Who wants me to Resteem your post?

in #steemit4 years ago

I have a proposal!

You have valuable postings here on steemit, but they have gotten lost in time! 

I also have posts, which I consider that very valuable, but they have gotten lost amongst a multitude of postings.

I am willing to check your old posts (five days or older) and repost it if you do the same for me (five days or older)! 

If this should be against any rule, please let me know - I have no wish to go against any rules. 

I think this offer is alright, beacuse you are free to  choose what you personally like and you are not obligated to repost anything you don't want. 

If you want to repost things just like me know! 

 More about me here:


The post I want Resteemed is still young not close to 5 days+ so when that happens I'll keep in touch. Resteemed this post. Because I like this idea. And if it doesn't go against rules then you made a friend out of me for I believe in an eye for an eye for good deeds and bad ones and what your doing I feel is a good thing

OK, done! Will you do the same for me?

Hey buddy😊. Guess what I Resteemed 3 of your posts that I liked (this one included) just because I like you when I need more posts Resteemed I'll keep in touch. Peace bro

Thank you friend! I am looking for your posts to resteem :-)

Check out my last post which was 8 days ago :D

I am trying to resteem you, but is not working, I don´t know why!

Aw well that sucks :(

I'll be glad to resteem whichever post you like. Just tell me. Here is one you can do for me. Thanks teddy7 Here is the link https://steemit.com/gold/@crowe/precious-metals-why-should-i-buy-silver-and-gold-go-steemit

Done! Choose what you like and resteem! Thank you!

i am waiting for the confirmation if its against the rule. If someone told so that its not, then i will go with this offer.

This is OK! I will do the same :-)

Hey ! Feel free to repost my content :)

Ok, I will do!

Done! Will you do the same?

Thanks ! Sure !

I'd like my first post to get resteemed. Please take a look. It's less than 5 days old though.

Yes! Done! Will you do the same for me?

I just reposted it unpowered, maybe resteeming that one instead will garner more views. I'll take a look through your post history and resteem something as well. Thanks!

Thank you! Just let me know, because I want to do the same for you!

I am also interested in this offer it isn't breaking any rules.

Hope so, I don´t want any collision with the rules!

Nice iniative @teddy7 tell me what of your posts do you want to be resteemed and take a look at my blog if you want : )

Feel free to take what you like and support your ideas! But just let me know , so I can do the favor back :-)

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