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We are so excited to announce What In The World News Break!! IJ @steemcafe, Jamie @eventspeaker, and Myself shot our first episodes this weekend, and will be bringing it to you shortly! It's weird news from around the globe, and what we discovered is there is certainly NO SHORTAGE!! So, we have some fun stories, some heart warming stories, and some down right 'WHAT IN THE WORLD?' stories!!

My week was a good week! I went to the Crypto/Blockchain conference on Thursday and Friday and made some great connections with some new great ideas! I even learned about mining! WHAT???

I am super excited about the blockchain in particular. It was amazing to listen to these programmers, the way they think, and their absolute sheer brilliance! And I am proud to present 'Unchained - Women in Block Chain', which I will be heading up with Carly @ogc and the Steem Creators. We are powerful women in blockchain. Our first event will be in Mexico at an all inclusive resort. It will be women centric, but, men are absolutely welcome!! Guys, we still love you and need you! It will be close to the end of August, beginning of September. More on that later!

Hanging with L.A. Finest. Zay, King, Kamille, and IJ. Social influencers that will spread the message about the block chain! (Yes, I'm short in real life - 5 feet tall!). I carry a big aura!

I got to meet Dave and have some drinks with him! He is http://www.steemit.com/@birdinc and he thinks is working and what could be better for steemit. I was able to pick his brain on how steemit works, and he gave my husband Jamie one of the best descriptions of the block chain. Jamie asked him to describe it in cartoon. Dave said, 'It's like a giant chalkboard in the sky, except you are writing in permanent marker and it can't get erased'. Great description!

Also, the Steem Creators conference is coming up in Austin, Texas in April! BE THERE! It's going to be amazing! A little bird told me that Dave may come and join us and speak! That would be awesome! Jamie will be emcee-ing, I will be speaking along with all my favorites! @KenMelendez, @Coruscate, and many more!

So, this is just a quick update on what is going on in my world! What did you do this week?


Love it. Fun day in Vegas.

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better late than never .. good to see this and love that blockchain description .. chalkboard in the sky with permanent marker

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