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RE: I filmed this video of @ned @pkattera and @sneak talking about the SMTs and the future of Steemit

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Class A team right here. This was great, thanks for the update @ned @pkattera @sneak. Cant wait to see what applications SMTs have later this year!


hey @thejohalfiles i saw that you are supporting streamers :) Thanks for your supports for community . In your free time can you also take a look at to my streams

As johalfiles' unofficial bodyguard I'm going to have to ask all of you to form a single file line and wait for your paperwork to be processed before anyone gets hurt or tramples each other in a stampede. He might let you touch the faux leather of his wallet at his discretion after a formal review of your applications to touch his e-peen. He might even slap you across the face with it a little if you're blessed enough. Please admire the size of his voting power from a safe viewing distance, it's been known to poke eyes in the past from its sheer weight and girth. You can find safety goggles near the paper drop-off box.

@thejohalfiles, are you support to promo-steem? my team was promo-steem for student, I'm one of member initiator of steemit-students community. steemit-students is community who are focus promo-steem for student.

I saw that you were supporting the dlive publishers and it made me really happy. We are very nice to have people like you, and thanks to this system, we are helping my family financially. If you would like to come to live broadcasting at any time you are available, you can support it if you like. @thejohalfiles :)

hopefully this application will benefit more parties. thanks @ned

For sure 👍

Hello! I am 1.5 months in Steemit. I ask you to support my posts and I will return you% for each of your votes - the amount of interest you will determine for me. Thank you. Excuse for troubling. Yours faithfully, @maxdani.

id throw in some UI assistance as well.

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