How sustainable is Steemit, and could it afford to keep paying the Haejin's of the Steemit world forever?

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You know, I've always wondered about this, and maybe today I'll finally have my answer, but is Steemit and the currency of Steem really sustainable if more and more Haejin's join the platform.

I mean this guy, and others like him make thousands of dollars in Steem per day, so my question to you all, is this sustainable?

If not, how do you believe Ned and company will handle it? Will they lower the rewards, put restrictions on how much one could earn per day, crackdown on shit posting, kill bots, or something else?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so sound off in the comment section.


Steem could affort haejin type of guys as long as there are new waves of sucker investors who believe that SMT or other promised buzzword vaporware drive then to the moon. Ned needs to convince them which is what he's doing and quite succesfully.

I think its nice if they kill the bots, you know the bots dont care about what you post so long as you can afford them. Though steemit is meant to be decentralized and anyone can do anything but i think regulations can be put in place to cut off these big guys that rip the system off

I totally agree!

Absolutely need to kill the bots. Steemit as a platform really needs to improve how users follow topics they are legitimately interested in and collaborate with others. Right now the reply ability is all there is besides a pretty crappy steem chat and moving over to discord.

I totally agree, but I don't think anything is going to happen quite frankly, and I think Ned and company are working on something else truth be told... they've been quite missing for some time now.

This any reason why you think people should consider powering down?

To seel the STEEMs?

I think it’s a very difficult problem to address without killing off the platform entirely.

If everyone pulls their investment the value of Steem will drop to zero.

Also given how little has been done so far to address this, it doesn’t fill me with confidence for the future.

My confidence level as at its lowest, hence my complete power-down.

Whao.. thats steep buddy. You powered down?
Thats really gonna hurt, am yet to get my footings here and people like you are already losing interest, powering down??

Yeah, I've been watching the active user numbers closely, and they haven't moved in over 6 months... which doesn't look good for the platform at all going forward.

I understand your point, doesn't seem good at all. But this is still the only platform that pays for content, though it doesnt care whether good or bad and people keep ripping off, but it still pays. What if i have no other choice? Is there another platform like steemit?...

There's a bunch, but none as good as Steemit... yet.

Well, it breaks my heart my friend... though the visible proofs supports your claims about steemit but i hope you're wrong... being out of job since last week, i thought i could survive on this until things get better

Never say never, and I wish you the best of luck!

Yep this is a real shame,

It’s funny because we hit 1 million accounts the other day but the number of active users is the same.

I wonder what the average lifespan of Steemit accounts is. I have something like 270 followers but honestly I think most of those accounts are dead. Starting out on Steemit is too hard and this just turns so many people off.

If you go through and click on some of the people you follow, it is sad to see how many haven't posted in months... it was very disheartening for me as well.

I don't belive success without labour. I think they can handle it. One can earn huge par day. It depends on his work I think. But average I think 10 to 15 dollars. But I think bot should be stopped.
I am always with crypto and steemit cause I love them.😍😍

I just don't know how sustainable it can be, especially if it catches on.

Well, @dan is coming with "steem2" on EOS. These problems will be solved over there. I can't wait.

And he actually markets his products, unlike Ned... shit no one advertises for Steem.

Well, they do call Steemit the ~beta~ version of the platform.

Indeed they do mate... indeed they do.

Really gotta see if Steem Tokens get transferred to the new/production platform 1:1....

I think, At first searching the bot and killed them. That is already said by @gaintshoulder.. Than search the scammer and delete their steemit id . If two things are done by steemit. Than it will be sustainable.. @tolkatore

Eek, seems risky, and would have such power... one individual?

The problem in creating a monster they say, is that one day it may turn against its owner. Who will be the prosecutor judge and jury. This sounds very risky

Indeed it does, which is the reason why I am pulling out for now, and will sit back and watch, if it cleans up, then I'll be back!

You power down is in 5 days buddy, you do really mean this. I just got out of my job and was thinking of focusing on steemit, seems am gonna lose here too

No no, follow your own lead, if this is something you really want then try it out. You could also use the power of MinnowBooster to make you some good money as well on here.

I just have other investments I am building, and want to watch Steemit develop (hopefully) from afar for awhile.

