How the third worlders trick you into sincerity via your comment section here on Steemit.

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My mama always used to say: "Son... you ain't so bright, but you are strong... and strong is enough!"

But, I am however, bright enough to know when I am being duped, and have suspected this for some time now.

Okay, so what am I babbling about you ask... well I'll tell you.

You know how when you pen a post, and the entire comment section is mobbed by third worlders?

Don't lie... you know what I'm talking about, especially here on Steemit, so quit your political correct bullshit for a bit will ya.

Anyway, what I've been noticing is that there comments tend to always relate to the title of my post, and I know what you're thinking... well shouldn't they?

Well yes, but the thing is, these third worlders are in my opinion just taking the title of our posts, and running them through Google, and then searching for posts that have comments on them.

Then they are simply copying and pasting them in the comment sections of our Steemit posts, in the hopes of receiving an up-vote, by appearing genuine towards our content.

I know, it's a real shitty thing to do, but think about it, a dollar to them could feed them for a week over there... or so the old rumor goes anyway.

Anywho, what are your thoughts, have you seen this too, and what is your strategy?

Do you just ignore them, flag them, or do you have a bit of fun with them from time to time as I do?


I know what you mean! It wouldn't be irritating if they at least upvote the post that they comment on ;) I am not very fond of those: "I appreciate your post and your life" comments, I don't attract many spammer because I am a tiny fish myself ;D (the joys of being small are plentiful)

Well soon, I too will be a tiny fish Lucy, and can go back to just blogging minus the begging... it's going to be glorious!

ha ha being a tiny fish is so much fun! You can say whatever you want and no one notices ;)

Ha ha, ain't that the truth, plus it is much more peaceful.

it is an issue. i don't mind upvoting people 100% but it has to be for a reason. i am not going be be guilt tripped into it.

I totally agree.

Great post!
I like third worlders!
I haven't seen too much of it yet but I'm not a whale though.

i appreciate you... some people doing this kind of work.

Some of them give comment follow the tag

So just ignor those comments upvote and replay only to comments you like ( and to my comments)

Ha ha, I hear that bud!

This is why i like you so much :)

Specially your posts might be attracting a lot of spam. It would be difficult for you to search through real relevant comments. Someone should probably develop a bot to flag the repetitive or spam comments.

True, or we could just ignore them... that seems to work too.

Ironic that the comment section for this post is already riddled with the type of comments you are talking about.

But anyway I just wanna say, thanks for information we must fight together steemit i upvote u upvote and resteem me kindly thanks god bless

Ha ha, I thought the same thing as soon as I saw them pouring in.

Lol I love the ones who refer to you as Sir,

As if this antiquated expression will endear you to them.

Oh well just Steemit being Steemit I guess!

@tolkatore, oh fuck u buddy. You've stung me in my ass. I'm a third worlder, (even though it feels like I'm a forth worlder sometimes) and so what?
Oh fuck, it hurts, always wanted to live in US, but living in Russia. OMG, right in my ass. Privileged american.

In as much as your post is riddled with some sarcasm, I'd still seize the opportunity to say that your little observation shouldn't shield you from noticing the few 'third worlders' who comment on your posts genuinely. They may not be whales or Dolphins, but they have hope and believe in the system to reward their efforts.

World is changing day by day. It's become so challenging. No one is measured here by looking.

dear @tolkatore

Your information is quite right that many people are collecting data from Google and after they are sharing them in a steamette and copying it through it, there is actually one way we can get rid of these things. We must be careful that if we all work unitedly then this fraud Everybody can live from

I am totally agree with . I also not so bright.
Best of luck.

I tend to just ignore them. I feel bad for some of them that need more money in a poor country, but I also don't know their actual situation.

I got all of my Reddit Karma by taking the top comments on trending YouTube videos and copying/pasting them on to Reddit. I would not upvote the comments, despite my comments being upvoted on Reddit.

Seems the Indian flag on ur patners computer..

Hello @tolkatore.. I dont understand why r u continoulsy doing power down? I mean why r u moving Ur funds to bittrex?..
R u on Discord?..