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in #steemit5 months ago

Hey, guys who downvoted me!

No sense here to downvote anyone. I watched your histories, and I don't see any progress in your SP. Cooperate with each other. Write good posts and upvote each other. First time you can't earn here big money, but some of you here 2-3 yeas, and you have only 2 SP! Only 25 level! Meanwhile my friends here have earned 1000-2000 SP for a last year! (They had absolutely no SP! And I hope I'll earn it too) Upvotes and APR!
And your downvote have no power because of you have NO SP!
You have to try to write something! Mayne in English, or maybe in your native language. Stop to waste your time and start to accumulate money!


Чего не пишешь ничего? Что сделал? Неужели за неделю ничего не сделал?

Не получилось. Скриптом занимался всю неделю. Пару голов сделал, но эту Люсинду ещё делать и делать, оказывается, он её не за 4 часа сделал, а за 6 полных дней. Да и голова - не её, придётся переделывать.

Hi friend. You are new here and you don't understand everything. My reputation is big and Sp is small. I just brought everything out. Many people do this. This is due to May last year. It would take a long time to explain this. Good luck.