Okay my friend, i understand you. I will try out minnowBooster when i have some few sbd to spare, the $17 i have presently is going into up keep. Thanks for your time, i hope your investment pays out and i hope steemit does for me too

Killing a bot i not a easy task.. Who individual will dare to do it... Also a steemian with higher reputation and SP dont care about such thing as he belongs to same category... So killing bot by individual will b killing yourself

Now the main question , What is the future of steemit ??
Will it survive with other social media ??

Judging by the active user growth, I'd say no... but we shall see.

Yes, Two month ago.. Steemit alexa rank was below 1000 .. But now it exceed 1500

Exactly, and the Alexa rank and active user numbers are the only number that matter when it comes to platform like Steemit.

Absolutely right... I think, steemit member cross 1 million but active member decrease..

They just stayed the same for more than 6 months now... which means no real growth at all.

this is not a way forward
more haejins means an early death
most of people over here have lost the interest.
newbies dont get enough support ,good content is hardly seen while bots are making it further miserable .
i have seen alot of people using bots now even though they resisted earlier as they feel helpless

i personally think it can sustain those types of people. HOWEVER, i feel like hajins posts are mostly spam and bold predictions which i really dislike. but we will see what happens.

i feel like hajins posts are mostly spam and bold predictions which i really dislike.

Which is what makes the situation all the more worrisome my friend.

I like Steemit, however I admittedly probably don't spend as much time following the politics and inner workings of Steemit.

I made a post on Friday, havn't posted it yet, but my thought was that Steeemit is too segregtated in terms of chat, tools, apps, etc.

Just for example @darrylnyk is trying to get Steemit Entreprenuers to connect, he invited me to join a discord group. I told him while I would love to connect with him, I don't spend any time on discord and unfortunately don't really have any intention to. @rawpride had also invited me to join some external chat. @brianphobos had invited me to join a chat group and while I wanted to I havn't gotten around to doing so, I still have a note sitting waiting for me to remind me.

Everyone on Steemit is so segregated, wanna use a voting bot, to go another site, wanna chat, go to another site, wanna upload a video or even consume video, go to another site.

If you notice Facebook has everything all in one place. I don't use FB personally but I can appreciate how they do things. Wanna video call someoen , cool do it on fb, wanna join a group do it on fb, heck even external sites you can login to with FB.

On Steemit there's a huge learning curve in terms of where to do all these different things, outside of just learning the basics of the Steemit platform itself.

I think if people just used Steemit the way others use Medium it would take off, but I think the top whales and spammers are just milking whatever they can before it dies truth be told, and sadly I don't see this experiment called Steemit ending in a good way.

The proof is in the numbers my friend, which thankfully because Steemit is decentralized we can clearly see. The active users have done nothing over the last six months, and the Alexa rank has gone nothing but down.

Social media websites like Facebook and Reddit kept their numbers a secret as they were growing in the beginning, as to not discourage people, but like I said, we actually see the numbers here on Steemit... and they definitely do not look good.

Yeah I definitely see people becomming less active and less interested. Some of my favorite Steemians who used to post 2-4 times per day now only post a few times per week. Some people have gone away completely.

I also find that to be very telling. Some people really surprise me, for example @emmyem84 who I'm a big fan of on here as well as her husband @bradlovesbeer. They were making $10 or $15 per post consistantly after having not even been on here that long and @emmyem84 hasn't been on here in like 17 days. Not trying to call her out or anything like that, I know people have lives and I know she has a business, but when you see someoen having success early on who just kind of abandones it that's very tellign.

I'm sure to some extent it's summer, the weather is nicer, people aren't spending as much time on the computer. I know crypto as a whole is down and a bit boring now so yeah that all plays a role but like you said things aren't looking great for this platform at the moment.

I'm not going anywhere and I know this site isn't going to disapear, but the chances of it overtaking Facebook like so many people like to circle jerk about aren't going to happen.

I've made some friends on here, I enjoy the platform and I already make content as do you so in that sense I think its worth it as a distribution channel but don't really expect to make a killing here or anything like that.

@rulesforrebels...hey Johnny lol,.... I know I haven't been on as much. ..I think that I was just reading a lot of negatives about Steemit and crypto in general and I started doubting it all...... I am still lurking some of the time though :)

Hey @emmyem84 good to see you, missed seeing you and @bradlovesbeer on here. It's not just you guys, even the very very active posters who were doing 3-4 posts per day are down to a couple times per week.

