lessons on Discord. I kid you not!

You will make a group faster than you say hi :D

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זה הולך להיות ענק בקרוב

Keep up and good luck

Nice post, I will wait for the next post.I will follow you.
Support me @fremy please vote and resteem. Thanks a lot

Ok, I understand your point. I still need to learn a lot from you. thank you for sharing

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