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RE: ShadowBot 100 Days on Steemit! Welcome to Tartarus! [ShadowBot]

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i like this new interface @shadowbot team ;) just about the first part
Sign Up, Login and Resetting Keys are now all a single interface. The big benefits to this design are any time your keys change you simply sign in and everything updates with your new keys. This also ensures that you can not use the wrong key (master key, active key or just the wrong key all together). This is one of the most crucial upgrades Tartarus offers!
so if you change your key you will not lose your account on the shadow pool ? all you have to do is to login with your old key and update your key or must login with your new one?


Exactly! When you login now, if you don't have an account, it is created. And if your keys have been updated, we update them as you login! All one step! Best part is we detect that it is your valid POSTING key. Try to login with your active or master key or just the wrong key all together and it won't work! This simplifies the process for everyone!

another thing @shadowbot i hope that you will secure the interface in the next upgrade to protect our keys from falling in the wrong hands

You should be using https ;) we support it and link to it ;)
Join and Login:

We should be FORCING ssl is true ;) we will do that ASAP since we already support it! Thanks for the heads up!

I can attest it was very easy to create an account for a new user!

That is great to hear, one of or biggest goals for this upgrade is making everything smoother and easier for people to use!

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