My Shot at Just Sun and Dont Forget to Vote in Real Steem Witnesses!

in #steemitlast year (edited)

As people mature we realize and look not what is being done but how it is being done. Since the announcment of Justin Sun buying Steemit I have been watching but not making any judgments hoping if it was done in the right manor, thinking Steem could become a powerhouse once again. Then the shit hit the fan and I was just hoping everything I had been building and working towards was not just going to disappear. Then once people like @VitalikButerin started to call Justin Sun out and @cz_binance reversed his stance/ the votes Justin Sun went on the defensive and wrote that all previouse elected Steem witnesses were malicious hackers and so I sent this comment. Speaking of mature , this comment wasn't but at the same time I found it really funny. If you did you please share this.


Please dont forget to cast your vote for the real steem wintesses or do like I did and proxy your votes to someone who is well trusted like @yabapmatt or @theycallmedan.


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