As far as being skeptical, Steem is still at a decent price and you were doing pretty well on here so if I were you I'd milk it while I could and just convert your Steem into Bitcoin and then to cash as opposed to powering up.

I'm actually in power down mode right now. Not because I've completely given up on crypto or even Steemit, but I want to get all of my intial investment out which was probably about $2,000. And also I personally think Ethereum will see better gains than Steem, at leastin the short to midterm future so powering down and puttinga lot of my money into Ethereum, gonna wait for that to get closer to $1,000 and then pull some money out of crypto.

I'm probably going to keep my steem power at around 1000 and then everything over that just turn to Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Do you create any content about your eBay business for a blog or anwyhere outside of Steemit? If so just take 30 seconds to repost here and its basically just an extra distribution channel and a few more bucks for your content.

I'll be the first to admit if steemit was my only thing I probably wouldn't be on here but since I'm already creating for Youtube may as well post it here.

I was really hoping to see you hit your 1,000 goal by August....

You are right..... I am going to start posting again. I really want to hit my goal again too. I really had some momentum going for a while. :) I just wrote a post...Thanks for the motivation @rulesforrebels!

never saw it replacing Facebook, but Reddit on the other-hand... well now that's a different story. Although, they have a ton of work to do, and I really don't think the powers that be even give a shit.

Hell, why aren't witnesses putting out ballot changes that we can vote on to get the changes we want. Without any of that Steemit will just die.

Even though I catch myself comparing Steemit to Medium or Blogger slash a Reddit, when I really think about it I don't really get the Reddit comparison.

Reddit has a ton of subreddits so essentially groups, Steemit doesn't have groups. Reddit is also in a sense a Q&A site which encourages people to chatt and come back. I drop a comment, I see someone commented on mine so I come back and coment back. It encourages community and interaction and discussion and Steemit doesn't really have that.

haejin is abusing the reward pool. No body should be allowed to abuse the reward. @ned and team should take some precautionary measures by restricting people like haejin to avoid more haejin in this community. One suggestion may be if you earn a post of 300$ you shouldn't be allowed to post next post. Number of posts should be restricted. other options may be imposed a weekly tax like system if you earn more than 2,000$/week you should pay a tax of 30% in your post. for every increase in 100 $ you have to pay 30%. The deducted amount is used for supporting new projects and minnows, but unfortunately even big guns will never like my idea as their own reward is under attack by this option.

Hmm, I definitely like your idea for a tax on the super rich, which I can't believe I am saying, but maybe trickle down economics would actually work here on Steemit. Like say, a part of that tax got distributed amongst all the minnows on Steemit... that'd be great!

Thanks for supporting my point of view. Yes we raise our voice for all the injustice that happen here on this amazing community. Influential people follow the simple rule "You scratch my back i will scratch yours" In this way they get a lot of reward newbies, minnows get frustrated after seeing such a unjust behavior. It will take almost 3 hours to write a meaningful post but at the end if you get nothing it frustrate you. Anyway thanks for your kind words. keep sharing @tolkatore

Maybe a lot of people just care about steam currency, maybe it's good bot discontinued. But i think they all have tried..
I love steemit, thanks, @tolkatore

I believe Steem can last for a bit longer. But if more whales want to behave like Haejin then Steem will forever be forgotten in the past. As of now he must be living one hell of a life.

He's making so much money per day, just for making shit up in 10 to 15 posts per day.

The worse part is that he has about a 2% success rate in his post so he's single handling destroying people.

Dang, those are terrible numbers... why do people still up-vote his shit if it sucks?

From what I read only a whales are what get him to that huge amount. Whales helping other whales.. most of this upvotes are from people with less than .05 upvote.

Till date i havent got any whale vote. I generally pay to bot and forget it.. After few min ohhh i just got an vote... Yeh its funny.. But a post with zero upvote makes me disappointing...
Well the people with hgher SP can play a role here.. But again a problem too many blog post each hrs.. So not possible for them either... We steemians need to find a solution for it

there have many things to learn from you...
I appreciate your post dear..
thanks for sharing such an informative post..

Really great thinking about steemit..
we are learning from you..
thanks for sharing such a great thinking..

There's the talk about one person one vote system

Sir @tolkatore,

I don't know what yo say here. Many people say it's madness many says it is good gor steem beauty.

its very important post,, thanks for share