600 FOLLOWERS ......Feeling the love....MILESTONE CONTEST OF SBD INSIDE POST-follow,upvote&resteem

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From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all of your support, my friends! Unified we cannot be defeated!



I'm honored and thankful to have you all as followers. I'm really grateful and humbled at how quick I was able to reach 600 followers (little more than 2 weeks). I know for sure that I work hard at this, but it would mean nothing on Steemit without all of your support. Please continue to stay and grow with me, together we will launch the steemit shuttle to MARS !!!!!!

So, here's a SBD give back to thank you for helping me get here. If you are a new follower please take the time to check out my old posts and get to know me. Follow and I will follow back.

follow slipers.jpg


Rewards in SBD will given away to the followers( undisclosed right now) call it a surprise

In order to get a reward, you must be a follower of @tinashe
In order to win, you must UPVOTE, COMMENT and RESTEEM this post.

First reward goes to the comment with the most votes.

Second reward goes to the comment with the funniest meme/gif.

Third reward goes to the kindest comment on why you like following this blog. Any quotes submitted may be used in a future post.

FOURTH reward goes to the first person to answer all of the following questions correctly.

*First name and surname
**The country where i am from
***The city where i am from
*****Where do I work

Time limit: 4 days

Winners will be announced and paid on 25/06/17.



The first 1000 is the hardest @tinashe ;)

You know well @mindhunter you have been there.Well cant thank you enough ,you have been a pillar of strength.Guys meet The HUNTER himself.......

HEY hunter got just one more link for pumping up and sending to Mars-

That will be it - WILL MEET IN THE JUNGLE

Bring rum and tigers ... helps with the mood.

Waiting for the links take off......................

Bring wine too just in case lions come!

kkkkk ohk there you go pal ...

Wow @tinashe, every time I come back you're celebrating ~smiles fer miles~ when do you have time to work, work, work? Obviously you do find the time...I've watched you since you first helped me with encouraging words just a few days ago when I joined. Surely one of the keys to your success...as would be...or so I gather...~smiles~ I see you @mindhunter. I shall follow you too now ;-)

~may all hatred cease...let there be peace~

Be yourself dont feel shy to express yourself.@mindhunter is my self proclaimed mentor.....funny is it!!! :)).The trick be yourself the society will accept you.
Happy steeming

Shhhhhhhhhhhh...be vewy vewy quiiiet...I am hunting minds hehehehe ;-)

kkkkkk u now in the hunting games....... better watch your back

lol...as I hunt I observe all of my surroundings...always...in-all-ways

may I be blessed with followers such as you...my six will always be covered...as are you...by me...much <3

yes making sure every angle is waterproof

Hello @mindhunter I am new here I really need your support to get some reputation. Meanwhile I have posted some threads.. Can you please review it and can you suggest me that whether I am going in the same direction or not? This the link of one of my post..


So are you intrested?

Spelling mistake there in your article. You also need to make the articles longer. Nice start though. Well done :)

Thanks for your reply @mindhunter. please can you follow me and increase my worth . Thanks

Do you see how many people I follow on here? ;)

I will be the first one that will be my pleasure sir..

I've had a terrible allergy to the follow button since day #1 ... I've still not found it! :)

Ok at least you can upvote my article sir?

And -- wow, seems like 1000 is even more difficult to do when you're allergic to the "Follow" button! :) Hunter of minds, follower of none. Cheers!

Hunter of minds, follower of none.

I like that wordage @libertyteeth :) 11/10!

Thank you ,
you have qualified for the contest


It's really happy to see you reach 600 followers!
I have just reached 100 and wish I reach 600 soon!

May I know how you make the last picture in your photo?

Thank you very much you will reach there very soon.
YOU mean how i put it on my post??

I mean you design it by yourself or there is some template or tools in the web?

got it from one of my guys on steemit ,

My submission for funniest gif, enjoy!


Wow you grew fast teach me plis

@tinashe I just love how the clues to your success are scattered like gold, diamonds, emeralds and rubies throughout your posts...like this one ~smiles~

On a more curious note...how is it that you have no avatar? I don't recall noticing that before...anywhere on @steemit. So subtle...yet so eye catching.

Truly @tinashe ...you are amazing...peace out...in

~smiles fer miles~

well you good with words i am impressed

Im Sani, called @kakilasak, working to my mom, Im Sani, called @kakilasak. I work for my mom, I m from Indonesia
I think I m first Indonesian following you hehee
Follow me plz, teach me how to get follower :)

Yes, I m fine. How about u? :)

doing well

I hope soon you have 1000 :)

Thank you ,wish that too

Soon..soon.. you have :)

yah eish its long shot though

John Mhangami. Zimbabwe Kadoma photographer

how are you John uribho

wapinda mumutambo

Fine admiring you the latest forerunner in steemit Zimbabwe

thank you @mhangani for the support i owe you lots

Congrats on the milestone. Hope to see you there at 600 followers soon myself!

cant wait to congratulate you

Excellent initiative! Congratulations!

Your achievements make Steemit Zimbabwe proud of you. You are our future sharks and whales. YOUR SUCCESS. IS OUR SUCCESS. UNITED WE STAND divided we fall dismally.

Thats true @mhangani we all in it together and a big shout out to @zimleague for doing a great job in the start up of the zimbabwean community.Toegether we grow

I already followed you, good post!

600 OoOoo WOW be proud ;) gratzzzzz

Thank you very much

I think this idea is great in which you are working, I am new to the page and now a follower more. Good luck in your blog, I will pass from time to time!

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Whatever may be the reason, but I love the idea of creating this post.
It will have following effects;

  1. Building up communication between newbie steemers, like myself.
  2. Serve as a platform for network growth.
  3. Encouraging for newbies to keep going and work like you.

I am following, upvoting and resteeming the post based on the evidence as above.

I hope to find help and guidance from you on my journey here at steemit.

Nice tips...
Foll back plz :)

600 is definitely a huge milestone on your way to 1000! Congrats 😊

All the way to 1000 -we going to Mars

By the way, my first name is Aaron
My last name is Li

I am from Hong Kong
I am working in Hong Kong, in the advertising industry~

Those are supposed to be my details!!

Congratulations !! Steemit is a revolution :)

my name is Tim Gunnison and I live in Prattville, Alabama in the US. Thank you for being such a good welcome to all of us that are new to steemit. I could only wish to just come up with a welcome idea for people that are new and come in. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you...

Thank you very much @gunni55 ,welcoming you makes me happy because you the ones who support us and we do the same too.Happy steeming.
gret ledd.png

Congrats on reaching 600 followers! You deserve a few drinks, just make sure you're not wearing flip flops!

kkk thank you today i am now on 800plus

Hello,, @tinashe... i wantto say congrats ,, firstly im here a new .. i would like your work its amazing,, anything can be sucses here,, but help me how i can do this all im newbie here heheh, nice to meet you hehe

hie how are you i will help you ,but you should post original content,not to plagiarise

I am probably a little late on the contest but I just wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my intro post. It is very reassuring to see such a welcoming community in such a competitive environment. Thanks for making my day just a little better Nash.

Nice! I started a couple days ago and already have 28 followers, and haven't been particularly aggressive about gathering them. Good luck to your continuing growth! :)

You are moving bro. You are knocking at the whalepower community door

I'm new on steemit, I could do with the reward. congrats on your followers.
I'm answering your fourth question :
First and Surname ; Emmanuel Mathe
Country of origin: Zimbabwe
City of origin: Bulawayo
where you work: you're an IT specialist somewhere lol

Sorry but I couldn't work out how to leave a comment without replying to someone else's!!
I'm new to steemit and wanted to say hi and great competition for us newbies!! I also couldn't work out how to resteem or add a pic...lol

I'll bite... here, have a funny gif

edit: directly uploaded instead

It's hard to concentrate with all these juice puns. - Imgur.gif

thank you lemme check it